Transmigrated to Ancient Times as a Female Prison Guard - C.132: Potluck


Not long after the surgery, the anesthetic effect of Gong Xiaonan's anesthetic medicine wore off and she woke up.

Gong Xiaohua had been waiting by her side after lunch, mainly to see if there were any adverse reactions after the anesthetic wore off. Until the time of Shen, there were no symptoms at all before she and Qin Chuyuan returned to the Qin family. She left after exhorting Gong Xiaonan about things that needed attention, and said she would come again tomorrow.

After the two returned to the Qin family, they had to attend the Qin family dinner in the evening, and they had already made an appointment with Princess Linglong to go out and have fun tonight. The men's clothing was not suitable, and they had to change into women's clothing. This time her hairstyle was no longer casually making a small bun at the top of her head, and then fixing it with a white jade hairpin.

This time, the hairstyle was a high double bun at the top of the head under Chunyun's strong nagging, and finally each took a step back.

The top knot was changed to a high double bun, then a white jade and gold hairpin with plum blossoms was inserted on one side of the back of the hair bun, and several plum blossoms and pearl flowers were placed on the other side.

Under the smooth forehead like jade was an extremely standard goose egg face, crystal clear skin, bright big eyes, a tall nose bridge, cherry lips, willow leaf eyebrows.

The upper body was wearing a light green wide-sleeved shirt, the lower body striped pleated skirt, tied with a fabric belt at the waist. With a tall figure, the whole looks simply elegant and noble, with an air of graceful coldness.

"Madam, you should dress up like a lady more often. Just look at how good you look in such a simple dress, better than all the young ladies in the mansion."

"Appearance is only transient, alright, let's go." Gong Xiaohua did not care about how good she looked in her dress. She just felt that it not only took a lot of time for such a simple dress, but it was also very inconvenient to walk around.

Qin Chuyuan was waiting in the living room of Green Tide Courtyard. The two were going to go to Third Madam Qin first, and then attend the family dinner together. Suddenly, he saw the figure walking towards him, and was instantly stunned.

"It looks like fleeting clouds veiling the sun, fluttering like flowing wind returning snow. Looking at it from afar, it’s as bright as the rising sun at dawn; examining it up close, it shines like hibiscus blossoming from green waves." At this moment, this was all he could use to describe the person in front of him. He regretted making an appointment with the prince and the others.

It took “Is there anything inappropriate?” for him to regain his senses.

"No, no, this is great, let's go, father and mother are waiting for us." He quickly changed the subject to cover up his loss of composure.


When the two arrived at Fuyun Courtyard where Third Madam Qin was, except for the two of them, all the other people from the Qin family's third residence had arrived.

Seeing Gong Xiaohua and Qin Chuyuan walking side by side, everyone in the room could not help but exclaim: What a golden boy and jade girl.

"Xiaohua, I really have good eyes. Look at you in that waist-tied skirt, like a fairy maiden, making us all inferior." Qin Chuqin happily walked around Gong Xiaohua and said.

"Not bad, with Xiaohua's looks and temperament, she would stand out even in the imperial capital." Zhao Rou followed the compliment.

"I think Aunt Xiaohua is the prettiest." Little brat Qin Ziyu also ran to her and looked up with his hands stretched out asking for a hug while praising her.

Gong Xiaohua looked at the little fuzzball in front of her amusedly, picked him up and said, "Do you know what good looking is?!"

"I know. Sixth aunt doesn't look good." The sixth aunt he was referring to was Qin Chuhan, the sixth young lady of the Qin family.

"Oh? Tell me why she doesn't look good?" Qin Chuqin tweaked Qin Ziyu's little nose and asked.

"She's always scolding people, she doesn't look good."

"What did she scold?"

"She scolded me for not having a dad and being a wild child. She scolded auntie for being a phoenix in a tree, and scolded mother for being a hen that can't lay eggs." Qin Ziyu said sadly and aggrievedly.

"Such nerve to spout nonsense in front of a child. I will tear her mouth apart. Let's go!" Third Madam Qin scolded angrily and took the lead to walk out.

Master Qin hadn't expected that his niece from the main house would defame his third branch's people behind their backs. His eyebrows were wrinkled tightly. He would have to find an opportunity to talk to Big Brother about the issue of educating the younger generation properly.

"Ziyu darling, don't take your sixth aunt's nonsense seriously. Let's not play with her in the future." Gong Xiaohua hugged Qin Ziyu while walking out with everyone.

"Okay, I won't play with her anymore, I don't like her. I want to play with Auntie. I want to learn martial arts from Auntie. When I grow up in the future and they scold me again, I will hit them."

"Ayu, don't talk nonsense. Your auntie has no time to teach you martial arts." Zhao Rou came forward to stop her son when she heard that her son wanted to learn martial arts.

Her husband had died on the battlefield. She was afraid that her son would embark on this path after learning martial arts, and she didn't dare take risks with her only son.

"Auntie, mother." Qin Ziyu looked at Gong Xiaohua, then at his mother, and called out sadly.

Gong Xiaohua guessed her concerns and thought about it: “Sister-in-law, martial arts training in the future does not necessarily mean going to the battlefield. It can also strengthen the body. I think Ziyu's physique is weak. It's okay for him to follow me and learn some health martial arts."

Seeing her son's pleading eyes, Zhao Rou couldn't bear to refuse: "Is it really just for health?"


"But, won't that delay you?"

"It's okay. After I finish my work, Ayu can come over and learn for a while. And when he gets familiar with the moves in the future, he can also practice at home by himself."

Seeing that Xiaohua really only intended to teach Ziyu some health martial arts, Zhao Rou's concerns completely disappeared. "Alright, I'll have to trouble you with Ziyu from now on.”

"There's no need to be so polite, sister-in-law."

Qin Chuqin and Qin Chuyuan walked side by side at the back.

"Ever since you married Little Flower, this madam from the first branch has become more and more arrogant. She really thinks the position of the next family head will fall into their first branch. It's ridiculous."

"It won't be theirs in the end anyway. There's still a long time." Qin Chuyuan said.

The Qin family dining was in the front hall of Zhengyuan. When the third residence arrived, everyone in the Qin family except Minister Qin had arrived.

As soon as Third Madam Qin arrived, she rushed towards Qin Chuhan and slapped her. This shocked everyone present.

"Aunt." Qin Chuhan was hit blankly, covering the slapped side of her face grievously, and called out.

Madam Qin, who was next to her, immediately protected Qin Chuhan behind her and scolded angrily: "Sister-in-law, what are you doing?"

She could hardly believe that this was the Third Madam Qin she knew.

"What am I doing? Ask your good daughter what kind of backbiting she's been up to."

"Sister-in-law is being unreasonable. What backbiting has Ah Han done?"

"Humph. Do you think Ziyu is too young and ignorant so he wouldn't tell on you after badmouthing almost everyone from my third residence to him?!"

"Younger sister-in-law, how could a child's words be taken seriously." Madam Qin said.

“It’s precisely because it’s a child’s words that he wouldn’t lie.”


At this moment, Minister Qin came in from outside, "What is the meaning of this clamor? Do you not know what day it is today?!"

"Father/Father-in-law" Everyone turned back and quickly bowed to Minister Qin.

Minister Qin just glanced at the slap mark on Qin Chuhan's face through the crowd and walked to the highest seat, saying: “Let’s start the meal.”

As long as they didn’t make too big of a fuss, he wouldn’t get involved in conflicts between the women of the family.

And they didn't dare complain about Qin Chuhan insulting the third residence either, because Father disliked people who damaged the family reputation behind their backs the most. They could only endure it for the moment.

Men and women dined at separate tables. The women of the third and first residences sat at one table, while the Qin men sat at the same table as Minister Qin.

Everyone was ostensibly well-behaved on the surface, but they were actually glaring at each other as they finished the reunion dinner.

After the meal, “Mother, you were really awesome today.” Qin Chuqin supported her mother and praised her approvingly.

“Don’t mention it. Revenge taken on the spot feels great.”

“It looks like Mother is starting to learn Little Flower's style.”