Madam Li's Identity Is Exposed Again! - C.81 - : Chi Enen, I won’t allow anything to happen to you!

Madam Li's Identity Is Exposed Again!

C.81 - : Chi Enen, I won’t allow anything to happen to you!

Chapter 81: Chapter 81: Chi Enen, I won’t allow anything to happen to you!

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Chi Enen, lost in a hazy fog of consciousness, had no idea where she was. The pain in her stomach and shoulder came in waves, causing her unease even in her unconscious state.

Her complexion was so pale it was almost transparent, and her bloodless lips quivered slightly.

“Chi Enen, what are you saying?”

Though it was the slightest of movements, the man carrying her saw it and stopped.

“Pain…” Her voice was so faint it was barely audible. Even in her unconscious state, she tried to suppress her own cries, subconsciously biting her lower lip to swallow the moans.


Li Beijue’s heart twisted like a knife, his grip tightens, and his falcon-like eyes filled with an impending storm.

“It hurts so much…”

It was so painful she could hardly bear it.

Was she going to die?

No, she couldn’t be in trouble.

Her Baby Chi was still waiting for her…

The little lady in a coma had a forehead covered in cold sweat, her unease causing her to shake her head as if trying to force herself awake.


“Foolish woman, stop moving!”

Chi Enen’s call for “Baby” was too soft, and combined with her injuries and unconscious state, it was slurred and unclear. Li Beijue thought she was just in too much pain and calling out in discomfort. Without hesitation, he quickly followed Si Chen’s steps while carrying her.

“It won’t hurt soon, the pain will stop soon. Chi Enen, you’ll be okay. You mustn’t let anything happen to you, do you hear me?”

“So uncomfortable… It hurts so much…”

Her complexion grew paler and paler, as if falling asleep and never waking up again. Li Beijue held her tightly, his sharp thin lips pressed into a straight line, his voice filled with a vicious threat, “Chi Enen, you hold on! If you dare let anything happen to you, I absolutely won’t let your friend Auxin off the hook!”

If he hadn’t called her and she didn’t answer, if he hadn’t installed a localization system on her mobile phone, if he hadn’t chased her to the Money Cabinet in anger… Li Beijue’s eyes smoldered with suppressed fury.

That’s why from the start he shouldn’t have let this woman run out, all the more not let her meet whatever friend.

“Chi Enen, do you hear me! If you don’t want your friend to be in trouble, then you must stay out of trouble.”

“…” Who’s talking? So annoying.

Li Beijue, hearing the person in his arms quieten down, quickened his steps…

After the chaos, nurses hooked Chi Enen up to a glucose drip and took her to the operating room.

A glass fragment had been embedded into Chi Enen’s shoulder; surgery was imperative to remove the glass pieces. Such a surgery definitely required the removal of clothes, and by a certain person’s request, only female doctors and nurses were allowed inside.

An hour later, the lights in the operating room turned green.

The nurses wheeled out Chi Enen, who was still unconscious, followed closely by the doctor.

“How is she?” Li Beijue, on edge, flicked away his cigarette butt and stepped forward to meet them.

The female doctor was taken aback when she saw his face, but promptly remembered who he was and quickly said, “The surgery was very successful; all of the glass shards have been removed from the patient’s shoulder.”

Si Chen let out a sigh of relief, his handsome face finally daring to show a hint of a smile, “See, I told you Enen would be fine. It was just a small surgery; of course it was successful.”

The air outside the operating room was so cold it was almost killing him!

He had hardly released the breath he’d been holding when the female doctor’s next words made him swallow it back down, “However, there is a slight internal bleeding in her abdominal cavity, likely due to being kicked or hit.” Kicked or hit!

The air suddenly dropped to freezing point!

Li Beijue’s falcon-like eyes darkened, filled with a storm of fury about to erupt!𝒻𝘳𝓮ℯ𝑤𝘦𝒷𝓷𝑜𝘷𝑒𝘭.𝑐𝑜𝓂