Taking advantage of the beauty being poor, fooling her into being my girlfriend - C.344 - : Dying in Agony, Shockingly Sat


Chapter 344: Chapter 344: Dying in Agony, Shockingly Sat

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Jiang Xu was happy, but An Nuonuo felt embarrassed.

After all, they were in the office, and she hadn’t quite let loose yet.

Jiang Xu just said it in passing and didn’t really expect An Nuonuo to agree.

Although they could basically declare victory now.

But just to be safe, all employees still stayed overnight at the company.

Jiang Xu and An Nuonuo also stayed in the office.

And they had to be on a 24-hour watch, constantly monitoring every move on the internet.

Jiang Xu went to sleep first, letting An Nuonuo keep watch.

When he woke up at one o’clock, he let An Nuonuo go to sleep and took over the duty.

Fortunately, nothing unexpected happened, and they smoothly made it to the next morning.

Jiang Xu, An Feng, Fu Xinghan, and Jiang Xiaoyan began a comprehensive harvest of the Huang Family’s assets.

They carved off pieces of fat meat and scraped off layers of fatty oil from them.

It was nothing less than a gluttonous feast!

The assets of the Huang Family were several times more than what Zhang Xiaohui initially had.

Though there were a few more people to share with, it still left their mouths dripping with oil.

As previously agreed upon,

Jiang Xu took the entertainment assets of the Huang Family.

Instantly, one of Jiang Xu’s weaknesses was replenished.

Those entertainment assets included a large number of excellent films, songs, and a library of copyrights.

Especially in terms of music, there were over one hundred thousand original compositions, and he held all the rights.

All were added to ‘Nice Music’.

In the past, Jiang Xu owned shares in Qinghe and the stars, but he wasn’t the majority shareholder and didn’t have much say.

But now things were different.

Holding the rights to tens of thousands of films and television shows, he was now self-sufficient.

The construction of video streaming websites could also be moved up on the agenda.

After this battle, Jiang Xu’s assets doubled out of thin air.

His total net worth exceeded twenty billion!

From the earnings of this venture, Jiang Xu gave thirty percent to An Nuonuo.

And she accepted it.

Anyway, the two of them were now inseparable; there was no need to fuss over the details.


Jiang Xu stretched lazily, feeling extremely content.

Huang Feng and Huang Xiaofei were taken down.

The other members of the Huang Family all got locked up.

Most of them would be behind bars for several years.

Additionally, there were quite a few people the Huang Family had offended and oppressed over the years.

When mighty, no one dared to provoke them.

Now that they had fallen, those wanting revenge would not be few.

Jiang Xu didn’t need to worry; their days would not be easy.

An Nuonuo stood intimately behind Jiang Xu, gently massaging his shoulders.

She had seen how hard Jiang Xu had worked these past few days.

Jiang Xu closed his eyes and quietly enjoyed his girlfriend’s tender care.

That evening, on the top floor of Magic City’s most luxurious hotel,

everyone gathered together.

The atmosphere was intense, comparable to the New Year’s celebration.

Every person’s face wore an irrepressible smile.

Especially Fu Yanjie, who couldn’t stop giggling there.

His family understood!

Wealth comes to those who stay at home.

He did nothing and became the sole son of a billionaire.

There was so much money he couldn’t spend it all, simply couldn’t spend it all.

Actually, Fu Yanjie turned out to be the biggest winner.

Though not very capable, he had a powerful dad and a friend as close as a brother in Jiang Xu.

He just had to lie down, close his eyes,

and upon opening them, guess what.

Hey, brother’s in Rome now.

It’s just a pity that Jiang Xu’s parents were off traveling around the country again and couldn’t attend.

“Come on, everyone, let’s have a drink,” An Feng raised his glass first: “To our ever-growing success!”



Everyone’s glasses clinked together before they all downed their drinks in one go-

The meal tonight was the most expensive that Jiang Xu had ever had.

Including the drinks, it started at two million.

All the ingredients were top-notch items air-shipped from all over the world.

“Come on, Xiao Xu, let’s you and I have one on our own.”

An Feng walked over with his glass, draping an arm around Jiang Xu’s neck.

He was so happy.

This move of absorbing part of the Huang Family’s assets directly made him the richest man in Jiang City.

And he even got a ticket to establish a foothold in Magic City.

He had previously resented Jiang Xu for taking the “little cabbage” he had painstakingly raised.

Now his mindset had changed, feeling that he should have let Jiang Xu take her earlier.

“Dad, he’ll be fine with a soft drink,” An Nuonuo snatched the red wine from

Jiang Xu’s hand and replaced it with Cola. “And you should drink less too.”

“Uh… okay then.”

An Feng didn’t dare to object.

He had planned to down it in one gulp, but ended up drinking only half.

Fu Xinghan and Jiang Xiaoyan also came over.

Being watched by An Nuonuo, Jiang Xu didn’t dare to be reckless and only sipped cautiously.

Once everyone had had enough to drink, An Feng handed a document to An Nuonuo.

“Sign it, sweetheart.”

An Nuonuo picked it up with curiosity.

Jiang Xu leaned over to look as well.

It was a transfer contract for a bustling shop in the yellow district of Magic City.

There were more than fifty shops there, previously owned by the Huang Family.

Now they were all under An Feng’s name.

Jiang Xu knew about that place.

The rent was frighteningly expensive.

A small shop of twenty square meters could cost at least fifty thousand a month in rent.

With more than fifty shops, their market value was at least two billion.

Just the monthly rent amounted to several million.

Old man An Feng really couldn’t be faulted when it came to his own beloved daughter.

“Thank you, dad.”

After reading it through, An Nuonuo didn’t hesitate for a second and signed her name.

Seeing how quickly An Nuonuo signed the document, An Feng felt something was amiss.

His daughter… used to not be like this.

What he didn’t know was An Nuonuo knew Jiang Xu was starting a business, and needed money everywhere.

She had previously thought about asking An Feng for a few billion.

Now that An Feng had given her assets, she naturally wouldn’t say no.

She hugged the contract to her chest, thinking joyously to herself.

If there ever came a day when Jiang Xu urgently needed money, she could sell these shops or mortgage them for a loan.

If An Feng knew what An Nuonuo was calculating, he would probably be so angry he wouldn’t be able to eat.

His precious daughter now completely belonged to Jiang Xu.

He, on the other hand, had become the outsider.

Tonight Jiang Xiaoyan behaved demurely and quietly, just like a gentle girl.

Wearing rimless glasses and dressed in a white long dress.

She looked very ladylike and successful.

Only Jiang Xu knew, this woman wore two faces.

After eating and drinking their fill, Fu Xinghan suggested they all go sing first.

After singing, they would have supper and go for a massage.

Nobody had any objections.

After all, having split most of the Huang Family’s assets, everyone’s net worth had basically grown by a hundred billion.

If Fu Xinghan and his peers were a decade younger, they would probably celebrate for half a month.

The group arrived at a luxurious KTV.

Fu Xinghan waved his hand grandly and booked the entire floor.

He gave each waiter a red envelope with ten thousand yuan.

A few girls sang songs.

Jiang Xu, An Feng, and Fu Xinghan sat in a corner.

Snacking on peanuts, they discussed their next moves.

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