Mr Gu's First Doting Marriage - C.202 - 203: Fight Poison with Poison

Mr Gu's First Doting Marriage

C.202 - 203: Fight Poison with Poison

Chapter 202: Chapter 203: Fight Poison with Poison

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Gu Qichen’s voice lowered: “I’ve always felt indebted to Xiao Han, and to my sister. It was my failure to protect him back then. When he was a child, he was cheerful, laughing a lot.”

Xia Yangyang saw Gu Qichen’s self-reprobation, she felt uncomfortable but she didn’t know how to console him.

The next day, Xia Yangyang and Gu Zhaohan cycled to school together.

But they didn’t say a word during the trip.

After finishing afternoon class, Xia Yangyang impulsively decided to visit the school psychologist.

In the evening, Xia Yangyang went to the East Hall to prepare for a rehearsal.

The drama club members hadn’t arrived yet.

Only Wen Xiaochu was there, cleaning the hall.

Seeing Xia Yangyang down in the dumps, Wen Xiaochu hastily ran over and asked, “Have you found out what’s really going on?”

It was Gu Zhaohan’s secret, so Xia Yangyang couldn’t reveal any of it.

Xia Yangyang said, “It’s because of some things he went through as a child. It’s quite a tricky situation. I consulted with a psychologist this afternoon.”

Wen Xiaochu asked, “What did the psychologist say?”

“The psychologist said if the positive psychological interventions have been tried, then the only thing left is forced intervention, overcoming the psychological barrier.”

Wen Xiaochu said, “You mean fight poison with poison? Forcing him to face his fear by bombarding him with photographs?”

Xia Yangyang nodded, “But it seems too cruel, and we also have no right to do this.”

Wen Xiaochu anxiously said, “But it’s too late to change the roles now, what should we do?”

“I agree to undergo the forced treatment.” a cold, masculine voice sounded from behind.

Xia Yangyang and Wen Xiaochu turned to see Gu Zhaohan.

Xia Yangyang said, “But you…”

Gu Zhaohan’s voice was indifferent, “Just try it the way you said.”

By evening, all the members had arrived.

Xia Yangyang closed the door of the hall, and dimmed the lights.

Xia Yangyang borrowed some DSLR cameras from the photography club.

Now, everyone had one and they stood under the stage.

While Gu Zhaohan stood alone on stage, almost expressionless.

Xia Yangyang looked serious, “Let’s begin.”

At that moment, everyone raised their cameras and started shooting, and the dim-lighted hall was instantly filled with flashes of spotlights.

“Ah!” On the stage, Gu Zhaohan yelped, practically shielding his eyes in reflex.

He was unsteady, holding onto the prop table on the stage.

Xia Yangyang immediately called out, “Stop!”

“Don’t stop, continue!” Gu Zhaohan struggled to utter a few words.

Everyone looked toward Xia Yangyang, she nodded, and the photoshoot continued.

Gu Zhaohan on the stage looked as if enduring some severe punishment. His hand on the prop table, his fingers turning white, his eyes tightly shut, seemingly lost in some painful memory, and his body started uncontrollably trembling.

In the end, he collapsed onto the table, appearing to be unable to stand.

Finally, Gu Zhaohan fell down.

Xia Yangyang rushed onto the stage, “Gu Zhaohan, are you okay?”

She waved at everyone, “That’s enough for today, stop shooting.”

Gu Zhaohan sat on the floor, curled up like a child, burying his head in his knees, trembling.

He looked vulnerable and pitiful.

Everyone was surprised to see this side of their cool Prince.

Xia Yangyang told others, “You guys can leave now, leave it to me.”

Understanding they’re to respect Gu Zhaohan’s dignity, everyone promptly left.

In the hall were only Xia Yangyang and Gu Zhaohan left, engulfed in an oppressive and grayish beam of light….

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