The Exiled Life of the Noble Girl - C.130: The Discovery


Cui Ying saw that Li Mingwei's face was blushing red, and she became even more energetic, hugging her and calling her "Weiwei" over and over again. Li Mingwei was furious with embarrassment and turned around to hug Cui Ying, tickling her armpits. Cui Ying wanted to fight back but was stopped by Liu Cuicui.

"My sister-in-law is pregnant, so be careful with her."

"Oh, that's right!" Cui Ying suddenly remembered this and didn't dare move her anymore. She could only suffer the tickles helplessly while Li Mingwei became more arrogant seeing that Cui Ying didn't dare to move.

"Sister Ming, Sister Ming, I'm wrong!"

Cui Ying couldn't stand being tickled any more than Liu Cuicui and fled from her stool to escape. Liu Cuicui helped Li Mingwei to catch her. Cui Ying had nowhere to hide so she could only flee outside.

As soon as the door opened, the wind and snow rushed in. Everyone shrank back at the sight of the vast whiteness outside. They strode to the door.

"It started snowing so heavily in such a short time!"

"Yes, it's so cold!"

Li Mingwei looked at the swirling snowflakes in the air and stretched out her hand to catch them. Cui Ying had already made a small snowball and threw it at Liu Cuicui. "That's for bullying me, humph!"

Liu Cuicui was angry. Braving the continuous snowballs thrown by Cui Ying, she quickly made an extra large one and threw it at Cui Ying. The large snowball exploded on Cui Ying, affecting quite a few people. They quickly started a snowball fight.

Li Mingwei's face was also smeared with snow, but she didn't dare participate. She could only stand on the edge, squeezing a few small balls and sneakily throwing them at Cui Ying.

Seeing this, Cui Ying didn't keep count with her but threw them all back at Liu Cuicui. After all, they were family.

"Let's stop, let's stop." Liu Cuicui exerted all her strength and waved her hand as she sat down on the doorstep. "I'm so tired. I can't throw anymore."

She wasn't the only one who was tired. Seeing her stop, the others also went back and sat down, panting heavily. Li Mingwei let them into the room and poured each of them a cup of hot water to warm their hands.

Cui Ying picked up the half-embroidered flower she was working on and glanced at it dejectedly before tossing it back on the table. "My hands are weak. I can't embroider anymore."

"Just do it another day. Winter is long. There's no rush," said Li Mingwei.


Cui Ying took the cup from Li Mingwei's hand, blew on it, took a careful sip, found it a little hot, and was about to put it down when she heard shouts from outside. Her hand shook and the scalding water spilled over her hand.

Li Mingwei quickly wiped her hand but Cui Ying didn't care about the pain. She ran outside where Liu Cuicui had already rushed out ahead of her.

"Why are they running so fast?"

The others followed them out to see Cui Ying and Liu Cuicui standing in front of several teenage boys. Li Mingwei's sharp eyes spotted Ye Cheng sitting on a rock at the roadside with another boy.

Cui Ying didn't say anything, just stared tensely at Ye Cheng. Liu Cuicui stood with hands on hips and reprimanded them directly, "What are you doing falling down while walking on the road?"

The boy standing there took a step back. "These two were horsing around while walking and fell down."

Li Mingwei squeezed to the front to take a look at Ye Cheng. "What happened to you?"

Ye Cheng was already uncomfortable being surrounded by so many young girls. He was even more uncomfortable now. He forced out an awkward laugh. "Sis...Sister-in-law, I'm fine."

The boy sitting next to him also quickly said, "Sister-in-law, I'm also fine."

Liu Cuicui, knowing that Li Mingwei didn't recognize the boy, pointed at him and said, "This is my uncle's seventh son, Liu Xiaowu."

"Oh, I see."

Since he was a relative she hadn't met before, Li Mingwei still smiled at the boy.

Then she assumed her sister-in-law stance. "With snow this heavy, the road is slippery. You should walk carefully. Did you hurt anywhere from the fall?"

Liu Xiaowu was fine because he had jumped onto Ye Cheng's back and made him carry him. When Ye Cheng lost his balance, they fell straight to the ground. Although both fell down, at least there was a cushion.

Ye Cheng was a bit more seriously hurt with scraped knees from knocking them on the ground. He couldn't stand up straight.

"Then help him up. Let's go to the pharmacy and take a look?"

Afraid they didn't have money, Li Mingwei asked several girls to go back and help watch the house. She went with Liu Cuicui to accompany them to the clinic.

Cui Ying was worried so she went along too.

Seeing her cousin was fine, Liu Cuicui started to scold him dissatisfied, "You're so old already yet fooling around like this. If anything really happened to Ye Cheng, your parents would beat you to death."

Liu Xiaowu didn't dare to talk back. He knew the medical fees would definitely fall on him to pay. He felt his pocket where there was only the gift money from his mother.

"Little sister seven, do you have money?" He showed her the copper coins, indicating this was all he had.

Liu Cuicui frowned. "Where did you get so much money?"

"It's the gift money my mother gave me. We're going to eat at a wedding banquet at the Meng's. Ye Cheng was busy so I waited half a day for him."

They had delayed until now and even fell down on the road, so they probably wouldn't make it to the good lunch banquet. They could only go again at night.

"It's fine. I have money here. Let's go take a look first," said Li Mingwei.

Liu Xiaowu was overjoyed and scurried after her.

In the winter clothing, it took Ye Cheng great effort to roll up his trouser legs. Luckily the pants were thick so his knees weren't seriously injured, just some abrasions. The doctor applied some medicinal wine.

"Ow!" Ye Cheng felt the stinging and immediately started grimacing in pain.

Originally waiting outside with their backs turned, too shy to watch, Liu Cuicui and Cui Ying couldn't help but turn their heads back and stealthily take a peek upon hearing his pained cry.

The doctor was a man and wasn't very meticulous. Seeing the medicinal wine flow towards Ye Cheng's shoes, Liu Cuicui took out her handkerchief and quickly stepped forward to pad Ye Cheng's ankles so the wine wouldn't get into his winter shoes which were hard to wash.

Seeing it was the handkerchief he had gifted her, Ye Cheng forgot the pain and grinned. "You're carrying it with you."

Liu Cuicui rolled her eyes at him and walked out.

Li Mingwei also recognized it. She clicked her tongue twice. Some people were obviously infatuated but refused to admit it.

Now they could only wait until Cui Ying formally proposed marriage. Only then could they deal with Liu Cuicui and Ye Cheng's relationship.

Seeing Cui Ying staring fixedly at the handkerchief with knitted brows, Li Mingwei stepped forward to block her line of sight and laughed. "What are you looking at?"

Cui Ying shook her head and looked away from the handkerchief and Liu Cuicui waiting at the door. In the end, she didn't say anything.

Ye Cheng wasn't seriously injured. The money Liu Xiaowu had was enough so Li Mingwei didn't need to help pay. They supported Ye Cheng and went to send him home.

Watching the three of them walk into the distance, Li Mingwei also took the two girls home. The others were still at her house keeping watch.

"Thank you all today. I'm going to school now. Come find me to play another day."

"Okay, we'll go back first then."

Liu Cuicui helped Li Mingwei tidy up then also prepared to leave. Seeing Cui Ying still showed no intention of leaving, she was somewhat puzzled. "You're not going?"

"No," Cui Ying shook her head. "I'm afraid Sister Ming might slip and fall on the road to school so I'll send her over then go back home."

Liu Cuicui thought about it and that made sense. She nodded. "Then you go back. I can send her."

Cui Ying ignored her and only looked at Li Mingwei. "I'll send you."

Li Mingwei resigned herself and agreed. "Alright, you send me. Cuicui, go back first. I'll trouble you next time."

Liu Cuicui felt something was off but couldn't pinpoint what. She left, looking back every three steps.