The Little Darling Wife Who is a Divine Doctor Saved the Entire Family of the Duke's Mansion - C.514: No Life is in Danger


Granny Wang finally reacted, looking at the unrecognizable food in her hand. "Isn't this meant for the Concubine to eat?"

He Zhiran saw her misunderstanding and explained, "The Concubine's condition does not allow her to eat just yet. These noodles are for you, Granny."

Upon hearing that the Concubine still couldn't eat, Granny Wang became flustered.

Mo Jiuye didn't want Granny Wang to delay He Zhiran from treating Concubine Yuan, so he guided her towards the door. "My wife's medical skills are excellent. Just follow her instructions, Granny. Eat well and rest a bit to regain your energy for taking care of the Concubine."

Granny Wang had unconditional trust in Mo Jiuye, even more than she had in her former master Nan Qi. Although she had many questions, she swallowed them and obediently left.

Mo Jiuye locked the door behind her. He Zhiran had already applied acupuncture to Concubine Yuan's sleep point.

"Husband, this place is different, and unexpected situations could arise at any time."

Mo Jiuye nodded. "I understand. You take the Concubine into your dimension for treatment while I stand guard outside."

He Zhiran had already assessed Concubine Yuan's condition - the earlier she received treatment, the better. After reaching this consensus with Mo Jiuye, she took Concubine Yuan into her dimension.

Severe dehydration had caused Concubine Yuan's loss of consciousness. What she needed most was glucose, nutrients, and plasma.

He Zhiran quickly determined Concubine Yuan's blood type and prepared compatible plasma. If others talked about a 'two-pronged approach,' He Zhiran's was more like a 'four-pronged approach.'

Time was limited, so He Zhiran utilized all of Concubine Yuan's limbs.

One arm was attached to a device monitoring her heart, allowing constant observation of changes.

Considering how prolonged dehydration could damage the heart, the other arm had an IV drip for treating her heart.

One leg received nutrients, while the other received plasma.

Ideally, these medicines should have been administered separately, but given the precarious situation where danger could arise outside at any moment, He Zhiran couldn't risk staying too long in her dimension with Concubine Yuan.

Even so, she didn't remain inside the entire time, occasionally stepping out to check on the situation outside.

Granny Wang was quite considerate. Although worried about the Concubine, she didn't disturb them recklessly.

She was indeed ravenously hungry and cooked the unidentifiable ingredients as He Zhiran had instructed.

To her surprise, they turned out to be noodles! In her decades of living in the palace, she had seen all sorts of delicacies but never dried noodles before.

Not only were they dried, but also so thin - it was a completely new experience.

She couldn't resist taking a bite and found them more delicious than any palace delicacy, perhaps because she was so famished.

After a satisfying meal, one tends to get sleepy, and Granny Wang was no exception, especially since she had been tending to Concubine Yuan with little rest these past few days.

With the Ninth Lord and his wife present, Granny Wang felt assured and retreated to her room for rest, as Mo Jiuye had suggested, to regain her energy for caring for the Concubine.

Mo Jiuye kept vigil outside Concubine Yuan's room until dawn was near.

He and He Zhiran had originally come to gather information but ended up having to treat Concubine Yuan's critical condition instead.

Regardless of his impression of Concubine Yuan, considering her connection as Fei Nanyu's birth mother, he couldn't ignore her plight.

It seemed they wouldn't be able to leave the palace today as planned.

Just then, He Zhiran emerged from her dimension with Concubine Yuan.

"Zhiran, I wonder if Father has gone to see Mr. Fei as we suggested. Since we can't return now, the old man must be worried. Why don't we send Little White with a message to put his mind at ease and also learn about the situation outside the palace today?"

He Zhiran agreed with his idea. With a thought, Little White appeared in the room.

Mo Jiuye quickly wrote a note, tying it to Little White's leg and smoothing its fur before letting it leave.

Standing at the door, watching Little White soar higher and higher, Mo Jiuye finally returned to the room.

"Zhiran, how is the Concubine's condition now?"

"She's no longer in mortal danger. What's left is for her to recuperate."

As she spoke, He Zhiran's awareness entered her dimension to check the large clock on the wall.

Over three hours had passed since she started treating Concubine Yuan.

If not for the Concubine's frail condition, she should have woken up by now.

He Zhiran felt Concubine Yuan's pulse before continuing, "If there are no complications, the Concubine should wake up soon."

At that moment, having eaten and rested, Granny Wang suddenly recalled that the Concubine was undergoing treatment.

She felt remorseful for not being by her side, or even waiting outside.

Granny Wang hurriedly rushed towards Concubine Yuan's room.

Since He Zhiran had finished the treatment and expected Granny Wang to come by, she didn't re-lock the door.

Though concerned about the Concubine's condition, Granny Wang didn't barge in, instead knocking gently.

"Ninth Lord, Ninth Lady, how is the Concubine? May this old servant come in?"

Mo Jiuye opened the door.

"Please enter, Granny. The Concubine's condition is stable now. We'll have her drink some warm water first to moisten her throat, then try a small amount of food gradually."

This was what He Zhiran had just instructed, which Mo Jiuye relayed to Granny Wang.

Hearing that her mistress was no longer in mortal danger, tears of relief welled up in Granny Wang's eyes once more.

Perhaps due to her recent meal, her steps were noticeably steadier.

Granny Wang hurried to the bedside, carefully examining the Concubine before bursting into grateful tears again.

"The Concubine's complexion has improved so much, no longer that deathly pale..."

Then, she abruptly knelt before He Zhiran and Mo Jiuye, kowtowing three times without hesitation.

"This old servant thanks the Ninth Lord and Lady for their immense kindness and grace."

Although He Zhiran had been in this era for over a year, she still wasn't used to the ancient custom of readily kowtowing.

Just now, Granny Wang had been standing some distance away, so she hadn't been able to prevent her from kneeling.

Reacting promptly this time, He Zhiran quickly stepped forward and helped the old woman up.

"There's no need for such courtesy, Granny. This was merely a simple task for me."

Granny Wang grasped He Zhiran's hand, using it to steady herself as she stood up.

However, she didn't let go, closely examining He Zhiran.

The longer she looked, the more favorably impressed she became.

After composing herself, Granny Wang turned her gaze to Mo Jiuye. She wanted to clarify his background before the Concubine awoke, so that when she did, she could immediately recognize her birth son.