This Taoist Master is too Frivolous - C.94 - 90: Another Ghost King, my Madam’s Twin???_2

This Taoist Master is too Frivolous

C.94 - 90: Another Ghost King, my Madam’s Twin???_2

Chapter 94: Chapter 90: Another Ghost King, my Madam’s Twin???_2

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All this… is it too fantastical?

In his mind, all the events from picking up the golden ingot, being “married off” and all the mental changes during this period made him utterly dumbfounded.

Lying beside him fully clothed, Yue Yuluo didn’t dare open her eyes, but since she was always willful and spoiled, she couldn’t show weakness now. She said, “Why are you just standing there? Serve this lady quickly!”

“Humph… You’re nothing but a son-in-law of the Yue Mansion. If you really annoy me, I can totally divorce you with a single piece of paper!”

Any man in this situation would be impulsive.

Xu Yang was no exception.

He reached out with both hands.

Yet before his hands touched Yue Yuluo—


The female ghost was frightened, and merit increased by 50, Paper Cutting Skill +1.”

Yue Yuluo suddenly opened her eyes and shouted, “Stop, stop, stop!”

Xu Yang laughed, “Didn’t you ask me to serve you?”

“It’s true that I asked you to serve me, but… but… but I don’t even know your name yet!” Yue Yuluo’s gaze was evasive, and she dared not look at Xu Yang’s body.

“My name is… ”

Xu Yang had just started speaking when suddenly a loud “bang” came, and the door was forcefully kicked open. Liu Shishi angrily stormed in—

“Xu Yang, don’t be afraid, I’m here to save… ”

Then, she froze.

This was very different from the scene she had imagined.

She thought Yue Yuluo, the notorious “crazy woman,” would have been beating and harassing Xu Yang, sucking his blood and Yang energy… but why was it that Xu Yang was naked and half-lying on top of Yue Yuluo???

Xu Yang mechanically turned his head, his gaze meeting Liu Shishi’s.

His reaction could not be called slow; he instantly jumped out of bed and said, “Shishi… don’t be angry yet, listen to me first…”

Yue Yuluo also came to her senses.

She sprang to her feet, and countless paper cut-outs flew around her. The inch- tall paper figures, some human-shaped, others beast-shaped, whirled around her continuously.

She filled the room with yin energy and stumbled angrily at Liu Shishi, “Liu Shishi, I respected you as the Ghost King and treated you kindly. How dare you barge in on my wedding night?”


“Interrupting your wedding?”

Liu Shishi coldly snorted a killing intent filled the air. She said coldly, “Yue Yuluo, you’re quite eloquent… Not only did you steal my man, but now you accuse and blame me?”

Outside in the hall, some weak ghosts could not withstand this atmosphere and let out painful screams, madly fleeing to the outside of Yue Mansion. When they escaped, they couldn’t help but to lookback, wanting to see more of the drama.

“What’s going on?”

A hanged ghost’s tongue was quivering with excitement, and his eyes were gleaming, “What’s going on? Is that the foreign Ghost King fighting with Yue’s second young lady, that crazy woman, over a man?”

“Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!”

“This is just too explosive!”

“I didn’t expect to see such excitement just attending a banquet today. I’d be content even if I went to be reincarnated now!”

“Right, what’s the story with that man?”

“I don’t know, but I heard there’s a career in the human world now called ‘Little White Face,’ and everyone who does it has one thing in common: they have a weak stomach… So, they have to find a few powerful women to support them… Could that man be the legendary Little White Face?!?!”

Xu Yang, of course, couldn’t hear these comments.

At this moment, he was stuck between Liu Shishi and Yue Yuluo, feeling incredibly overwhelmed.


“Don’t be impulsive… Let’s talk it out!”

Yue Yuluo… Don’t take action, put away your Paper Cutting Skill first!”


This exclamation was from Yang Yin. f𝐫e𝚎we𝚋n𝐨𝘃el.𝗰𝗼𝐦

She entered later than Liu Shishi, and as soon as she stepped in, she cried out, covering her eyes. Through her fingers, her eyes rolled and complained, “Master Xu… Why aren’t you wearing clothes?”

Only then did Xu Yang remember that his clothes had been removed by Yue Yuluo earlier.

Turned red immediately, tried to appear calm deliberately, and put on his clothes. Then, he said indifferently, “Shishi, Yuluo… Stop arguing for a moment and listen to me.”

“The root of the matter is my fault.”

“Knowing that it’s forbidden to violate the rules of the Ghost Market, I deliberately picked up the gold ingot under the big elm tree of Ghost Gate…” Speaking of this, he glanced at Yue Yuluo, paused, and then continued, “Of course, I didn’t know that Yuluo was using this method to find her destined lover, and due to misunderstandings, all these misunderstandings happened.” “Misunderstandings?”

Yue Yuluo sneered, walked forward, took Xu Yang’s arm, and provocatively stared at Liu Shishi, “I’ve been throwing gold ingots at Ghost Gate for ten years, seeking a destined marriage. The one who picks it up is my destined husband. Moreover, we have already worshipped and married, consummated our marriage, and become intimate. The raw rice has been cooked, and even if you are the Ghost King, you can’t break us apart!”

Arguing wasn’t Liu Shishi’s character.

But she couldn’t show weakness either.

She flicked her fingers, her black hair flying wildly, and said indifferently, “This king doesn’t care about your so-called destiny; I only know that Xu Yang is mine… He’s under my protection.”

“If Xu Yang is unwilling, even Old Man Heavenly King can’t snatch someone from me.”

Yang Yin played the good cop, saying, “Miss Yue, I’ve heard about your story. You’ve been throwing gold ingots for ten years like clockwork, seeking a destined marriage. I admire your persistence in love, but if Miss Yue is to find a suitable husband, it should be a mutual agreement rather than a forced marriage, right?”

Yue Yuluo was stunned, her face showing a hint of contemplation.

For a moment, the tense atmosphere filled with the smell of gunpowder gradually calmed down.

That made a lot of sense!

Xu Yang secretly gave Yang Yin a thumbs up.

Then he heard Yue Yuluo ask, “So Xu Yang, are you willing to marry me?”

Xu Yang: “…”

He instinctively looked up at Liu Shishi, only to see her face was dark and dripping with fury!

He glanced at Yang Yin, and she was shaking her head slowly with a pleading look, as if begging him.

He looked at Yue Yuluo.

Yue Yuluo was looking at him earnestly, her eyes filled with a hint of expectation.

At that moment, laughter rang out.

Another figure appeared out of thin air in the room.

The figure looked exactly like Yue Yuluo, with an almost identical face and figure. The only difference was that Yue Yuluo dressed more conservatively, while she was more provocative.

As soon as she appeared, she covered her mouth and chuckled, “Isn’t this simple? Stinky Daoist… Marry Yuluo, and this king will ensure you have a comfortable life! If you don’t marry…”

Her voice suddenly changed, and the air was filled with a murderous aura:

This king will have you die on the spot!”

Holy crap!

Another Ghost King?

Xu Yang widened his eyes.

Weren’t Ghost Kings supposed to be rare?

And… She and my wife are actually twins???