Top Assassin Retires and Becomes a Farmer After Time Traveling to the Past - C.10: Grass Paste


The formula for herbal ointment is different for every family.

Li Yao developed her own formula through trial and error. It works instantly no matter what insect bites.

The only downside is it doesn't look appealing.

If she can fix this issue, it would be another lucrative business.

Now that the braised food stand is handed over to the kids, she has time to slowly research it.

But before she even got up, Wang Xiao Si rushed into the bedroom panting, "Mom, eldest brother got into a fight!"

"With who? Where?"

"It's Zhu Yougui! By the well!"

There are seven wells in He Wan village.

With the drought getting worse, six of them have dried up, leaving only one well supplying water for over a thousand villagers.

Now even that last well's water level is dropping. So every day before opening the stand, Da Zhuang would fetch enough water for the day.

Since he's making money from the business, others are jealous. And Zhu Yougui ate a loss from Li Yao before, so he wouldn't let Da Zhuang take too much water.

No water means no braised food, and no water means Li Yao can't shower either. How could Da Zhuang allow that?

A few exchanged words led to shoving at the well. Luckily many people were there fetching water and immediately pulled them apart.

By the time Li Yao arrived, a big crowd had gathered, even the village chief came.

Although Da Zhuang didn't lose out, being bullied by the likes of Zhu Yougui really pissed Li Yao off. "Zhu Yougui, got an itchy skin?"

Just beaten yesterday, Zhu Yougui was still traumatized.

But he stood on firm reasoning today and had the villagers backing him up, so he dared to stubbornly argue back.

"I'm just speaking fairly," Zhu Yougui said, "There's only so much well water. Your family is taking too much and others have none left. Isn't this right?"

Emboldened by their number, the villagers began loudly accusing her family.

"The well belongs to the village, you can't monopolize it while others can't even cook."

"The well water is diminishing everyday. At this rate, others won't even have drinking water soon."


Before Li Yao could respond, Grandma Wang barged in hands on hips, "So what if they use more water? I know, you all have money-eyed disease from my son's successful business! If you can run a decent business, he can take all the well water for all I care!"

Clearly unreasonable, Grandma Wang's outburst surprised Li Yao a little.

"Old lady Wang, stop making a scene. Since the chief is here, let him judge fairly!"

Village chief Wang Jiafu had been worried about this issue for days.

With the last functional well's water depleting everyday, what will the villagers do if it runs dry?

"Well water should be shared by all."

Everyone secretly applauded the chief for his impartiality and courage against the shrew.

But after stating his verdict, Wang Jiafu stole a glance at Li Yao.

He felt very uneasy.

Normally in these situations, Li Yao the shrew would be bawling and threatening self-harm at people's doors.

Her abnormal quietness today made him deeply suspect she's brewing something big.

"What do you think, Mrs Da Zhuang?" He probed.


See, this woman absolutely won't take a loss!

"But the well water..."

"If you don't let me use this well, I won't use it," Li Yao declared loudly. "And when it dries up in the future, don't come asking me for water from my well!"

The crowd exchanged confused glances, taking time to grasp her implication.

"You want to dig your own well?"

In this day and age, well-digging is no trivial matter.

Experienced elders must pick the location, and success is not guaranteed.

Legend has it when He Wan Village was first established, over twenty locations were selected before seven working wells were finally dug.

Now Li Yao thinks she can dig a well herself? She must be daydreaming!

"All the village wells struck the red rock layer," the chief said. "Other locations won't have water like the existing wells."

Li Yao doesn't know this "red rock layer".

All she knows is, with Hundred Thousand Mountains behind them, He Wan Village will never lack groundwater.

If no water is struck, they must be digging incorrectly.

Dig deep enough, even deserts have water.

But arguing now is useless.

"Let's go home. Stop selling braised food starting today to dig the well."

"Yes, mom!"

Though unsure where her confidence comes from, the kids know - just listen to mom.

They picked a slightly elevated spot by the yard for the well. It may need to be dug deeper, but proximity makes fetching water easier in the future.

With Da Zhuang as the main digger and the rest hauling mud, over two meters deep was dug on the first day, decent progress indeed.

But at this depth, hauling mud got much harder. Li Yao erected a tall tripod over the pit, with a long lever for easy lifting.

The unsold braised food was kept for home consumption. She did send Wang Er to deliver a bowl to the old man at the academy gate, informing him of the temporary stoppage.

One must provide good service after taking someone's money. That is integrity.

Thanks to everyone's hard work, over three meters was dug on the first day, impressive speed.

But unexpectedly, a rock smashed Da Zhuang's toe when they were about to finish for the day.

"It's fine, doesn't hurt. I'll be good after a sleep."

The toes are connected to the heart.

With the nail cracked, how could it not hurt?

Li Yao had him wash the foot clean and applied medicine to stop bleeding and reduce swelling.

"Take tomorrow off."

"But mom, the well isn't done yet..."

"Is the well or your health more important? I said take the day off means take the day off!" Li Yao scolded. "No rush on the well, we can continue after your foot heals. No delay."

"Yes mom."


At the Wang manor, Auntie Zhou reported Da Zhuang's injury as soon as she got home.

"Is it serious?" Grandma Wang asked in alarm.

"I don't know," Auntie Zhou said. "But they probably can't continue digging the next few days."

"Must be pretending, I bet he got 'injured' on purpose!" Mother-in-law Shen butted in opportunistically. "Obviously he knows they can't strike water after boldly boasting, so he's finding an excuse to bow out gracefully!"

"Shut your trap if you've got nothing sensible to say! Go chop straw!"

After scolding Mother-in-law Shen, Lao Wang just returned from outside.

"Old man, go help them dig tomorrow."

"Their spot may not..."

"I said go means go, why say so much crap?" Grandma Wang scolded. "Digging could strike water, not digging guarantees none! Lived to your age yet you don't understand this?"

"Alright, alright, I'll go if you insist."

Lao Wang sighed sitting on the threshold.

The women run this family.

Henpecked by his wife all life, his second and third sons also obey their wives. Even his deceased eldest listened to Da Zhuang's woman without a peep when alive.