My Ex-Husband Is Proposing Again - C.71 - : Ye Qilan is Sick!_i

My Ex-Husband Is Proposing Again

C.71 - : Ye Qilan is Sick!_i

Chapter 71: Chapter 71: Ye Qilan is Sick!_i

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Given that Ye Qilan had yet to awaken, Sheng Yalun pulled Su Hongxing aside for a detailed inquiry.

“Are you sure you haven’t left anything out?!” Sheng Yalun didn’t hear any problems and was somewhat confused.

Su Hongxing nodded: “Exactly as it occurred.”

Sheng Yalun was extremely perplexed. How could Ye Qilan suddenly fall unconscious if he hadn’t been provoked?

He closely scrutinized Su Hongxing’s face. Upon a closer look, one could notice that Su Hongxing’s features were actually quite attractive. However, her strict non-emotive face, which rarely showed a smile, could easily be overlooked at first glance.

Feeling her scalp tingling under Sheng Yakin’s gaze, Su Hongxing touched her own face.

“Did you laugh before Qilan fell unconscious?” Sheng Yalun had a sudden curious thought.

Su Hongxing shook her head: “No—I didn’t…”

Her voice faded. No, she had laughed. But at that moment, Ye Qilan was the one who had provoked her laughter.

“You laughed, right?!” Sheng Yalun stared intensely at Su Hongxing.

His intuition was accurate, Su Hongxing was not like other women. Her laughter was enough to cause Ye Qilan to suddenly black out.

“Is there a law that prohibits me from laughing?” Su Hongxing stammered uncertainly.

She wouldn’t be foolish enough to believe that her mere laughter was capable of causing Ye Qilan to collapse. 𝒻𝓻𝘦𝑒𝓌𝑒𝓫𝓷𝑜𝓋𝘦𝓵.𝓬𝘰𝓂

“Su Hongxing, either leave Qilan as soon as possible, or stay by his side forever. Let’s put it this way, once Qilan wakes up, I will decide whether to tell you certain things.” Sheng Yalun shot an intense glance at Su Hongxing, then returned to the hallway filled with concerns, silently awaiting the test results.

Su Hongxing sat down next to Sheng Yalun, and after a while, she finally questioned, “So, Ye Qilan indeed is ill, correct?”

Sheng Yalun glanced at her, “Don’t try to draw me out.”

This woman is very astute, he almost responded to her probe.

“I know, he must be sick. You strike me as a doctor!” Su Hongxing examined Sheng Yalun up and down.

Sheng Yalun chuckled, “Women are more adorable when they’re a bit naive.” From where did she get the idea that he looked like a doctor?

Ye Qilan was transferred to a high-end ward but remained unconscious.

Sheng Yalun and the attending physician were speaking in hushed tones, Su Hongxing and Beichuan were waiting in the ward, both remaining silent.

“If Qilan never wakes up, you’d become a living widow, wouldn’tyou?” Beichuan sympathetically looked at Su Hongxing.

Su Hongxing nodded in agreement: “If he never wakes up, that would be wonderful.”

That way, his girlfriends wouldn’t need to continue bothering her and she would be free to live a peaceful and quiet life.

Two hours later, when Sheng Yalun returned, he directed Su Hongxing to take Ye Qilan home.

“But he’s still unconscious, isn’t it safer for him to stay in the hospital?”

Su Hongxing’s words left Sheng Yalun both amused and exasperated. Clearly, this woman would be overjoyed if Ye Qilan remained unconscious for the rest of his life.

“He will wake up soon, rest assured. Once you bring him home, take good care of him, don’t expose him to any stress, and most importantly, refrain from laughing in his presence, understood?”

Su Hongxing answered with silence, making her seem like she loved manipulating Ye Qilan with her smile.

Regardless of whether Su Hongxing was willing or not, Ye Qilan was sent back to the mansion.

After a long night, Su Hongxing was exhausted and quickly fell into a deep sleep once she hit the bed.

The next morning, she was jolted awake by a piercing gaze as though even a corpse would be scared awake by its intensity.

When she opened her eyes, she found Ye Qilan’s handsome yet enlarged face just inches away. His complexion was a bit pale, but it did nothing to mar his beauty.