Mr Gu's First Doting Marriage - C.210 - 211: Xia Yangyang, stop being melodramatic

Mr Gu's First Doting Marriage

C.210 - 211: Xia Yangyang, stop being melodramatic

Chapter 210: Chapter 211: Xia Yangyang, stop being melodramatic

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But it seems like this was of no use.

All the chefs at home praised her culinary skills, so why wouldn’t Gu Qichen even try a bite?

Today, Xia Yangyang made coconut chicken soup.

She made it with pure coconut juice, resulting in a clear, sweet, and refreshing soup. She planned to use this chicken soup to cook porridge for Gu Zhaohan the next morning.

She could see the light was on again in Gu Qichen’s study from afar.

Previously, Gu Qichen would always visit her in the kitchen when he came home.

But now, he went straight to his study, and would be busy until late at night.

By the time Gu Qichen returned to his room, Xia Yangyang would have fallen asleep.

This week, she had hardly spoken to Gu Qichen.

Xia Yangyang filled a bowl with soup and brought it to Gu Qichen’s study in a soup carrier.

Gu Qichen was not looking at his documents either.

Instead, he was standing on the small balcony of his study room, smoking a cigarette, lost in thought.

Xia Yangyang never knew that Gu Qichen would smoke.

No wonder she had been noticing a faint smell of tobacco in the house these past few days.

Xia Yangyang stood at the door, lightly knocking.

Gu Qichen turned around.

Seeing Xia Yangyang at the door, Gu Qichen immediately extinguished his cigarette and walked in.

Gu Qichen asked, “Why have you come?”

Xia Yangyang walked in with the soup carrier, “I made chicken soup today with coconut juice. It’s very sweet, you should try some.”

But Gu Qichen frowned, “In the future, don’t bring such things here. I don’t like these.”

There was a hint of indifference in Gu Qichen’s voice. Standing there holding the soup carrier, Xia Yangyang felt a bit awkward.

Xia Yangyang was a bit nervous, “Did you get bothered by something? I noticed these past few days…”

“Yangyang, I want to be alone.”

Before Xia Yangyang could finish speaking, Gu Qichen had already interrupted her.

Furthermore, she distinctly felt a sense of impatience and irritability in his tone.

Xia Yangyang was slightly taken aback, “Then remember to rest early.”

After speaking, Xia Yangyang left with the soup carrier.

She didn’t even step foot inside the study.

Walking down the long corridor.

For some unknown reason, Xia Yangyang felt like crying.

But then she suddenly felt like she was overreacting.

Perhaps Gu Qichen was simply having a hard time at work.

Aside from bothering him, she couldn’t really help him anyway.

Xia Yangyang swallowed back the tears and laughed at herself.

Xia Yangyang, you have to be Gu Qichen’s little sun, bringing him warmth and sunlight.

Thinking this way, Xia Yangyang’s mood brightened again.

Meanwhile, Gu Qichen clenched his fist inside his study and violently struck the desk.

The only sound was the cracking of his knuckles.

Gu Qichen had never felt such anguish before, as if a million ants were gnawing at his heart.

He knew he had been cold and indifferent to Yangyang these past few days.

Watching her carefully trying to please him, he felt even more irritable.

Even he didn’t know what was wrong?

Perhaps for the first time, he was running away, not daring to delve into his feelings.

The next morning, Gu Qichen got up and Xia Yangyang was already gone.

Gu Qichen glanced at the clock. 7 o’clock.

Xia Yangyang should be at the hospital by now.

Without eating breakfast, Gu Qichen inexplicably drove to the hospital.

When Xia Yangyang arrived at the ward, Gu Zhaohan had awoken.

Gu Zhaohan’s condition had improved and there were no complications.

He was bound by a chest strap, limiting his mobility.

Nonetheless, the doctor said that he could be discharged in a couple of days and he would recover completely with good care at home.

When Gu Zhaohan saw Xia Yangyang entering, the corners of his mouth unconsciously curled up into a smile.

But he said, “Why are you here again? I said you don’t need to work so hard to bring me breakfast..”

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