This Taoist Master is too Frivolous - C.90 - 87: Master Xu on the Bridal Sedan Chair

This Taoist Master is too Frivolous

C.90 - 87: Master Xu on the Bridal Sedan Chair

Chapter 90: Chapter 87: Master Xu on the Bridal Sedan Chair

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Xu Yang was dumbfounded. That ugly red-dressed ghost girl was right. Was this a real marriage proposal?

“Is this really happening?”

This was Xu Yang’s first reaction.

But quickly, the face of that ugly red-dressed ghost girl from before popped into his mind, which made him understand one thing…not all female ghosts are as beautiful and pretty as his own Liu Shishi and Yang Yin.

Whatifhe “married” an ugly monster? Wouldn’t he be ataloss?

Besides, the ugly red-dressed girl said that the other party was a “crazy woman”. How could Xu Yang agree to that?

Glancing at the paper people floating outside the window, Xu Yang said, “Go back and tell your master. How can I, a seven-foot-tall man, be someone who marries into a family? Okay, you guys go back. It’s creepy to have you floating around on the fifth-floor window at night.”


One of the paper people giggled: “That won’t work. If you don’t get on the sedan chair, we can’t explain to our miss.”

Another paper person, with a serious face and a menacing appearance, said, “What are you afraid of? Break his legs and carry him away.”

Oh crap!

Xu Yang’s temper flared up instantly.

He opened the window and said calmly, “Fine, you guys come in and talk.”

The two paper people floated into the room.

Xu Yang reached out his hand: “I am Xu Yang, and you two are?”


“I’m A San!”

Both paper people extended their hands, wanting to shake hands with Xu Yang.

But just as they reached out, Xu Yang’s fingertips suddenly shot out two small flames, instantly igniting their fingers.

What do paper people fear most?

Of course, it’s fire!

Their fingers were instantly ignited, and the flames spread quickly, burning their entire palms.

“Damn… you have no sense of honor!”

One of the paper people cursed, quickly waving his other hand to put out the fire.

But in doing so, both of his hands were ignited.

“Ah ah ah!”

“I’m going to die! I’m going to die!!!”

“Master, spare my life… Miss, save me!”


“Paper person startled, merit points +10, Paper Cutting Skill +1.”


“Paper person startled, merit points +10, Paper Cutting Skill +1.”


The other paper person was smarter. Instead of using his other hand to put out the fire, he rolled on the ground… In the process, the burning palm touched the rest of his body, igniting him entirely.


“Paper person startled, merit points +10, Paper Cutting Skill +1.”


One after another, system alerts rang. Soon, the two paper people were turned to ashes.

Looking at the extra hundred or so merit points added to the “Merit Points” column in the system attribute panel, and the Paper Cutting Skill added to the “Daoist skills” column, Xu Yang’s eyes lit up as he looked down from the window.

Below the street, Yin energy was dense and seemed to cloak the entire street in a white mist. That was why the large wedding procession could remain unnoticed.

The wedding procession was massive, with fifty to sixty “people.”

There were sedan chair lifters.

There were those who played gongs, drums, and suona horns. On both sides of the sedan chair, there were also two “children” holding flower baskets, constantly scattering petals.

Of course.

Those petals were not actual petals.

When they fell to the ground, they turned into paper money.

This paper money was not underworld notes printed by the Bank of Heaven and Earth, but round paper pieces shaped like copper coins with square holes in the middle—the design was almost the same as real copper coins.

In front of the sedan chair, there were ten people, each carrying one of five coffins.

The big red coffins were wrapped in big red flowers; they seemed to contain the “dowry.”

Putting the facts aside, just looking at the color contrast between the coffins and the big red flowers, it seemed quite festive.

Xu Yang’s eyes sparkled.

With five huge coffins, what if they were filled with gold, silver, and jewelry? How much would that be worth?

“And the wedding procession… so many paper people, and those dozens of human head lanterns flying around the sedan chair. If I were to save all of them, how many merit points would I get?”

“Not to mention reaching the ninth layer of Qi Refining Realm, I think I could even break into the realm of Daoism.”

Contemplating his thoughts, Xu Yang touched his chin and muttered, “Why not… I’ll just humble myself, pretend to agree to this marriage, and then find a way to kill these paper people?”

Once he made up his mind, Xu Yang immediately went downstairs.

As soon as he stepped outside, two more paper people greeted him.

Xu Yang was shocked and exclaimed, “A Da, A San?”

These two paper people looked exactly the same as the two who had just been burned to death. One of them grinned and said, “Master, you’re mistaken. I’m not ADa, I’m AEr, and this is ASi.”

Xu Yang:

Damn it.

That scared me.

Glancing around, he finally saw the faces of the paper people, who were obviously made in batches based on the appearance of “A Da” and “A San.”

Even the “flower boy” who scattered “petals” had a small stature, but the same facial features.

From a distance, he looked like a flower boy, but up close, he was a dwarf.

“Master, where are A Da and A San?”

The paper person A Er asked with a grin.

Xu Yang bluffed, “Ah… What A Da and A San? I didn’t see them.”

Standing beside paper person A Er, A Si had an fierce and menacing expression on his face. He calmly said, “If they’re gone, they’re gone. They’ll find their way back… Alright, the auspicious time has come. Please get into the bridal sedan chair as soon as possible, Master.”

With that,

he took out a set of red paper-cut clothes, measured them against Xu Yang’s body, and threw them on him.

As soon as the paper-cut clothes touched Xu Yang, they burst with a “bang” and after the smoke dissipated, Xu Yang found himself wearing a festive set of wedding clothes.

The style of these wedding clothes was similar to what a groom wore in ancient costume dramas, complete with a groom’s hat on his head.

He pulled at it with his hand,

and a look of surprise flashed across Xu Yang’s face.

This outfit-

felt just like the real thing.

“What a magical Paper Cutting Skill…”

He marveled to himself while secretly igniting at the hem of the paper person A Si, who had “dressed” him, with a wisp of flame gushing from his fingertips.


“I’m going to die, I’m going to die!!!”

A Si screamed, and the other paper people were terrified, while A Er was even more at a loss.


“Paper people were frightened, merit points +10, Paper Cutting Skill +1.”


Hearing the merit points contributed by “A Si,” Xu Yang suddenly felt a bit guilty, not wanting “A Si” to be burned to ashes alive. He hurriedly shouted, “A Er, what are you waiting for, hurry up and help put out the fire?”

Paper person A Er reacted and stepped forward to help put out the fire, but ended up igniting himself as well.

“I’m going to die, I’m going to die…”

It wasn’t long before they both turned to ashes.

Xu Yang’s eyes lit up with delight, and he couldn’t help but think, “These paper people can provide me with io merit points at a time, which means they are at the level of evil ghosts, or the C-level Yin spirits as classified by the Spirits Management Bureau.”

“But compared to the real C-level Yin spirits, their intelligence seems to be a lot lower…”

He walked up to the bridal sedan chair and thought, “I’ll get in the sedan chair first… The whole ‘you can’t catch a tiger cub without entering the tiger’s lair’ thing, I want to see just how powerful this ‘crazy woman’ that even a red- dressed female ghost is afraid of really is…”

Of course,

Xu Yang’s decision to do this was because… The previously easily earned merit points and “Paper Cutting Skill” made him greedy!

If there were more paper people in that “crazy woman’s” lair, his Fire Manipulation Skill would be a natural counter… Was he afraid of not being able to earn enough merit points by setting a fire?

He lifted the sedan chair curtain and went in.

A unique scent filled the air.

The interior of the bridal sedan chair was decorated festively. Xu Yang sat down contentedly, intending to open the system attribute panel to study and upgrade his “Fire Manipulation Skill.” However, the next moment, his head began to throb and swell.

“Not good!”

“This incense…is it poisonous?”

He wanted to break out of the sedan chair, but his body became weak and limp, unable to muster any strength.

He wanted to shout, but his mouth opened and no sound came out.

Only his thoughts could still function normally.

“I’m done for… I’m done for now!”

Outside the bridal sedan chair,

a paper man vigorously sounded the gong and shouted, “Lift the sedan chair… Back to the mansion!”

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