Taking advantage of the beauty being poor, fooling her into being my girlfriend - C.341 - : Having a Delicate Wife, Even the


Chapter 341: Chapter 341: Having a Delicate Wife, Even the

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From the early hours of the morning until now, two o’clock, Jiang Xu had already written dozens of ‘little compositions.’

All of them were attacking the movie “Dragon Emperor’s Legend.

The film had a runtime of one hundred and ten minutes.

Jiang Xu had timed it perfectly.

He asked An Nuonuo to make a software program.

It could automatically register accounts on various media platforms, automatically posting pre-set messages.

As Jiang Xu finished speaking, the software was launched.

Those little compositions were quickly distributed to platforms like Weibo, forums, and blogs.

[Having just watched Dragon Emperor’s Legend, I can only say there’s nothing worse—just things more terrible.]

[The cast indeed is unparalleled in luxury, but the plots and the special effects are indescribably terrible.]

[Even letting a dog direct would have been better.]

[I seriously suspect this movie was made just to launder…]

[I’m out of here, better to go watch “Martial Universe .]

The comments underneath these posts were all also from ‘viewers who had seen the movie.’

They uniformly disparaged and cursed the movie.

As these posts received a large number of bot replies,

they triggered the platforms’ traffic-boosting mechanisms.

The exposure of these posts skyrocketed, seen by many real users.

At the same time, Jiang Xu also posted about his own movie.

Not just simply praising how good the movie was.

But describing in detail aspects like the plot, special effects, the actors’ performances, cinematography, and so on.

It gave the impression that only a viewer who had actually seen the movie could have written it.

The authenticity was very high.

Online, a frenzy had already begun.

Too bad, the Huang Family had not yet taken notice at this hour.

Because they were focused overseas.

“That should do it,” Jiang Xu stopped and, looking at An Nuonuo with a smile, said, “Let’s take a break, conserve energy, and continue in the morning.”

The fermentation of public opinion also needed some time.

However, the bots would not stop commenting and posting.

They would keep going continuously.

“Okay, wait a moment.”

An Nuonuo got up and went to the kitchen to bring back a bowl of soup, “Have some to nourish your body, you’ve been too tired these past days.”

Jiang Xu took one look.

Boy, that’s really nourishing.

Red dates, goji berries, black chicken, and the soup even had the scent of medicinal wine.

He looked at An Nuonuo, both crying and laughing, “Aren’t you afraid that if I drink this, you won’t be able to sleep tonight?

“Stop it,” An Nuonuo’s cheeks turned red, “No bad behavior, drink it quickly.

I’m going to bed first.”

As she said this, she sashayed with her soft and boneless waist toward the bed.

Jiang Xu’s gaze stayed on her.

He then understood what the ancients meant by having a cherished wife was beyond even the healers’ art.

With such a beautiful girlfriend, he couldn’t help but wish she could lie in bed for ten days and a half each month.

After drinking the chicken soup, Jiang Xu turned off the lights to sleep.

Although his body felt slightly feverish, he still resisted.

The Huang Family issue was not resolved yet; he couldn’t afford to focus his energy elsewhere.

At seven thirty in the morning, Huang Xiaofei woke up on time. The first thing he did was check for any news related to his family. It was a habit he had maintained for several years.

Many years ago, he had already set his sights on the position of family patriarch.

He had a deep understanding of all aspects of the family.


Suddenly, Huang Xiaofei’s eyes narrowed.

As soon as he went online, he saw a flood of negative news about his family’s film company’s main movie of the year.

A deluge of negative news, like an invisible torrent, was swirling towards him.

Huang Xiaofei felt like he was suffocating.

After taking several deep breaths, he calmed down.

He continued to read.

It wasn’t long before he saw various news posts about “Martial Universe.”

The contrast with “Dragon Emperor’s Legend” was strikingly vivid.

Of course, he knew that this was Jiang Xu’s product.

A thought flashed through Huang Xiaofei’s mind, “Damn, I’ve been fooled. His target is the Huang Family’s domestic industries.

That bitch Huang Qiqi, she deserves to die!”

Without bothering to wash his face or brush his teeth, he got up to report the situation to Huang Feng.

But just as he reached the door, he stopped.

His face underwent a series of changes.

In the end, he abandoned his initial plan.

Instead, he made a phone call, “Transfer all the available cash from my companies to my personal card, and make it fast!”

Ten minutes later, the Huang Family called another full meeting.

Huang Qiqi was there too.

But at this moment, she was trembling all over, her face filled with fear.

Her head was buzzing.

She knew she had been played by Jiang Xu.

Providing false intelligence to her family had caused significant losses.

The looks from the others felt like knives falling upon her.

Huang Feng’s face was stern, and he emitted an extremely dangerous aura. “Now is not the time to hold anyone accountable. The first thing, get the transferred money back, and quickly!”

“It’s all thanks to this unfilial son of yours!” Huang Xiaofei’s father slapped him, “This transfer in and out has at least cost us a billion!

Huang Xiaofei bowed his head and dared not say anything.

Huang Feng patted the table, “Alright, enough of that. Let’s get to work.”


“This is bad.”

Just then, a member of the Huang Family raced into the room.

Breathlessly he said, “Just now, suddenly all over the country, at hundreds of construction sites, there came bad news.

It’s either reports of non-compliant construction projects, fires, workers striking over late wages, or the use of substandard materials.

Now over ninety percent of our construction sites have been forced to stop working.”

As soon as these words came out, the whole place erupted into chaos. But before anyone had time to recover, several more people ran in. “This is terrible, many of our malls have been exposed for serious safety incidents and have been forcibly closed down.”

“Somebody has leaked online that our factories are using illegal chemicals.” “There’s a report of our illegal waste water discharge, and our factory has been sealed.”

“Somebody reported we have tax evasion, and the relevant personnel have already gone to our company for accounting inspection.”

“Our company’s official website has been hacked, and a lot of data has been stolen!”

“The group’s stock price hit the limit down as soon as the market opened!”

One piece of news after another swept in almost simultaneously.

The people from the Huang Family present felt like they were suffocating.

Even those who were usually calm were now panicked.

Instinctively, they all looked towards Huang Feng.

“We’ve been had,” Huang Feng said tiredly, closing his eyes, “Heh, well played. The young people nowadays are remarkable.

After all, he was used to riding out storms.

Huang Feng simply felt a moment’s sentimentality before opening his eyes, his gaze sharp, “Bring out all your private funds. The family is facing a matter of life and death now.

If our nest is overturned, none of you will have an easy time once the Huang Family falls!”

Everyone felt a chill in their hearts.

At this moment.

Jiang Xu and An Nuonuo arrived at their own company.

Jiang Xu stood on the top floor, overlooking the busy traffic outside. He dialed Huang Qiqi’s number, “Want to earn redemption for your crimes? I’ll give you one last chance!”

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