Unstoppable Martial Arts: Starting from Attribute Points Allocation - C.327 - 197: White Mountain Domain, Attacking and Killing Sea Beasts

Unstoppable Martial Arts: Starting from Attribute Points Allocation

C.327 - 197: White Mountain Domain, Attacking and Killing Sea Beasts

Chapter 327: Chapter 197: White Mountain Domain, Attacking and Killing Sea Beasts

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Two days later in the early morning.

The Dcmons-Extermination Token hanging on Lu Yun’s waist suddenly began to tremble.

“Arc we setting off again?”

Standing up, Lu Yun’s 8o-foot tall Yuan Hai calmed down and hid within his body. With Instant Horizon, he returned to the battleship in an instant.

On the battleship, Lu Yun looked down and saw the land below clearly.

The area that originally belonged to the Black Mountain Sect had turned into ruins.

Most notably, the three palaces and nine peaks of the Black Mountain Sect were severely damaged. The mountains were broken, shrouded in a desolate atmosphere.

The earth’s vein was destroyed, so even if there were survivors from the Black Mountain Sect, they would not be able to re-establish the sect here.

This was the true annihilation of a sect, with no chance of revival.

As time passed slowly, the Demon Suppression Army, Martial Academies, and Independent Martial Cultivators regrouped on their respective battleships.

“There are only a little over 8,000 people left in the Demon Suppression Army, and a little over 1,000 Independent Martial Cultivators…”

Lu Yun glanced at them and silently calculated the losses from this battle.

Among them, nearly 2,000 people were lost from the Demon Suppression Army and about 500 Independent Martial Cultivators were lost.

All four Golden Body Realm Elders from the Flying Spirit Martial Academy survived, but one disciple fell and now only nine, including Lu Yun, remain.

Additionally, the situation of South Sun Martial Academy was worse than that of Flying Spirit Martial Academy, having lost two genius disciples.

Compared to Independent Martial Cultivators and the Demon Suppression Army, the Martial Academics were in a much better state.

This was also normal. The lowest realm within the Martial Academies was Transforming Origin Realm and their superior talents made their actual strength much higher than their realm showed on the surface.

Like Baili Yi from Flying Spirit Martial Academy, who was in the mid-stage of Transforming Origin Realm, but his true strength was even stronger than some at the peak of the Transforming Origin Realm.

Especially after this battle, he had gained no small amount of experience, gradually approaching the late-stage of the Transforming Origin Realm.

After everyone had returned to the battleships, a massive oppressive force enveloped them, making them all breathless.

High above in the sky, Wei Zongcheng, the Earth-rank Demon Extermination General of the Demon Suppression Army, descended suddenly.


Wei Zongcheng gave the command cmotionlessly, and the battleships began to take off amidst a series of rumbling noises.

Two days later, the battleships left the Black Mountain Sect’s territory and arrived at a new domain – the White Mountain Domain.

The White Mountain Domain was the territory of the White Lotus Sect in the nearby coastal area.

At the moment, the vast White Mountain Domain was filled with terrifying killing intent.

On the way, Lu Yun and the others on the battleships saw mountains shattered into pieces, rivers cut off by tremendous forces, countless abyss-like craters, and battlefields permeated with horrifying killing intent.

Wei Zongcheng’s expression remained calm throughout the journey. With his deep-set eyes staring ahead, he suddenly noticed something and coldly ordered: “Head southeast.”

An hour later, everyone arrived above the remains of a sect.

This was a group of broken mountains, shattered peaks, and destroyed palaces. The smell of blood almost pierced the heavens.

On the highest peak, a broken corpse lay there.

It was a human corpse; even though it was dead, its terrifying pressure could still be faintly felt.

It was clear that this person had been a Rune Seed Realm expert while alive.

Unfortunately, he was now dead with no signs of life. A large hole in his chest was the fatal wound.

In other places, there were bodies everywhere. These belonged to the warriors of the Hundred Sect, the Demon Suppression Army, and the Independent Martial Cultivators.

Normally, after the war was over, these bodies would end up as part of the soil, returning to nature.

But now.

Several massive sea beasts were feasting on these human corpses.

Especially near the corpse of the Rune Seed Realm expert, a sea beast that was the largest among them belonged to the sea buffalo race. Its imposing aura was like a storm.

The other sea beasts felt the terrifying power of the sea buffalo and didn’t dare to approach.

Even though the Rune Seed Realm expert’s corpse was very tempting to them.

“This human corpse is mine, you all go and cat the other corpses,” the sea buffalo ordered and stepped forward.

To the sea buffalo, the human Rune Seed Realm corpse was as valuable as a top-grade natural treasure.

“Sea buffalo, die!”

A loud and resonating voice rang out in the sky.

It was Wei Zongcheng.

As an Earth-rank Demon Extermination General, he had murderous intent towards the warriors of the Hundred Sects but would not desecrate their corpses.

Besides, the sea beasts were also enemies to the human race. Whenever they met, they would have to fight for life and death.

He leaped, and in the void, runes flashed around him. Rippling patterns appeared, and silver-white spears emerged, exuding a terrifying surge of power.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

The silver-white spears, as fast as lightning, tore through the air. Before they even completely fell, their formidable pressure caused the land to crack.

“A human Rune Seed Realm expert?!”

The sea buffalo was surprised and angry, but not afraid. It was also a Seventh Rank sea beast and not weaker than a human Rune Seed Realm expert.

“Human, it is you who will die.” The sea buffalo’s massive body ascended into the sky, and its hoof-like fist struck the spear.


The sea buffalo’s enormous body was crushed and sent hurtling downwards, breaking a mountain peak. The surrounding sea beasts were sent flying as well.

However, these sea beasts were all of the Sixth Rank, with incredibly tough bodies, and they were not injured.


A terrifying roar erupted, and the sea buffalo that had destroyed the mountain peak leaped high into the sky, standing on its four hooves in mid-air and stretching dozens of feet long.

A pair of horns grew on its head, wrapped with dark clouds. Its shiny black fur seemed to swallow all light, while the radiating aura could make anyone feel an infinite sense of horror just by a quick glance..