The Divine Urban Physician - C.693 - : Memories

The Divine Urban Physician

C.693 - : Memories

Chapter 693: Memories

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“You’re not strong enough, so it’s no problem. We’ll give you some power. With our strength, we will be able to defeat the force in Ye Tianzheng’s body.”

Ye Hongbin looked at the gold-robed elder, sighed and walked over to Ye


He pointed his finger at Ye Tianzheng’s forehead.

The golden robed elder and the other elders were not idle either. They circulated their true qi from their dantians, and then placed their hands on Ye Hongbin’s back, channeling it into him.

Ye Hongbin’s aura began to rise, and the golden light from his drilled into Ye Tianzheng’s mind.

Scenes flashed by!

A scene from Huaxia’s River City!

This time, although the mysterious power was blocking, its resistance was overcome by their combined strength.

Intermittent scenes of memories entered Ye Hongbin’s mind.

He vaguely saw a young man, who was obviously Ye Chen.

He was from River City, the son of Ye Tianzheng.

He was reduced to being called a piece of trash among the people of River City, and countless people laughed at him.

Ye Tianzheng tried to comfort him, but it was useless. Then, they received an invitation from Cloud Lake Manor.

At Cloud Lake Manor, Ye Tianzheng and Jiang Rong wanted to clear Ye Chen’s name, but they did not expect Lin Juelong to appear, and they were ‘killed’ and transported to the Ghost Prison, where they faced countless interrogations in order to pry into his secrets.

The scene flashed, and Ye Hongbin saw an old man. The old man called Ye Tianzheng to the study and took out a black stone, carefully handing it over to

Ye Tianzheng.

“Tianzheng, this stone is my birthday present for Ye Chen. If something happens to me one day, give this stone to Ye Chen three years after the incident.”

“Remember, don’t make a mistake!

“I bet everything on Ye Chen. If I lose, the consequences will be unimaginable!”

The scene then came to an abrupt end.

Ye Hongbin frowned. What was that black stone? Why was Ye Tianzheng’s father so cautious?

He wanted to continue tracing the memories, but he found that the veins on Ye Tianzheng’s neck and face were bulging.

This technique was damaging to Ye Tianzheng!

Ye Tianheng wanted to struggle. Although his spiritual root was special, he had not cultivated it, and was being suppressed by so many experts. How could he resist?

Blood trickled down the corners of Ye Tianzheng’s mouth. The mysterious power was being suppressed by the combined strength of these elders, so the only thing he could use to resist was his own body.

Thus, he was bound to be injured.

Ye Hongbin glanced at Ye Tianzheng, his gaze turning cold.

Although this guy could help him rejoin the Ye family, it was no longer important. He realized that this secret was even more important!

The Ye family of the Kunlun Mountains had been silent for a thousand years.

Why did they suddenly go to Huaxia out of the blue?

Combined with Ye Tianzheng’s memories, it was obvious that they had gone there for the old man’s ashes!

The fact that the Ye family had placed the old man’s ashes and memorial tablet in the family’s ancestral hall was enough to show that this old man’s identity and status were extraordinary.

Furthermore, the black stone that he had mentioned so many times must be the biggest secret! And this black stone was with a young man named Ye Chen!

Everything was clear!

Ye Tianzheng could not take it anymore, and blood kept trickling down the sides of his mouth. Despite this, Ye Hongbin did not stop.

Just as Ye Tianzheng was on the verge of death, a black-robed figure suddenly appeared…

It was Ye Chen!

Ye Chen naturally saw what these people had done to his father, and at this moment, his heart burned with immense anger. fr𝐞𝐞𝚠e𝗯𝗻ovel.c𝐨m

If he had waited a day or a few minutes later, he would have been separated from his father forever!

Furthermore, they were forcefully searching his father’s memories. This technique might only cause slight harm to cultivators, but his father was an ordinary person!

What did his father do to deserve this?


Ye Chen could not hold it in any longer and drew the Soul Suppressing Sword, channeling his true qi into it as he hurled it forward like a javelin!


A sharp sound of air being torn apart was heard as the Soul Suppressing Sword streaked through the air like a comet. The friction even caused the sword to heat up as it whistled over.

Everyone in the Blood Alliance, even Ye Hongbin, noticed it, and turned their heads abruptly. When they saw the Soul Suppressing Sword flying through the air, they immediately removed their hands from Ye Hongbin’s back and retreated.

However, one of them was too late, and his body was pierced by the Soul Suppressing Sword!

Blood spurted out!

However, the Soul Suppressing Sword did not stop and continued flying toward Ye Hongbin, forcing him to deactivate the technique and dodge.

However! It was still too late. The sword cut off half of his arm, and the powerful shockwaves sent him flying.


The Soul Suppressing Sword and the body of the unlucky Blood Alliance elder were ruthlessly nailed into the wall of the dungeon, looking like a judgment from hell.

Dust and dirt filled the air, and blood gradually stained the ground.

Then, Ye Chen charged at Ye Tianzheng without any regard for anything else and hugged him.

“Dad! I’m sorry! I’m late!”

In a daze, Ye Tianzheng finally saw Ye Chen, and his pained face revealed a relieved smile.


He wanted to extend his hand, but he spat out a mouthful of blood.

It was extremely difficult to endure, and his consciousness was gradually dissipating.

Ye Chen suppressed the anger in his heart and took out the bottle of Archaic Illusory Reality Pills from the Samsara Graveyard, as these pills had a miraculous effect on injuries to one’s soul.

At this moment, his father’s soul was injured!

Even though the Archaic Illusory Reality Pills were extremely precious, he still poured out two and fed them to his father!

When the medicinal pills entered his mouth, Ye Tianzheng’s originally pale face eased up a little.

When Ye Hongbin and the golden-robed elder saw this scene, their eyes instantly burned with greed.

“Archaic Illusory Reality Pill! That jade bottle actually contains the Archaic Illusory Reality Pills! Complete ones too!”

These pills were priceless, even in the ancient era, and even more so now. The only time it had appeared recently was at the Yibao Pavilion’s auction, and it was obtained by Ye Shitian. However, that pill had been incomplete, and no known alchemist in the Kunlun Mountains could refine it.

However, this black-robed young man had such precious medicinal pills in his possession!

How could they not be greedy?

“You’re Ye Chen! Huaxia’s Ye Chen! You actually dared to barge into the Blood Alliance’s dungeon!”

Ye Chen’s earlier words were enough for them to guess his identity!

However, how did he get in?

Ye Chen ignored them and took out a few more silver needles. A trace of true qi gathered on the silver needles, and they were embedded into his father’sbody one after another!

His father’s condition was critical now, and needed to be stabilized at all costs!