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Chapter 347: Chapter 347 The Socialite Also Likes to

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The thing that Jiang Xu had least expected was the music app.

From beginning to end, he hadn’t done any promotion for it.

But when he opened the backend, he was surprised to find that the total number of downloads had reached over two million.

And there were also more than fifty thousand subscribers.

He found it quite incredible.

It was only after calling over the product manager to inquire that he learned what had happened.


after Jiang Xu had taken over the Huang Family’s entertainment industry,

the stars under his banner, in order to please their new boss, had mobilized their own networks.

They promoted it through fan groups and Weibo, which led to the current figures for the app.

Looking at the customer acquisition cost,

achieving this result would not have been possible without an investment of hundreds of millions.

Jiang Xu was very satisfied with this.

He stayed at the company until noon.

After lunch, Jiang Xu made another trip to the headquarters of Baihu Group. Upon learning that the boss was coming, all the artists put down their work and waited ahead of time.

When Jiang Xu arrived, these stars, who seemed so unreachable and mysterious to their fans, all bent over in unison, shouting “Good day, boss” from their mouths.

The so-called stars are nothing in the face of real capital.

Because it is capital that builds up a star.

It can make you glorious in public or as destitute as a beggar.

Jiang Xu saw many artists usually active on the big screen.

Now, seeing him, they all seemed very humble.

There were also quite a few female artists, subtly showcasing their stunning figures.

Clearly, they did not want to put in the effort and were looking for a shortcut. But Jiang Xu wasn’t interested.

As for shortcuts, apart from An Nuonuo’s, he didn’t want to take anyone else’s.

He was here mainly to check the accounts.

Then to cancel some investments he deemed unnecessary.

In the future, the film company would follow a route of high quality combined with low cost.

By low cost, he meant that the maximum pay for an artist per film would not exceed five million.

Of course, this approach was bound to cause many A-listers to walk away.

But Jiang Xu didn’t care.

The development of the film industry in his previous life had already given the answer.

No matter how many fans you have, if the quality of the work you act in is poor, it will flop.

As long as the quality of the work is good, even newcomers can become an overnight sensation.

And what is not lacking in China is people.

If you don’t want to come, there are plenty of others who will.

Jiang Xu would rather spend money on costumes, makeup, and props than give too much to the artists.

“Hello to all, I’m An Nuonuo, nice to meet you all for the first time, please give me your guidance.”

The location for the Hundred Flowers Club event was not fixed.

It rotated between several first-tier and super first-tier cities.

This time it just so happened to be in a wealthy villa area in the suburbs of Magic City.

When An Nuonuo arrived, many of the elite women were instantly charmed.

An Nuonuo possessed a mix of traits that were simultaneously docile and cute, with a touch of tranquility and elegance—attributes that tended to be very likable.

Among the present company, An Nuonuo was the youngest.

She instantly awakened the sisterly instincts of these socialites.

With Nuonuo’s own capabilities, and the fact that both her father and boyfriend were extremely powerful,

these elite women naturally wouldn’t make things difficult for her.

They were all very warm and welcoming.

This allowed An Nuonuo to breathe a sigh of relief.

She had been a bit worried about managing the social interactions upon arriving.

It seems I was overthinking things.

The gatherings of these socialites weren’t that extraordinary, after all.

It was just everyone getting together to eat, drink, and chat about which businesses were good to run lately.

As the newcomer, An Nuonuo sat next to Bai Xiaoya, and most of the time, she acted as a listener.

Occasionally, the topic shifted to her, and her responses were generous and appropriate.

In fact, An Nuonuo had restrained a lot of her brilliance when interacting with Jiang Xu.

When Jiang Xu wasn’t by her side, that brilliance would involuntarily radiate out.

Bai Xiaoya looked at An Nuonuo in amazement.

This younger sworn sister had brought her quite a surprise.

As the conversation went on, it veered towards the topic of intimate relationships between men and women.

A socialite, holding An Nuonuo’s hand, asked curiously, “Sister, when you and your boyfriend… do you ever open up a video site and… while you… ?”

“Ah…” An Nuonuo was instantly dumbfounded.

Her composure vanished in an instant, leaving her flustered and her face turning red.

Who would have thought that these dignified, elegant, and noble socialites could be so bold when driving a conversation?

“Giggle giggle giggle…”

Seeing An Nuonuo like this, everyone burst into happy laughter.

They found her too adorable and couldn’t help but tease her.

At first, Bai Xiaoya stood up for An Nuonuo.

But as the ‘enemies’ proved too many, she eventually… joined in as well.

The main point was to be heartfelt.

An Nuonuo couldn’t resist and inevitably covered her face with her hands.

This caused even more laughter to ensue.

Bai Xiaoya enjoyed seeing such a scene.

It allowed An Nuonuo to integrate more quickly into this big family.

The gathering was to last until the evening.

After lunch, everyone demonstrated their talents.

These socialites weren’t just pretty faces with money in their families.

Classical Chinese music, chess, calligraphy, painting, and various types of performance art (the serious kind)—they were skilled in them all.

Otherwise, how could they cultivate their unique charm?

An Nuonuo could sing, and her voice was quite good, so she didn’t make a fool of herself.

However, she couldn’t compare with those who had received various kinds of training from a young age.

So she resorted to her trump card, singing a song ‘originally created’ by Jiang Xu.

This scored her points.

Talented individuals are always well-received everywhere.

With Bai Xiaoya supporting her on the side, everyone’s fondness for An Nuonuo grew even stronger.

By the afternoon, An Nuonuo had pretty much fully integrated into the group.

She had also gained everyone’s contact information.

As the gathering was about to end, An Nuonuo showed a hesitant expression.

Bai Xiaoya noticed this and asked her what was wrong.

An Nuonuo shook her head, saying it was nothing.

She felt the timing was not quite ripe.

Bai Xiaoya pretended to be angry, “By doing that, you’re not treating us as sisters. If you’re facing a difficulty, just speak out.”

The other socialites also feigned anger, urging An Nuonuo to share her troubles with the group.

This group was, after all, about helping each other.

“Well… I’ll talk about it,” An Nuonuo hesitated for a while, but eventually, she shared the incident from a few days ago where she and Jiang Xu had encountered an assassin in their home.

Suddenly, the socialites were filled with anger and their expressions turned grave.

“What era are we living in for such things to still happen!”

“We will help investigate this matter.”

“Yes, Nuonuo, don’t worry, we will protect you.”

An Nuonuo was very moved and quickly bowed to express her thanks.

She felt they were so warm.

“Wait a minute!” Suddenly, one of the socialites spoke up, “The problem you mentioned—I think I know something about it!”

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