The Female Assassin Pretends to Be a Lamb in the Campus - C.411: Qin Hanyu: "This is my lover, Qiao Ying"; Lin Chengsheng has no love"

The Female Assassin Pretends to Be a Lamb in the Campus

C.411: Qin Hanyu: "This is my lover, Qiao Ying"; Lin Chengsheng has no love"

The tea room was filled with the fragrance of tea.

Qin Hanyue carefully wiped the saliva on his phone with a handkerchief.

Across the curling steam, Lin Guli’s gaze was fixed on Qin Hanyue, carrying a kind of invisible pressure, but not aggressive.

Qin Hanyue: "What did she say to Mr. Lin?"

Lin Guli: “She did say some words to me. Mr. Qin wouldn't happen to have heard some crazy words from her mouth?”

Qin Hanyue: “Since they were crazy words, why did Mr. Lin try to probe?”

Lin Guli: “I'd rather believe there is some misunderstanding here. I just want to get things clear and eliminate misunderstandings.”

Qin Hanyue: “What if it's not a misunderstanding?”

Lin Guli stared at Qin Hanyue for a moment.

He said, "I still want to believe Mr. Qin's character and feelings for his lover, and also believe in Lin Cheng’s insight into people."

His tone changed: “If this is not a misunderstanding, then I will do my best to support Lin Cheng in doing what he wants to do. I said that the most important thing for Lin Cheng is the people around him.”

“I will make those who make mistakes bear the due consequences for their actions and let them know that there are some things that cannot be done.”

“If Lin Cheng can’t do it, I’ll vent his anger for him. I owe Lin Cheng too much and can’t let him be wronged again.”

Facing the threat from Lin Guli, whose bottom line had been touched, there was a kind of oppression.

In the face of Lin Guli's threat, Qin Hanyue smiled and handed his phone, which he had wiped clean, to Lin Guli. On the screen was a photo of him kissing Qiao Ying's forehead in front of the Capital University teaching building.

Qin Hanyue had set this photo as his phone wallpaper.

At first glance, the girl's figure and temperament stunned Lin Guli. This was clearly Lin Cheng’s fiancée Qiao Yin.

But looking closely at her profile, she looked completely different.

Lin Guli: “Is this... Mr. Qin’s lover?”

Qin Hanyue: “Yes.”

Lin Guli was somewhat surprised. Their figures and temperaments were so similar that this was why... Then what Kala said...

Lin Guli stared at the phone screen, his expression becoming solemn.

“My lover is 20 years old this year and still a student majoring in computer science. She is the most powerful hacker in the world.”

A hacker too? As Lin Guli was astonished at their similarities, Qin Hanyue continued to reveal more: “Her surname is Qiao and her name is Qiao Ying.”

Lin Guli immediately looked up at Qin Hanyue.

In the quiet corridor, Qiao Ying walked by, heading for the tearoom.

After repeatedly confirming the affair between the two from Kala's mouth, the old king was so happy that he had no sleep at all. If not for the circumstances, he really wanted to rush to Lin Cheng's castle to see it.

Seeing the regretful crying faces of Uncle Lin Guli and Nephew Lin Cheng, and seeing how that arrogant woman who didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth was still arrogant.

Just thinking about it made him feel extremely gratified. 𝔣𝖗𝔢𝖊𝔴𝖊𝔟𝔫𝔬𝖛𝔢𝖑.𝔠𝔬𝔪

"He actually wants to give up the entire royal family for such a fickle woman, it's ridiculous."

"He loves her desperately, but doesn't know that he, Lin Cheng, is just a joke in that woman's and his good friend's eyes."

The old king just felt comfortable all over.

"Let's see how he dares to oppose me this time."

"Come, go to the Duke Lin’s Mansion immediately and send my sleeping pills to Lin Guli."

Lin Guli really couldn't sleep tonight.

Seeing Qiao Yin tear off the human skin mask on her face in front of him, changing from Lin Cheng’s fiancée Qiao Yin to Qin Hanyue’s girlfriend Qiao Ying, the stimulation Lin Guli received was not small.

Qin Hanyue got up slightly, sitting closer to Qiao Ying.

He brought his tea to Qiao Ying and gently said, "The tea is good. Would you like to try it?"

It just so happened that Qiao Ying was a little thirsty and gave him this face.

Qin Hanyue: "Be careful, it's hot."

As he spoke, he naturally gathered her somewhat obstructing long hair behind her head and tidied her hair a little.

Although there was no excessively intimate behavior between them, and Qiao Ying hardly responded, their intimacy could still be seen.

Compared to these past few days when even holding hands had not been seen between Lin Cheng and Qiao Ying, the contrast was very obvious.

Qin Hanyue looked at Lin Guli solemnly and said, "Let me introduce again, this is my lover, Qiao Ying."

Qiao Ying glanced at him.

Lin Guli looked at the harmonious and loving couple, and then at the lifeless Lin Cheng hugging a cat next to him. He understood that the problem was not Lin Cheng's lack of experience, but that the girl did not belong to him at all.

Upon receiving his gaze, Lin Cheng was very helpless: "Uncle, I apologize to you. I really had no choice but to come up with this strategy."

Lin Guli: “What do you mean?”

After thinking it over, Lin Cheng spoke up: “You’ve been away from C Country for so many years. I didn’t want to tell you originally. After all, you still have your own things to do. But this concerns the future of the entire royal family. I can neither sit idly by nor sacrifice myself. I’ve been quite distressed these days and have had a hard time reaching a consensus with these two allies.” There was resentment in Lin Cheng’s tone and eyes. “Now I can only discuss it with you.”

Qin Hanyue said, “Don’t blame it on me.”

Lin Cheng smiled without joy: “I didn’t blame you two for not knowing how to restrain yourselves and conceal things. I’m blaming Kala for being too smart.”

The subtext was: it’s your fault for not knowing how to restrain yourselves and conceal things.

Qin Hanyue: “It was Mr. Lin who said that the Duke would take Little Ying to choose an engagement ring tomorrow.” How could he bear this?

Lin Cheng had nothing to say.

Lin Cheng: “Let it be. It was just an act from the beginning. There will eventually come a day when filming wraps. You will be disappointed sooner or later, Uncle.”

Lin Guli: “What happened to the royal family?”

Lin Cheng told Lin Guli about Diamond J lurking in the royal family.

After listening, Lin Guli was quite astonished: “According to what you guys said, it wouldn’t be easy to determine their identities.”

Qin Hanyue: “There are feasible methods, but Duke Lin is unwilling.”

From Lin Cheng’s earlier resentful words, Lin Guli roughly guessed: “Do you want Lin Cheng to marry Karina and make him the heir to the throne, so as to expose Diamond J?”

Qin Hanyue: “Now my 'affair' with Little Ying has been made known to the King.” Speaking of the word affair, he glanced at Qiao Ying. From the initial resistance, it now seemed that he had started to like this thrilling term: “The unmarried Duke Lin has returned to his original position again.”

Lin Cheng was half dead with no energy: “Mr. Qin doesn't need to remind me.”

Lin Guli: “Isn’t there another way? Once Lin Cheng becomes the heir to the throne, he won't be able to withdraw.”

Qiao Ying, who had been silent all this while, spoke up at this point: “There are definitely other methods, quite simple ones.”

The three pricked up their ears.

She drawled lazily: “Just kill everyone in the Howard Family and leave Diamond J with nowhere to hide.”

Lin Guli was startled: “How could that work?”

It really wouldn’t work that well. Diamond J didn’t even dare confront her head-on. If there was a threat to life, Diamond J would definitely flee.

By then, she would have to spend time looking for them everywhere again.

She just said it to scare the uncle and nephew a bit so they wouldn’t hem and haw.

Lin Cheng: “I think it's great. The King is just too wary of the Howard Family's power, so he forcibly wants me to inherit the throne in order to maintain the royal family's balance. Once the Howard Family is destroyed, we can push a prince to the throne and I will support him. Everyone will be happy.”

Lin Guli: “Nonsense. Human life is at stake in such major events."

Lin Cheng: “Just kidding.”

Lin Guli: “This kind of thing can be joked about?”

Lin Cheng: “She joked first.”

Qiao Ying glanced at Lin Cheng with an expression that she had long seen through them—If this could really force Diamond J out, Qiao Ying would most likely have done it long ago, and she would definitely be able to do it and get away with it completely.