Pregnant Before the Royal Marriage - C.315 - : Fifth Imperial Uncle said, he would return

Pregnant Before the Royal Marriage

C.315 - : Fifth Imperial Uncle said, he would return

Chapter 315: Chapter 315: Fifth Imperial Uncle said, he would return

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Seeing Jiang Ning’s carriage, his eyes lit up.

Jiang Ning got off the carriage, pulled him over to sit by her side, and laughed, “It’s quite hot outside. You’re just feeling better; you should stay inside and rest.”

Huang Ying said, “The slave has always been urging the young Highness to lie down, but the young Highness said he would wait for the Princess Consort to return.”

Jiang Ning patted Xiaoqian’s head, and smiled, “Xiaoqian, your little aunt wants to ask you a question.”

“What question?”

“Would you like to stay and live at the Prince of Yu’s Mansion in the future?”

“Yes!” Li Tingqian nodded vigorously without any hesitation.

Jiang Ning laughed, “Then stay.”

“Really?” Li Tingqian’s face showed surprise and joy, “Is my little aunt serious?

I won’t have to live in the East Palace in the future? I can stay at the Prince of Yu’s Mansion every day?”

“Yes, you’re absolutely right,” Jiang Ning smiled, “Your imperial grandfather personally agreed. Are you happy?”

“Happy!” Xiaoqian excitedly hugged Jiang Ning, “Little aunt, I’m so happy! I don’t have to go back to the palace!”

Seeing how happy the child was, Jiang Ning also smiled.

He had been living in the palace all this time, and now that he didn’t have to go back, he was so happy. It was obvious that he had been tormented there and left with psychological trauma.

After Xiaoqian’s excitement, he looked worried again: “It would be even better if my Fifth Imperial Uncle could come back and live with us.”

Jiang Ning laughed, “Your Fifth Imperial Uncle said that he will return.”

“I hope he comes back soon.”

Xiaoqian hugged Jiang Ning’s arm with a beaming face, “I’m so happy.”

Jiang Ning laughed, “Don’t be too happy too soon. Even if you live here, you still have to study, write, and practice martial arts every day.”

“Martial arts?” Xiaoqian was stunned, “I only read and write in the palace.”

“For a boy, martial arts is also very important. It not only makes you strong and not bullied, but also protects those you care about.”

“Then I’ll practice martial arts to protect my Fifth Imperial Uncle, little aunt, and my younger siblings in the future.”

“Good,” Jiang Ning laughed.

Since then, Xiaoqian moved to the Prince of Yu Mansion.

Jiang Ning specially went back to the Jiang Family and asked Jiang Ruobai to find two well-known scholars to teach Xiaoqian reading, writing, painting, and playing the zither.

They also invited a general with great martial arts skills to teach Xiaoqian martial arts.

In their free time, Jiang Ning would take Xiaoqian out for leisure and fun, and also teach him how to cook.

If the food was good, they would send it to the palace to pay their respects to the Empress.

Life was quite comfortable, and Xiaoqian gradually recovered and became his lively, cheerful self again.

Occasionally, Li Hongyuan would send letters through the postal station.

Jiang Ning only read them but never replied.

However, after Xiaoqian moved to the Prince of Yu’s Mansion, Jiang Ning sent him a letter and told him the general situation as a courtesy considering he had been caring for Xiaoqian and taking care of him all this time.

Soon it was the Mid-Autumn Festival.

During this time, the Emperor and Empress praised Jiang Ning several times in public for taking good care of Xiaoqian and rewarded her with many things.

Not only the Prince of Yu’s Mansion but also the Jiang Family benefited a lot from this.

At the same time, the Empress often expressed dissatisfaction with Princess Consort Ma.

Although no one said anything explicit, and no unpleasant words were spread around,

The aristocratic circle was so small that everyone knew that the emperor’s eldest grandson had been living in the East Palace since birth, but not long after the Crown Prince moved in, he left the palace and moved to the Prince of Yu’s Mansion.

The Emperor and Empress had also rewarded Jiang Ning several times.

Anyone with a bit of intelligence could understand the meaning behind this..