The Exiled Life of the Noble Girl - C.122: The Little Thief

The Exiled Life of the Noble Girl

C.122: The Little Thief

Mingwei Li had been paying attention these past few days, and found that Hui Ye hadn't shown up again after losing face that day. Jin Hu had been staying at the school all day, never going out unless necessary, so it would be hard to run into her if she didn't come to school.

Could she have thought wrong?


Mingwei Li turned around. Jin Hu walked over to her carrying a few books and stopped in front of her, handing the books to her, "These are the books Yizhu Liu lent me before, I've finished reading them, please help return them."


After stuffing the books into Lei Dong's schoolbag, Mingwei Li bid farewell to Jin Hu and led Lei Dong back to the Dong family residence, where she had been watching Lei Dong finish his homework before heading home these past few days.

Chunhua Wang had specially brewed her sugared water, afraid she might get thirsty, but Mingwei Li didn't actually like sweets that much, though somehow everyone seemed to think she did.

She sighed, deciding not to stand on ceremony with her sister any longer, and laid her cards on the table, "Sister, I don't like sweets, let Yan drink the sugared water."

"Huh?" Chunhua Wang stopped in her tracks holding the sugared water, thinking Mingwei Li was just being polite, "Don't worry and drink up, I know sugar is expensive, it's just a bit of sugared water that doesn't cost much, you don't have to save it for me."

"Sister, you don't believe me, it's not about expensive or not, I really don't like sweets."

Chunhua Wang was still somewhat skeptical, "But that time Yizhu Liu bought you so much candy..."

If she didn't like it, why did he buy it?

Mingwei Li didn't know how to explain it. It was true that she hadn't made it clear to Yizhu Liu at the time, leading him to mistakenly think she liked them, she would have to clarify it with him later.

"I forgot to tell him, my tastes have changed recently, I like sour stuff more now."

Only then did Chunhua Wang recall that her sister had been eating sour plums these past couple months, of course she wouldn't like sweets.

She had just picked up the bowl intending to look for her young daughter, when Lei Dong sneakily crept up to her side and guzzled down half the bowl in a few gulps.

Satisfied, he licked his lips and grinned, "Auntie doesn't like sweets, I do."

Seeing his greedy cat-like appearance, Chunhua Wang instantly twisted his ear, applying a bit of force and making Lei Dong yell ow-ow twice in pain.

"Still eating, haven't you been eating enough recently?"

Mingwei Li had married out and still came back every day to tutor Lei Dong, the sugar was specially bought by Chunhua Wang to treat her, kept in the kitchen, somehow seen and stealthily eaten by Lei Dong late at night when he got the midnight munchies.

Back then, she and Shan Dong had heard rustling noises from the kitchen, thinking it was rats, so Chunhua Wang had no choice but to lift the warm blanket and go catch them, only to discover it was this little rascal sneakily eating sugar.

That's why she realized the sugar seemed less than the day before, turns out there was a little thief.

Chunhua Wang closed the kitchen door and picked up a stick from under the stove, intending to punish this little thief. The originally trembling Lei Dong knew he couldn't escape anyway, so he simply grabbed another handful and stuffed it in his mouth, determined to die a full ghost.

Unexpectedly her son would still dare to be so brazen right in front of her, Chunhua Wang rushed forward with the stick, and Shan Dong hearing the cries from the kitchen immediately got up and knocked on the door, rescuing Lei Dong.

Because of this incident, Chunhua Wang didn't want Lei Dong drinking a single drop of this sugared water today, but in the end he had sneakily drunk nearly half of it again!


Mingwei Li's gaze fell upon Lei Dong's bottom and she burst out laughing, no wonder Mr. Jin had said the past couple days Lei Dong was having trouble sitting still in class and had been punished several times already, telling her to ask what was going on and straighten out any crooked thoughts as soon as possible. 𝓯𝘳𝘦𝑒𝓌𝘦𝘣𝓃ℴ𝘷𝘦𝘭.𝓬𝘰𝑚

Now she could see there was no straightening out to be done, only waiting for him to recover.

She pinched Lei Dong's little nose, "Look at you, so greedy for food you even learned to steal things, do today's homework twice."


Seeing Lei Dong's aggrieved expression, Mingwei Li showed no mercy, continuing, "And practice writing another essay, no talking, go do it properly, next time you sneak around again, it won't be so simple."

"That's right, go do as your auntie says!"

Held captive by two people, Lei Dong had no recourse but to droop his head and sit down at the table.

Chunhua Wang gave the remaining sugared water to Yan to drink, washed the bowls, and seeing Mingwei Li quietly watching Lei Dong practice writing, didn't say anything more, just went up and pulled her to go speak inside.

"What's the matter?" Seeing Chunhua Wang's hesitant demeanor, Mingwei Li laughed, "Sister, no need to stand on ceremony with me, just say whatever you want to say."

Chunhua Wang wasn't trying to be courteous, she knew Mingwei Li didn't like the neighboring Meng family, so was hesitating for a moment. She anxiously rubbed her hands, then slapped her thigh, what was there to make such a fuss over.

"Yun's younger brother is getting married, Aunt Meng came over to ask me if you're still writing letters to Yun, if so could you let her know and see if she wants to come back for the wedding banquet."

Eat, eat, eat, eat a big ghost!

Mingwei Li gritted her teeth, "She should know in her heart whether it's convenient for them to come back or not. She didn't even want to pay the pennies for postage but still wants me to help ask, where's her shame!"

Moreover, why make Yun come back, to watch the new daughter-in-law bought with money from selling her, or eat wedding dishes prepared with money from selling her.

Just thinking about it made Mingwei Li furious, of course she was unwilling to pass on any message.

"It's not convenient, not convenient, there, is that good enough?"

Chunhua Wang helplessly accepted there was no point in asking this.

She suddenly recalled Yun seemed to have written back asking about their adoption situation, and didn't seem to have told them the final decision yet.

"Did she send any letters after that? What did she say about adopting Qingyang?"

Mingwei Li nodded, she had written back long ago but forgot to inform Chunhua Wang. "After hearing your advice, Yun didn't adopt that relative's child."

"Then is she planning to adopt a more distant one?"

"No, they decided to try on their own. Qingyang quit drinking and is taking medicine now."

That night in the county town, after listening to Mingwei Li's advice, they had gone to see a doctor who said while Qingyang did have fertility issues, he didn't say there was no hope. Yun had taken it to heart.

After returning, Qingyang's parents had busied themselves with adoption arrangements. Yun hadn't been very willing to begin with, and after Chunhua Wang's advice directly refused.

She hired a cart again and brought Qingyang back to the county town, visiting nearly every clinic until finding one she was satisfied with. The doctor prescribed them medicine, saying success wasn't guaranteed but they were still young. Try taking it for now, and if after a few years there was still no progress, they could reconsider then.

Chunhua Wang nodded, "It's worth trying, you might get as lucky as Mingwei. Qingyang is only twenty-two this year, waiting another four or five years isn't an issue."

"That's right, Yun is only eighteen this year too."

"Still young." Chunhua Wang smiled, then grasped Mingwei Li's hand again, "Whether she comes back or not, do tell her about this, after all it's her younger brother."

"I refuse!" Mingwei Li rejected, "Paper and postage don't cost money, and I'm not the only literate one in town, if she cares she can handle it herself, trying to take advantage of everything."

Chunhua Wang knitted her brows, she hadn't considered this angle, this Aunt Meng...