The Female Celebrity Transmigrated into the Daughter of Her Arch Nemesis - C.139: Preparing for the College Entrance Examination

The Female Celebrity Transmigrated into the Daughter of Her Arch Nemesis

C.139: Preparing for the College Entrance Examination

While the few people didn't know was that the girl's parents and younger brother who had left earlier were being crazy fangirled by her about her "cub".

"Mom, that's the cub I'm a fan of! She's super awesome!"

"She was on a variety show when she was three and a half, acted in movies when she was in elementary school, the one our family went to watch last year, remember the poor little girl who fell off the cliff, that's her!"

"Ahhhhh! I'm so excited! As expected of my daughter! She looks even better in person than in the already heavenly beautiful photos!"

"And and, she's so smart! I heard she skipped grades all the way, was already a high school freshman at thirteen, and won a gold medal in the International Olympiad with a perfect score last year!"

"Ahhhhhhh! My god! I really want to go show off now, but I just promised my cub I wouldn't post anything, not even after three days.

But it's fine, I just touched my cub's fingers, hehehe...... My cub's fingers are so soft...... Her handwriting is so nice too!

Wuwuwu...... This must be the first autograph my cub has given, as expected of my cub, her first autograph is so good......"

The family members who were forced to listen to the mom fan's ramblings all the way in the car: ...... Our daughter/sister has gone nuts.

Of course, this was all afterwards, back to Ji Mochen and company, after completing the final plan for their trip, they returned to the hotel to pack up and prepare to head back.

On the sixth day of the lunar new year, they took a plane back to the capital.

On the seventh day, Ji Ruochu returned to school to report.

On the fifteenth day, Ji Mochen finished all the schedules the company had arranged for him earlier.

On the sixteenth day, Ji Mochen's contract with the company expired, and whether he would renew his contract became a focus for many fans.

【I feel like he's not renewing, last time when he renewed, the company started celebrating and giving out red packets and prizes a month in advance, arrogantly. This year it's all hush-hush, still no news even today, looks like it's off.】

【Yeah, I feel like that's the case too, but can't say for sure, a lot of celebrities set up their own studios and just sign on, maybe Ruochu's dad did the same.】

【To be honest, renewal or not, it's not as important for him now, after all he hasn't even held concerts in the past few years, the company's revenue must have dropped a lot.】

【The drop in revenue is one thing, but not renewing directly cuts off all revenue! If I were the company, I'd beg this lord to renew even as I cried. 】


Netizens all joined in the discussion, in no time, all sides seemed to make sense, and comments flashed by dazzlingly.

Black fans fought with fans, passerbys watched the theater, others took the chance to promote their own unsuccessful celebrities, it was exceptionally lively.

Seeing this topic about to tear up to first place on hot search, the person involved finally arrived fashionably late.

【Ding~ Ji Mochen whom you follow has just come online!】

【Ding~ Ji Mochen whom you follow has just posted something, go check it out!】

The moment this post appeared, countless netizens clicked over.

Unlike his usual arrogant posts, Ji Mochen's post this time was very short.

【Due to family matters, I will be on hiatus for the next six months, also, my contract has expired and I will not be renewing it.】

In just a few dozen words, it made the netizens who didn't know stare with eyes wide.

【What does this mean? Is he really taking six months off for something or is he being forced by the company to temporarily retire for six months because he didn't renew?】

【Mmmm......though that guess makes a lot of sense, it doesn't seem to fit Ji Mochen.】

【To tell the truth, if this happened to any other actor, I could believe it was the company bullying them, but Ji's probably something with his family.】

【......I feel like this guy is starting to openly slack.】

In just a short few minutes, "Ji Mochen Announces Retirement" topped the hot search charts, with a deep red "Explosive" next to it.

The masses who didn't know the truth thought he was really retiring at first, and hurried to click in——and the system crashed.

After the programmers worked overtime to urgently fix it for ten minutes, the social media platforms finally went back to normal.

During this time, Ji Mochen's popularity remained high up.

Even manager Brother Qin and Wan Entertainment company made it onto the hot search charts.

In the end, the one who ended up doing damage con——ahem, handling it, was Brother Qin.

Although Ji Mochen did not renew, they terminated the contract peacefully, so naturally they couldn't let the netizens make random guesses.

But this statement from the company and former manager Brother Qin didn't do much, they still had to trouble this lord Ji to deign to cooperate.

Luckily relationships between the younger generation had been good these years, so seeing it as for the kids' sake, Ji Mochen who had already deleted his social media accounts reluctantly logged in with Ling Chujin's phone and......liked it.

Then logged off.

Brother Qin: ......

Well, it was already not bad that he was willing to like it, they'd have to make do.

And so, an unusually styled online ruckus was peacefully resolved, and the Ji family couple started their full time parent life from that day forth.

Nowadays, the Gaokao, or college entrance exam tested not just grades, but students' mental state, physical condition, emphasizing the all around development of moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic education and labor.

Of course, this was no big problem for the boss lady of Class i, Ji Ruochu.

After all, this was someone who could take the top three in various sporting competitions among provincial level athletes.

If not for how outstanding her grades were, being protected as the apple of the school's teachers' eyes, the provincial team coaches would have already tried to recruit her long ago.

Originally in the Ji family only Ji Ruochu kept up a routine of morning exercises.

Ji Mochen was a celebrity, he only hit the gym when his weight went over standards. And Ling Chujin......couldn't gain weight even if she wanted to. Other than occasionally doing yoga with her daughter, she basically belonged to the lazily sprawling type.

But that was before, now that it was the critical time for their daughter to prepare for the Gaokao exam, the couple naturally followed their daughter's pace.

Every day at six, Ji Ruochu would take her sports-hating parents and run laps around their small villa.

Then, the family of three would practice Tai Chi in the little garden for half an hour, and after that......the couple would sprawl on the ground watching their daughter practice martial arts.

In the little garden was placed a pink wooden post, even with some cute cartoon characters on the post.

This was custom made for their daughter by the couple, although......the little characters on it had already been punched to varying depths, but that wasn't important.

In the couple's eyes, their daughter was still a soft, cute, girly girl.


With the last hit ringing out, the Ji family's morning exercises ended, by this time it was just past seven.

Typically by now Ji Ruochu would go back to shower, while the couple set out breakfast, peeling eggs, pouring milk......

Only after seeing Ji Ruochu step through the school gates less than three hundred meters from home would they start eating, then begin preparing lunch.

In order for their daughter to eat a little better, the couple had specially gone to get chef certifications. Ji Ruochu's third year of high school, the family's three meals every day were made by them according to professional nutritional meal plans.

If they didn't still have house cleaning that needed doing, the maid would have practically become unemployed.

Facing the treatment of not getting her pay cut but only her workload, the maid was extremely anxious. She wiped the floors an extra time every day until the marble tiles shone clear enough to see reflections.