Mythical Era: I Evolved Into A Stellar-Level Beast - C.332 - 188: Stars Falling, Doctrine Following the Words_2

Mythical Era: I Evolved Into A Stellar-Level Beast

C.332 - 188: Stars Falling, Doctrine Following the Words_2

Chapter 332: Chapter 188: Stars Falling, Doctrine Following the Words_2

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“Brian, you’re right. Let’s not discuss this issue anymore. It’s too upsetting to talk about…”

Because the invaders were quickly eliminated, the atmosphere in the monitoring center was relatively relaxed.

The next morning, Jack Clark raised his head and looked up through the clouds at the increasingly clear satellite in the sky, his figure flashed and disappeared into the forest again.

He wanted to see if he could encounter another Evil God Sect Cultist.

Although his luck had been good so far, having killed two Evil God Sect Cultists and one Demon Clan member, perhaps there was still more to gain?

Compared to the 200 Contribution Points, Jack valued the Merit Value more.

At the same time, on the edge of the cliff at the boundary of the outer ring and the middle section.

The young man in white clothes raised his head slightly, also looking at the slowly falling meteors in the sky, and suddenly said, “I may have to leave now, I have some business to attend to.”

The girl sitting cross-legged opened her eyes slowly, turned her head to look at the young man who gave her a sense of indescribable familiarity, and slowly said, “Ilisa Wesley, who are you really?”

“Who am I?”

Ilisa Wesley looked at the clouds drifting through the cliff, his tone faintly filled with vicissitudes: “I am just a person who is forging ahead.”

A person forging ahead? Jane Aiken was slightly silent and asked directly, “What is your purpose for coming here this time?”

“You’ve already discovered, huh. Well, with those things in the sky.”

Ilisa Wesley smiled casually, “I came in to find someone. I was somewhat interested in her existence, but I didn’t expect to meet you, who was once somewhat similar to me.”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t kill anyone this time. I’m not interested in killing people either.”

“Well, it’s almost time for me to go back, or it will be troublesome if I get discovered.”

Without waiting for Jane Aiken to respond, a round moon appeared in Ilisa Wesley’s eyes, and in an instant, he silently appeared hundreds of meters away, then disappeared again with another flash.

Jane, who had already broken through Late Fourth Layer Heaven, sat still where she was.

During the two days of insights under the “world”, she gained a lot, her realm progressed rapidly and her cultivation naturally broke through to the Late Fourth Layer Heaven.

Excluding the abnormal Jack Clark, she had already become the number one among the new generation in the Southern Region.

Watching Ilisa Wesley disappear deep into the Cloud Mist Mountain Range, Jane did not try to stop him, because it would have been useless to try.

Having debated with Ilisa Wesley for two days, she felt that he was becoming more unfathomable, his cultivation realm far surpassing her understanding, and his true cultivation level at least above the high-order.

Jack then spent a day shuttling through the Cloud Mist Mountain Range. However, he didn’t know if it was because all the Evil God Sect Cultists had been killed or because his luck had run out.

He didn’t even see a bird’s shadow the whole day.

In the evening, a fierce roar erupted from deep within the Cloud Mist Mountain Range.

Suddenly, a mutated beast resembling a tyrannosaur, 39 meters long and possessing a Level 6 Peak, stood tall not far from the spatial channel.

On this mutated beast shrouded in black mist, numerous black tentacles that were several meters and even over ten meters long waved, making it look extremely disgusting and ferocious.

However, at this moment, this powerful creature had a guard in its eyes.

Not far away, Ilisa Wesley, dressed in white, stood with his hands behind his back, his voice cold: “I didn’t expect there to be another Demon Seed. It has grown so much in just a few days. You must have eaten a lot.”

At this time, some white strands were mixed in Ilisa Wesley’s black hair, and the look in his eyes was no longer calm and indifferent, but cold and mysterious, as if he had transformed into another person.

An inexplicably terrifying aura emanated invisibly from him, terrifying the strange mutated beast, causing it to feel wary, even afraid.

Roar roar roar!!

The Demon Seed’s tentacles waved, tearing through the air and creating rolling waves. Its huge body slowly retreated while emitting a guarded roar.

Ilisa Wesley’s eyes were indifferent, as he said faintly: “You should just stay.”

As he spoke, a round sun appeared in his eyes. In an instant, the Heavenly Energy within a hundred-meter range exploded, and under the projection of his intent, a round scorching sun descended into reality.

At the same time, a moon rose in his other eye, causing Heavenly Energy to become even more violent, forming a moon behind the sun.

Under the radiance of the sun and moon, a destructive force burst forth.

The horror of this force had not yet fallen on the Demon Seed, but its body already sank, causing the ground beneath to collapse and disintegrate, creating waves of impact radiating outwards.

Roar roar roar!!

The Level 6 Peak Demon Seed roared in horror, its black demonic qi surging, and its tentacles continuously inflated and churned in the void, skyrocketing to the sky.

But under the terrifying sun and moon radiance, all resistance was futile.As the sun and moon fell, those hideous tentacles turned to ashes as soon as they approached, followed by the gigantic Demon Seed, which shattered into pieces amidst its furious roar.


In an instant, the sky collapsed and the earth cracked, like the explosion of a high-yield intercontinental missile, and the destructive light sphere expanded rapidly, throwing countless dirt in all directions.

When everything calmed down, only a thirty-meter diameter crater was left on the ground, and a spotless young man in white clothing stood at the edge with his hands behind his back.

Ilisa Wesley suddenly turned her head and looked at the dense misty forest in the distance, saying indifferently, “Come out, you’ve been hiding for long enough.”

A shadow in the forest trembled, and a figure hidden under a black robe ‘grew’ out of the shadows. He looked cautious and spoke hoarsely.

“You are not Ilisa Wesley from the Eternal God Church. The legend says that he only comprehends Golden Sun Intent and not the Cold Moon. Who are you!”

Ilisa Wesley… No, the young man in white slightly curved his lips, “Do you think I would tell you? A dying man doesn’t need to know that much.”

“Die.” 𝑓𝑟𝑒𝑒𝔀𝓮𝘣𝘯𝘰𝘷𝑒𝓵.𝒸𝑜𝘮

As the word “die” came out of the young man’s mouth, the face of the Shadow God Sect Infiltrator turned pale, and he screamed in terror, “The Word Curse Law, you are from the Holy Light God Sect… No…”

Before he could finish his words, the infiltrator’s body stiffened suddenly, and slowly fell backward to the ground, turning into a cold corpse in the blink of an eye.

Such terrifying power sent chills down one’s spine.

At this point, the white color in the young man’s hair already occupied half of his head, and the inexplicably majestic aura on his body became more and more unwieldy, even distorting the surrounding space to a certain extent.

But just as this invisible terrifying power was about to resurface, he managed to suppress it again. His eyes, however, became even colder, devoid of any human emotion, like statues in a temple.

After casually killing a Demon Seed and a Shadow Infiltrator, Ilisa Wesley suddenly looked up to the sky.

There, streaks of fire descended from the sky and plunged into the Cloud Mist Mountain Range.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Sixteen hundred-meter wide satellites surrounded by flames descended from the sky at a terrifying speed, piercing through the clouds and violently crashing into mountain peaks, valleys, and forests.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

In an instant, a series of violent explosions erupted, creating a powerful raging wind wave that scared all the Mutated Creatures within a ten-kilometer radius.


One by one, in the one to two hundred meter wide meteorite craters, the severely damaged base satellites cracked and broke, and then burst open with a bang.

More than a dozen sixty-meter diameter, fifty-meter high black pyramids appeared. The tips of the pyramids gradually glowed with dazzling white light.


In an instant, more intense pulse radiation erupted and echoed with the signal transmitters.

Under this radiation carrying transcendent aura, the Blood God Envoy hiding in the mountain stream, the Giant God Sect Apostle hidden in the cliffside cracks,

As well as the Shadow Infiltrator hiding inside a hundred-meter tree in the Cloud Mist Mountain Range, the three of them had their aura surge and voluntarily burst into powerful strength.

Suddenly, the three of them changed their expressions.

This radiation swept through the entire Cloud Mist Mountain Range. As it swept over the white-clothed “Ilisa Wesley,” his body also had some aura being triggered.

But he immediately suppressed it once more.

“I didn’t expect that the human inner circle had developed to such a point. Their scouting methods are so strong that they can even trigger the disguised aura inside me.”

“I should leave, or else it would be troublesome if discovered…”

With a faint voice, the young man in white stepped into the spatial channel.


As the young man in white entered, the slowly rotating spatial channel that had once been silent began to tremor. Opposite to it flashing purple light, a strong energy poured in, stabilizing the channel.

Suddenly, the figure of the white-clothed young man disappeared into the space cracks.

Only a few minutes later, a strong power fluctuation suddenly erupted from the other side, and the terrifying aftershock caused the already unstable channel to tremble violently.


With a powerful explosion, the spatial channel began to collapse. Like a mirror, dark black cracks spread out in all directions.

As the black cracks passed through, everything in their path was twisted and shattered, then consumed by the powerful suction force they emitted.

By the time the spatial fluctuations subsided, only a hundred-meter diameter pit was left in place. All physical matter surrounding it vanished amidst the collapse of the space.