Transmigrated to Ancient Times as a Female Prison Guard - C.135: Crossing the Qi


Qin Chuqin saw Gong Xiaohua and Qin Chuyuan fall into the lake, and turned pale with fright, hugging the frightened Qin Ziyu. She cried incessantly at the lake surface, "Ah Yuan, Xiaohua."

"Sister Gong," Princess Linglong also kept yelling, hoping they could come back safely.

Seeing both masters fall into the lake, the guards of the Qin family, one of whom had just shaken off the assassin he was confronting, jumped into the lake without hesitation. But it was too late, and after searching in the water for a long time, they did not see the shadow of both masters.

It turned out that under the calm surface of this area of the lake, the deep below was surging dark water, swift undercurrents. As soon as Qin Chuyuan fell into the water, he was rushed to the distance.

If Gong Xiaohua hadn't fallen into the water one after the other, I'm afraid Qin Chuyuan's shadow would have long disappeared.

The assassins must have been hiding under the boat since it was hit, so they could avoid the dark river.

Gong Xiaohua swam hard towards Qin Chuyuan along the current. He had been stabbed in the abdomen at this time, and a large amount of blood dyed the surrounding lake water. He was extremely pale due to excessive blood loss.

When she swam to Qin Chuyuan's side, he had lost consciousness due to excessive blood loss. She hugged his arm and swam towards the surface of the lake. But even with her good swimming skills, it was not easy for her to break free from the restraint of the currents and drag a grown man up in a short time.

As she struggled to swim towards the surface, she observed Qin Chuyuan's condition. Soon, bubbles began to emerge from the corners of Qin Chuyuan's mouth, a symptom of asphyxiation caused by lack of oxygen. He needed to give the other person air in time, otherwise there was a risk of death from water entering the lungs.

Regardless of her mental cleanliness, she moved closer to him, closed her eyes and reached for his lips. The expected disgust did not come, on the contrary, she actually felt that his lips were thin and soft.

At that moment, the thought shocked Gong Xiaohua and made her open her eyes instantly, and she came eye to eye with Qin Chuyuan. A feeling of embarrassment at being caught red-handed swept across her brain, and her face instantly flushed.

It turned out that Qin Chuyuan had slowly opened his eyes shortly after Gong Xiaohua gave him air. Looking at the close person, he indulged in it intoxicatedly, not daring to make a sound, for fear of breaking this short-lived beauty.

Qin Chuyuan's careful thoughts were unknown to Gong Xiaohua. Seeing that it was about time, she shyly turned her head away, pulling Qin Chuyuan towards the surface.

When the two of them surfaced, except for the moonlight sprinkling from the sky and the flickering fireflies fluttering in the air, the lake was quiet.

"Xiaohua," Qin Chuyuan broke Gong Xiaohua's embarrassment and called out.

Gong Xiaohua turned her head to look, but as soon as she turned, she unconsciously looked at his lips, uncomfortably said, "You, you, how do you feel?"

"Not dead yet."

"That's good. Don't talk for now to preserve your strength. I'll take you back to shore right away."


Fortunately, they were washed to a distance closer to shore by the current. After swimming nearly 100 meters, they got ashore. Otherwise, one would surely bleed to death, and the other would be exhausted to death.

On shore, the surroundings were mountains, uninhabited, and they had been washed out of the Capital City.

Not far from the shore.

"We should now be in a barren mountain. The mountain road is difficult to walk. Let's stay here for one night first and think of a way to leave tomorrow," said Gong Xiaohua.


"Let me stop your bleeding first." Gong Xiaohua took out the gold wound medicine she carried with her. Fortunately, the medicine had not been washed away in the water. She then tore Qin Chuyuan's clothes at the wound area, cleaned the filth around the wound, and sprinkled the gold wound medicine on the wound.

After lighting a fire, she tore strips of cloth from her clothes and roasted them dry. She then bandaged the wound.

She then took off their outer clothes and hung them on a wooden frame erected near the fire to slowly dry the clothes.

"Thank you for today, but don't be reckless next time. Be careful or you'll really lose your life one day, you powerless person."

"Don't worry, I know my limits." Qin Chuyuan thought to himself that it was only like this between the two of them.

"I hope so."

On the other side, after Gong Xiaohua jumped into the lake, the people on the boat were still fighting fiercely. In the end, both sides suffered heavy losses, especially the guards, who were almost completely wiped out.

In this fight, Nangong Jue was very happy to have a bare-handed fight with Gong Xiaohua.

But then other reckless assassins sneak attacked and interrupted their fight, not only watching Gong Xiaohua jump into the water, but also ruining his fun.

And because the guards were determined to protect their masters, buying them a chance to survive, Nangong Jue had no intention of continuing the fight. He leaped into the lake and left.

Seeing Nangong Jue leave, the remaining assassins knew the mission had failed and also jumped into the lake to escape.

Only after seeing the assassins dead or escaped did everyone feel relieved.

The Crown Prince ordered the boat to wait in place for Gong Xiaohua and Qin Chuyuan. The Qin family was a very important ally for him that he could not offend because of today's events.

But Gong Xiaohua and Qin Chuyuan's figures never emerged from the water.

The skilled swimmers on He Lianyu’s boat also jumped into the water to search for them, but neither the Qin family guards nor the boatmen were successful.

"There are many undercurrents below the lake. It took us great effort just to swim up by ourselves, let alone someone who is injured. They must have been washed away by the undercurrent," reported the people who had dived in to rescue.

"Your Highness, it's getting dark now, visibility is poor underwater, making it difficult to find Sir Qin and General Gong. It would be better to return first and send a large number of people to search along the current," Lin Zhiyuan suggested.

"Well, that's all we can do now." After speaking, he signaled to the Crown Princess beside him, who understood and came to Qin Chuqin's side.

"Miss Qin, there is no use continuing the search like this. It would be safer to return first and send more people out. What do you think?" the Crown Princess comforted Qin Chuqin.

"I'll have to trouble the Crown Prince and Princess," Qin Chuqin said as she saw the fruitless diving search. She could only follow the Crown Princess's suggestion now, so she bowed to the Crown Prince and Princess in thanks.

"Order to return to shore."


"Being able to summon so many extraordinarily skilled assassins at once, the backer behind this must be someone of uncommon status. Does Your Highness have any guesses?" said Eldest Son Zhou Kun of Duke Zhenguo.

"Today's assassination was clearly aimed at me, and to get rid of you all at the same time. Other than those who covet the throne, who else could it be? Now they are becoming more and more brazen," the Crown Prince said angrily, his face gloomy and terrifying.

After returning to shore, people were sent to the Ministry of Justice to search Taiqing Lake and investigate the assassination attempt on the Crown Prince.

At the same time, the Ministry of Justice also received an imperial edict that Prince Wei had been assassinated and ordered them to crack the case as soon as possible. The Minister of Justice sat at home thinking, disaster comes from above.