Mythical Era: I Evolved Into A Stellar-Level Beast - C.330 - 187: Arrival of the Mythical Dragon Elephant and the Three-Headed Six-Armed True Demon (Book Monthly Ticket)_4

Mythical Era: I Evolved Into A Stellar-Level Beast

C.330 - 187: Arrival of the Mythical Dragon Elephant and the Three-Headed Six-Armed True Demon (Book Monthly Ticket)_4

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Chapter 330: Chapter 187: Arrival of the Mythical Dragon Elephant and the Three-Headed Six-Armed True Demon (Book Monthly Ticket)_4

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Not far away, golden red flames burned intensely on Jack Clark’s body, emitting a terrifying aura, and his breath stirred up raging winds, making him look like an enraged beast.


Feeling the life force in Mikus disappear, Jack Clark let out a breath, slowly suppressing the burning Qi Blood and True Strength within his body, restoring his normal size. Immediately after, a powerful sense of weakness spread throughout his body.

This feeling of weakness was so intense that it was as if he had experienced multiple orgasms for several consecutive days.

Boom! Leaning on his war halberd, Jack Clark panted and said with a solemn expression, “The more I progress, the greater the side effects of Elephant’s Fury become.”

With his strength and terrifying physical body improving, Jack found that the Elephant’s Fury Rune he had obtained at the Third Layer Heaven wasn’t keeping up.

The Elephant’s Fury Rune could increase his strength and Defense tenfold, which had played a significant role in previous battles.

However, as Jack’s power grew, the flaws in the Elephant’s Fury Rune became more apparent.

During the Third Layer Heaven Middle Phase, he could endure intense battles for more than ten minutes, but after reaching the Late Fourth Layer Heaven, he could only unleash its power for a few moments before feeling weak for half a day.

This time, under the influence of Elephant’s Fury, his power was still terrifying. Moreover, after invoking a trace of Dragon Elephant Behemoth power, he killed Mikus, who had activated his True Demon Body, in a single blow.

But the weakness that followed was even more severe.

Jack estimated that he would need at least two days of rest to recover this time, even though he had only unleashed the power for a few seconds and his recovery ability had become stronger.

It was clear that the incomplete rune condensed by the lower-level Dragon Elephant Power could no longer serve as his trump card.

Alternatively, it could be said that the amplification of the incomplete Elephant’s Fury Rune had a limit. The weaker his strength, the more powerful the amplification effect; however, as his power increased, he had already exceeded the amplification limit.

To put it simply, when he was at the Triplex, his strength was too points, and after tenfold amplification, it became 1000.

But now, his strength had reached 10,000, so after amplification, it became 100,000. The difference between 100,000 and 1,000 was huge, which was probably why he felt so weak after just three seconds of activation.

However, this problem should be solvable.

After returning this time, he would perform Limit Enhancement on his Senior Dragon Elephant Overlord Body, which should fix the flaw in the Elephant’s Fury Rune and even make it more powerful.

With that thought in mind, Jack became determined and took a short rest before looking at Mikus.

Mikus, a member of the Purgatory Demon Race, was indeed powerful. After fully releasing his demon gas and activating his True Demon Body, his combat power reached the Late-stage Sixth Heavenly Stage, almost nearing the peak.

It should be noted that he was still injured and had his realm suppressed in the Early Sixth Heaven.

If he were in his prime, his combat power could even reach the Seventh Layer Heaven. Ordinary Sixth Layer Heaven cultivators would be no match for him, no wonder he was so arrogant.

Under such circumstances, Jack also needed to unleash all his power.

After two days of fighting, he had a clear idea of his own combat power.

He was at the mid-stage of the Fifth Layer Heaven, but due to his excessively strong physical body, coupled with Dragon Power, six layers of cultivation methods, and heavy weapons, his normal combat power was at Sixth Heaven Middle Stage and relatively strong among the mid stage cultivators.

After activating the Divine Tyrant Body, he was somewhere between the Late Sixth Heavenly Stage and its peak. In an instant, his strongest burst could kill a Late-stage Sixth Heaven cultivator with the Power of the Giant Beasts but would then fall into a weakened state.

Of course, combat power was only a rough comparison, and who would emerge victorious between those in the same tier was still uncertain until they fought.

After killing the enemy, it was time for the rewards.

However, Mikus’s weapon was destroyed by the Dragon Elephant Power, and his battle armor was severely damaged when he fully released his demon gas.

At this moment, Jack’s gaze fell on the small black bag hanging at Mikus’s waist, “What is this small pouch? Space Equipment?”

As he said it, Jack grabbed the small bag and tore it off.

Yi! Jack tried to open the bag forcefully, but found that it was sealed tight by a powerful force. He immediately became excited.Because this is a space equipment, there might be good things inside.

With that in mind, Jack Clark’s golden red light circulated in his hand, allowing his spiritual will to flood in under the wrapping of True Strength.


Just as Jack Clark’s spirit followed the True Strength into the small leather bag, he ‘heard’ a roar. A black shadow holding a halberd rushed towards him, and it was unmistakably Mikus’s spiritual imprint. 𝗳r𝚎e𝘄𝐞b𝚗𝗼ve𝚕.co𝗺

But for Jack Clark, killing a complete Purgatory True Demon might be a bit troublesome, but when it comes to spiritual will…


In the sea of Jack Clark’s consciousness, the Divine Might Dragon Elephant Shadow roared, and the Blade of Void Cutting Rune on his forehead flashed and instantaneously turned into an invisible blade.

This rune that had once condensed in the Third Layer Heaven had never been used before, because Jack Clark had never encountered an enemy who was good at attacking with spiritual will so far.


With one strike from the blade that possessed the annihilating power of cutting through the void, Mikus’s spiritual imprint instantly collapsed and disappeared, completely erased from existence.

Without the spiritual imprint, as the golden red True Strength continued to pour in, large groups of black demon gas were expelled from the leather bag and gradually refined by Jack Clark.

Soon, a space the size of one cubic meter appeared in his consciousness perception.

“So small.” Jack Clark raised his eyebrows.

Moreover, not only is this space small, there isn’t much stuff inside it either.

Two black crystals similar to ores, a large piece of ore with internal flames, a 0.5 meters long golden horn, and a black copper plate with a ferocious demon on the front and ancient patterns on the back.

Jack Clark recognized the black crystal, called the Nightmare Demon Crystal, which was similar to the Blue Crystal used by Sixth Heaven cultivators, containing high-purity energy with dark attributes.

Only cultivators who practiced dark attribute techniques would use this type of crystal stone, with one being worth 50 contribution points.

As for the unknown ore, he would need to check the information when he returned, but from the aura it emitted, it should be valuable.

After all, Mikus was a nobleman and wouldn’t collect garbage.

The golden horn apparently came from mutated creatures, while the black copper plate had no special power detected by Jack Clark and was probably some kind of identification card for Mikus.

He could later hand it over to the school for evaluation to see if it could be exchanged for some ‘money’.

Apart from that, there were some traces of pure energy in the small space, which once likely held resources but were already used by Mikus to recover his strength.

But even so, Jack Clark felt that this guy was really poor.

Didn’t he always claim to be a noble of the Purgatory Demon Race? Is this what they call a noble?

Or was it that he was from a once-rich noble family that is now destitute? That would explain why he was here.

After all, anyone with a brain would know that smuggling themselves here would be no different from seeking death.

This was the Human Race’s headquarters, even if they succeeded in assassinating some Human Clan geniuses, they wouldn’t have the chance to escape alive from the furious pursuit and campaign of the human race.

Even cross-realm human experts would hunt them down.

After all, it’s not only them who have King-level strong men, humans have them too, but it seems risky to do so.

At this thought, Jack Clark was pensive.

These guys were most likely the abandoned bait. If they succeeded, all’s well, even able to ambush the Human Race King-level powerhouses. And if they failed, it doesn’t matter.

They were just some Evil God Sect cultists who were attached to them, including fallen ordinary nobles like Mikus. The Demon Clan was indeed cunning.