My Ex-Husband Is Proposing Again - C.72 - : She is Mine! _1

My Ex-Husband Is Proposing Again

C.72 - : She is Mine! _1

Chapter 72: Chapter 72: She is Mine! _1

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Su Hongxing tilted her head back, not wanting to be too close to Ye Qilan.

Ye Qilan was still looking at her, his long fingers tracing over the corner of her lips. “Smile for me again, just like how you did yesterday.”

Su Hongxing’s expression was stern and she decisively shook her head. “Sheng Yalun said I can’t laugh; it could kill somebody.”

Just as Sheng Yalun was mentioned, he impatiently made his entrance, pushing between Su Hongxing and Ye Qilan.

“Su Hongxing, for now, stay away from Qilan. I’ll decide later whether to let you two be together…”

Before Sheng Yalun could finish speaking, Ye Qilan pulled Su Hongxing to his side with a possessive manner.

“She’s mine!!!” Ye Qilan declared resolutely. “You can’t take her away.”

“Qilan, I’m not trying to take her away. Let her go; I want to speak with you privately.”

Sheng Yalun attempted to reclaim Su Hongxing, but Ye Qilan refused to let go. “There’s nothing she can’t hear. Say it here.”

“Ye Si, are you sure you won’t regret this?!” Sheng Yalun asked in a loud voice.

“No regrets, I like her.” Ye Qilan pulled Su Hongxing even closer as he responded.

Su Hongxing’s wrist hurt; Ye Qilan was holding her so tightly, her hand bones felt as if they were about to break.

Sheng Yalun was caught in a dilemma. On one hand, he signed a confidentiality agreement, he can’t disclose anything about Ye Qilan. On the other hand, this is Ye Qilan’s intention. Even if Su Hongxing knew all his secrets, it would not be a breach.

He wasn’t even sure if Su Hongxing’s appearance was a good thing or a bad thing.

In the end, Sheng Yalun conceded to Ye Qilan.

“Hongxing, what you hear today must remain a secret, and not to be disclosed to the outside world. Qilan might inherit the entire Ye family. Everything about him is crucial and cannot be leaked, otherwise, it might have serious implications…”

“I got it, cut to the chase.” Su Hongxing felt Sheng Yalun was too long-winded, beating around the bush and not getting to the point.

Sheng Yalun took a moment to gather his emotions before saying, “The reason Qilan has had so many girlfriends is because of me.”

Su Hongxing looked at Ye Qilan in surprise, but she understood that this wasn’t the main problem.

“He suffers from emotional detachment. While most people with this condition are indifferent to emotions, his condition is much more severe. That’s because he lacks what we humans call emotions and desires.”

Sheng Yalun was heavy-hearted. Coming from a family of doctors, he and Ye Qilan grew up together. His lifelong ambition was to cure Ye Qilan, to make him a normal person.

Hearing this, Su Hongxing felt a sharp tightening in her chest. This feeling of heartache that had subsided in the last couple of days suddenly returned as she learned of Ye Qilan’s condition.

She took a deep breath, suppressing the chaos in her heart, she didn’t want to hear anymore. Yet, Ye Qilan held her hand tightly, not giving her a chance to run away.

“Stop talking, I don’t want to hear anymore…” Su Hongxing said in a hoarse voice.

“Humans feel love, hatred, passion, ignorance, but he isn’t capable of any of these emotions. Even if someone dies in front of him, he wouldn’t exhibit any emotional fluctuation. If a man and a woman are in bed together in front of him, in his eyes, it’s merely animal mating. He himself wouldn’t have any desires, do you understand this concept?” Sheng Yalun continued to explain.

That’s all for today. So, the male protagonist is not a scumbag, it’s because he doesn’t have a heart, which has been hinted at more than once in previous chapters.