Rebirth of a Village Girl - C.92 - : 072: Is that person, Ni Yang?_4

Rebirth of a Village Girl

C.92 - : 072: Is that person, Ni Yang?_4

Chapter 92: 072: Is that person, Ni Yang?_4

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That’s right!

The person who has always been closely following Mo Baichuan is Li Xianxian!

Could this kid have fallen for Li Xianxian?

Noticed the gaze of Granny Mo, Li Xianxian’s face blushed a bit, and she shyly said, “Granny, why are you looking at me like this? Do I have something dirty on my face?”

As she spoke, Li Xianxian touched her own cheek, feeling puzzled.

Granny Mo laughed benignly, “No, no, our Xianxian is beautiful.”

“Oh, Granny, you’re making me shy,” Li Xianxian’s voice softened a few degrees.

“Alright, alright, I’ll stop speaking,” Granny Mo looked at Li Xianxian, who was as beautiful as a fresh flower, and suddenly came up with a plan.

After a moment, Granny Mo continued: “Right, Xianxian, how is the issue with the Divine Doctor from Jiangnan progressing?”

Mo Hudie was banking on this Divine Doctor to save her life.

Considering this, Granny Mo’s smile faded slightly.

Li Xianxian then said, “Granny, don’t worry, I have already contacted the Divine Doctor. He said that he might not have time to come over for a while, and we might have to wait a bit more.”

Wait a bit more…

But she feared that Mo Hudie couldn’t wait much longer.

Li Xianxian seemed to perceive Granny Mo’s underlying concern, “Granny, don’t worry, the Divine Doctor has promised to send us some life-saving elixirs first. Currently, he has a very serious patient under his care. Once that patient is healed, he will immediately come here.” f𝚛e𝐞𝐰𝚎b𝚗o𝚟𝚎l.c𝗼m

Hearing this, Granny Mo was considerably relieved, “Xianxian, is it really true that the Divine Doctor will send the medicine over?”

Li Xianxian smiled, “Granny, what are you saying? Could I lie to you?”

“That’s good, that’s good,” Granny Mo took Li Xianxian’s hand, exclaiming, “Xianxian, I don’t know how I can ever repay you.”

The Divine Doctor from Jiangnan is known for his eccentric temperament.

Moreover, he refuses to treat people surnamed Mo or Yang. If it weren’t for Li Xianxian, they would be helpless.

Granny Mo was so moved that her eyes reddened.

“Granny,” Li Xianxian said earnestly, “there’s no need for you to stand on ceremony with me.”

Granny Mo nodded.

Just at this moment, an eye-catching figure walked through the flower garden.

With every step, it was as though he was walking right into Li Xianxian’s heart.

Li Xianxian gazed at the figure, her eyes filled with infatuation, almost forgetting to breathe.

Seeing Li Xianxian like this, Granny Mo’s smile deepened.

Her grandson was truly magnificent! So handsome! Look at how smitten the young lady is…

“Chuanchuan is back,” Granny Mo went forward to greet him with a beaming smile.

“Granny.” Mo Baichuan reached out to steady Granny Mo.

At this time, Li Xianxian also reacted, quickly reaching out to support Granny Mo’s other arm, saying softly, “Granny, let us accompany you for a walk.”

There’s no denying that the way she conversed was clever and she had high emotional intelligence.

Granny Mo smiled widely, “Very well.”

With one on each side to support Granny Mo, Li Xianxian occasionally said something to make Granny Mo laugh heartily. The atmosphere was indeed harmonious.

After a while, Mo Baichuan suddenly stopped and said to Granny Mo, “Granny,

I have to leave for some work, I won’t be able to accompany you.”

“Stay a bit longer, it’s not often that you accompany me for a walk,” Granny Mo looked up at Mo Baichuan.

Li Xianxian also looked expectantly at Mo Baichuan.

However, Mo Baichuan didn’t even spare her a glance. He bent down and said, “Granny, I promise I will spend more time with you when I get a chance.” He then affectionately touched his left cheek to Granny Mo’s.

Granny Mo looked delighted, “Get going, you naughty boy!”

“I’m off then.” Mo Baichuan turned and walked off in another direction.

Li Xianxian stared dumbly at his retreating figure; her eyes were clouded with adoration, and she couldn’t snap out of it for quite a while.

Granny Mo teased her with a smile, “Xianxian, what do you think about Chuanchuan, that naughty boy?”

Li Xianxian quickly recovered, nodded and said, “He’s… he’s very good.”

The smile on Granny Mo’s face grew wider as she added, “That boy has always been like that? He has a troublesome temper, even in front of the people he likes, he never changes. You must not mind.”

Mo Baichuan’s personality was notoriously troublesome, that was the reason he has been unable to find a partner till now. Granny Mo didn’t want his bad temperament to scare Li Xianxian away.