Longevity starts from having a daughter in old age - C.93 - 83 Heavenly Extreme Purple Thunder Body_l

Longevity starts from having a daughter in old age

C.93 - 83 Heavenly Extreme Purple Thunder Body_l

Chapter 93: Chapter 83 Heavenly Extreme Purple Thunder Body_l

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True Martial Saint Body!

Seven Slaughter Spirit Body!

Chaos Star Body!

Beast Tyrant Body!

Red Dragon Demon Body!

Heavenly Extreme Purple Thunder Body!

Rare Body Refining Techniques of the Foundation Establishment Stage in Liyang City are quite plentiful here in the Four Seas Immortal Palace.

However, compared to hundreds or thousands of Qi Cultivation Martial Methods, Body Refining Techniques are still niche.

After making a selection, Xu Mu decided on a Body Refining Technique called “Heavenly Extreme Purple Thunder Body”.

The reasons for choosing this were two-fold. First, it was the most expensive among the Body Refining Techniques that were on offer. Allegedly, if one cultivated it to the Transcendent level, they could control Heavenly Punishment Purple Thunder and slay Golden Pill practitioners beyond their realm.

The second reason was that this technique came with one additional Divine Skill of Thunder Escape named Thunder Wing.

Xu Mu felt that if he could perfect it, it should be able to fuse with his Fire Wings and form an even more potent Escape Skill.

The Thunder Escape Skill is the fastest among all Escape Skills. If it can be merged with the Fire Escape Skill, crossing a realm in terms of speed wouldn’t be a problem!”

The most important thing was that integrating two skills would save him a lot of Luck Value.

His cultivation of the Fire Controlling Divine Skill was almost entirely based on integration, rarely did he add Luck Value.

A Qi Cultivation Stage cultivator in charge of receiving guests politely responded, “Elder, the technique you requested is only available in the central branch as a jade slip. You might have to wait a few days.”

How long exactly?

If we send a message now, it should arrive in no more than ten days at the latest!”

That won’t be an issue!”

A jade slip heritage could save Xu Mu a great deal of Luck Value. It would be worth waiting for a few days.

Xu Mu paid enough Spirit Stones and left the Four Seas Immortal Palace with his receipt.

As for taking up tasks, he simply didn’t have the time to waste. The rewards for the tasks were paltry, not as worthwhile as cultivating a batch of Foundation Establishment Pills.

When Xu Mu left the branch of the Four Seas Immortal Palace, Su Luan was still waiting with her fingers clenched, watching members of the Four Seas Immortal Palace come and go. There was a trace of fear on her cute face, which made her seem pitiful.

Xu Mu helplessly shook his head.

This young girl was far too shy. Given her timid and bashful appearance, who wouldn’t want to bully her given half a chance? She practically had the words “Bully me, please” plastered across her face.

Let’s go! We’re heading to the Star Pavilion!


Su Luan blushed and gave a somewhat shy smile.

But Xu Mu frowned deeply.

Can’t you act a bit tougher? If you keep this up, those girls will probably humiliate you even more in the future!”

Unable to help himself, Xu Mu offered Su Luan a word of advice.

Tougher? Act tougher?

Su Luan was somewhat confused.

After hesitating for a while, she lifted her head and puffed out her chest, the soft flesh inside straining against the restrictions, changing shape significantly.

Elder, like this?

Xu Mu was speechless.

He asked her to be tougher, not to expose her weapons.

Do you know how to snarl?


Su Luan thought for a bit. Then turned towards Xu Mu and bared her tiny white teeth, making a noise she considered savage.

Rawr rawr!”

Even I feel like bullying you now!

Xu Mu realized she was helpless.

What kind of family could raise such an imbecile?

Xu Mu shook his head and decided to ignore her.

At the Star Pavilion, Xu Mu purchased four sets of medicinal ingredients for the Foundation Establishment Pill and ordered a small passenger Flying Boat.

As he left the Star Pavilion, Su Luan continued to follow him to his doorstep before finally leaving.

Just as he thought their paths might diverge, Su Luan turned up at his door again two days later, accompanied by a young man who appeared to be a few years older than her.

Did she bring her family to thank me?”

After hesitating for a moment, Xu Mu decided to disable the defensive array and go out to meet them.


Seeing Xu Mu come out, the young man was very excited, he hurried forward and bowed in salute.

I’m the junior, Lu An! The grandson of Lu Zhaohuan, last time because I was delayed with other things, I only sent sister apprentice Su Luan to host you, I hope elder does not take offense!”

Just yesterday, after learning from Su Luan that the person his grandfather wanted him to bring was a Foundation Establishment Stage Great Cultivator, Lu An regretted so much his intestines nearly turned green.

Although his grandfather had mentioned Xu Mu’s extraordinary identity many times in the letters, Lu An thought, how could his grandfather, an early-stage Qi Cultivation old cultivator, know any important figure? He simply didn’t believe it.

Not wanting to waste time, he directly sent chamber of martial arts’ scapegoat Su Luan to host Xu Mu.

He didn’t expect to miss such a great opportunity.

If he was the one hosting Xu Mu at the time, maybe he could have won his favor and gotten him to take him as a disciple directly, and it would be hard not to prosper in the future.

Xu Mu glanced at Su Luan beside him, who looked nervous, and could guess the general situation, and he sensed greed and ulterior motives from Lu An’s emotions.

But Lu An had clearly miscalculated.

Xu Mu did have some affinity with Old Lu, but after giving him the Spirit Stone, he was already clear, and helping Su Luan was just an accident.

Oh! Is there something?” Xu Mu said indifferently.

Huh? 𝑓𝘳ℯℯ𝔀ℯ𝓫𝑛𝑜𝓋𝑒𝓵.𝘤𝘰𝓶

Xu Mu’s look was neither cold nor hot, giving Lu An the feeling of hitting his face against a wall. But he didn’t give up.

I booked a banquet at the Four Seas Building and invited our teaching instructors from my school as well. I wanted to welcome elder, I hope you don’t mind?”

Xu Mu was somewhat speechless.

This kid obviously wanted to use his identity to intimidate others.

If he was the one who came to greet him initially, Xu Mu wouldn’t mind showing up, but now, forget about it, he didn’t want to find trouble for himself.

Instead of wasting time eating, you might as well use it for cultivation! Don’t waste Old Lu’s hard-earned Spirit Stones!”

Having said that, Xu Mu immediately returned to the courtyard and activated the Defensive Array, leaving behind a stiff-faced Lu An and a blushing Su Luan.

Lu An waited at the door for half an hour, seeing that Xu Mu had no intention of meeting him again, he could only leave dejectedly.

He was somewhat self-aware, not shouting and screaming to offend Xu Mu.

Two days passed, and Xu Mu had just finished refining a furnace of Foundation Establishment Pills. While resting, he saw the young girl standing at the door again.

Since she brought Lu An over last time, this was the girl’s third visit.

Xu Mu frowned, opened the array, and asked: “What on earth do you want, you come here every day? Don’t tell me you also want to invite me to dinner, do you?”

When Xu Mu agreed to see her, Su Luan’s face could not help but reveal joy. However, hearing Xu Mu’s words, she turned red with shame.

Elder! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! It’s all my fault, I also didn’t expect…

As soon as Su Luan opened her mouth, she started apologizing profusely.

Xu Mu impatiently interrupted her.

Is there anything else? If not, hurry back!

Seeing Xu Mu’s apparent impatience, Su Luan’s eyes teared up immediately, leaving Xu Mu speechless.

Stop crying!”

Xu Mu coldly snorted, causing Su Luan to quickly stop her tears. She looked at him, both wronged and scared.

Xu Mu sighed in his heart, resisted the urge to slap her to death, and said, “I’m not angry at you, hurry up and go back!”

He turned around to leave.

Then, can I still, still ask elder to teach me Alchemy Skill?” Su Luan shrank back, but seemed to gather enough courage to ask.

Xu Mu paused for a moment, entered the courtyard, and activated the array.

Just as she was looking disappointed, a voice rang in her ears.

Come once every three days! I just happen to be free!

The girl was overjoyed and excitedly said, “Thank you, elder! Thank you, elder!”

Then she left, jumping and hopping happily.

Ten days passed, Xu Mu went to the Four Seas Immortal Palace branch, obtained the jade slip for the Heavenly Extreme Purple Thunder Body technique, and accepted the inheritance of the martial method.

However, he did not start cultivating immediately. Because all the Spirit Stones he had on hand were exchanged for materials for the Foundation Establishment Pills, there was no money to purchase consumable pills.

When I return to Liyang Sect, I’ll sell the Foundation Establishment Pills in my hands and it will definitely be exchanged for a huge amount of Spirit Stones. There’s plenty of time to buy the pills and cultivate the Body Refining Techniques later!”

Time flies quickly!

When Su Luan came to see him for the fifth time, Xu Mu couldn’t resist, and bullied her.

Can’t blame me!

She’s really big, and it’s easy to bully her!

Elder, is this okay?

[Achievement gained: Like Glue!]

[Like Glue: Can increase Luck Value by 10 points every day!]

[Luck Value: Can be used to improve skill proficiency, cannot directly improve cultivation!]