Longevity starts from having a daughter in old age - C.92 - 82 Four Seas Immortal Palace_i

Longevity starts from having a daughter in old age

C.92 - 82 Four Seas Immortal Palace_i

Chapter 92: Chapter 82 Four Seas Immortal Palace_i

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After activating the defensive array in the yard, Xu Mu stepped out of his house and headed towards the branch of Four Seas Immortal Palace.

After careful consideration, he decided to join the Four Seas Immortal Palace.

Among the three major powers, the Butian Pavilion practices seductive skills, dual cultivation of energy draining which harms others for self-benefit, which can be considered as an evil path.

Joining them will undoubtedly bring a lot of trouble.

He couldn’t possibly practice those skills that could harm the women around him.

He did want to join the Cluster Stars Sect, but the problem is that they didn’t want him.

The Cluster Stars Sect is mysteriously strong, their disciples are generally cultivated from a young age, loose cultivators like him could not enter their door.

Besides the three top powers, there are many large and small families and sects, but they all usually belong to the three major powers. Joining them wouldn’t be much different than joining the three major powers, and it would also add unnecessary restrictions.

After weighing all the pros and cons, he felt that the Four Seas Immortal Palace was the better choice.

If it doesn’t work out, I can run away, it’s not like anyone can pass through thousands of miles of waters and mountains to find me!”

With the spatial passage as his confidence, Xu Mu was more decisive than ever in making his decision.

On his way to the Four Seas Immortal Palace, he passed by the Taoist temple. Xu Mu glanced at the main entrance and suddenly remembered the girl with the meat lump in her chest!

Su Luan!

He didn’t intend to find her. He suppressed the thought as soon as it had emerged and continued on his journey.


Passing a small alley next to the Taoist temple, Xu Mu suddenly stopped in his tracks.

He sensed a familiar presence.

With his breakthrough in cultivation, his perception becomes increasingly acute, even without releasing his divine intent, he could have a strange sense of everything within a hundred feet.

Sensing the anomaly, he immediately released his divine intent to examine.

Su Luan?

In his divine sense, he saw her towering twin peaks.

It was indeed the girl who had guided him a month ago.

However, the girl didn’t seem to be in a good situation this time.

Xu Mu hesitated for a moment but decided to walk into the alley.

In a small corner, three girls wearing Taoist temple clothes, were surrounding Su Luan.

You slut! Stay away from Brother Zhang in the future, or I’ll beat you to death!”

One of the girls, with a tall figure and a mean face, pushed Su Luan hard and scolded her harshly.

I’m sorry! I’m sorry! It was Brother Zhang who asked me to come over. I didn’t do it on purpose!”

Su Luan sat on the ground and didn’t dare to get up. Tears fell, and all she could do was lower her head and apologize repeatedly.

So whenever someone asks you to come over, you just rush over? If we ask you to die, why aren’t you going to die?”

Exactly! You are shameless! Next time, we will strip off your clothes and throw you on the street! Let’s see if you have any face to be seen!”

The three of them kept verbally abusing Su Luan and showed no mercy in their actions.Just at this moment, a strong wave of spiritual energy came from behind. Before the three girls could react, they were flung out by a strong force and smashed against the wall. The alley was filled with screams.

Are you all right?

Xu Mu walked up and helped the girl up from the ground.

The girl was briefly taken aback, then quickly realized what just happened.


Bastard! I’m going to kill you!

At this time, the three girls also stood up. They looked at Xu Mu, with fierce expressions on their faces, and they seemed as if they were about to eat him alive.

Before the three could cast their skills, Xu Mu waved his sleeve and the three flew off again. They cracked their bones and laid there wailing.

Senior, this… this…

Seeing the miserable look of her fellow sisters, Su Luan didn’t know what to do for a while.

You three, shut your mouths!

A strong spiritual pressure was released from Xu Mu’s body, and the three girls lying on the ground screaming immediately became as if someone was clutching their throats. They were clearly sweating from the pain, but dared not utter a word.

The students studying in the Taoist temple weren’t from rich families.

Those who were talented and had resources would have joined sects.

In their eyes, being in the late stage of Qi Cultivation was already regarded as a big figure, and those releasing the spiritual pressure of the Foundation Establishment stage, like Xu Mu, were revered figures.

From Xu Mu’s perspective, there were many cultivators at the Foundation Establishment Stage in Pursuing Wind City, but in the eyes of ordinary cultivators, a great cultivator at the Foundation Establishment stage was still an unattainable existence.

From now on, anyone who dares to bully her will be crippled by me. Is that clear?”

Xu Mu’s voice was flat, but to the three girls, it was like a thunderbolt in their ears.

The girls nodded frantically.

Now get lost!

The three girls supported each other, dodging Xu Mu with terrifying expressions, and limped away quickly.

Senior, thank you!

It was at this point that Su Luan realized that Xu Mu was standing up for her. Her reddish face was full of gratitude.

You’re welcome! Are you okay? If you’re alright, you should go back home!

Xu Mu didn’t ask why they had bullied her, nor did he intend to have a heart- to-heart talk. He readied to part ways after speaking.

His helping hand was simply because he had a bit of a favorable impression on Su Luan due to her guiding him in the past, and it just so happened she needed help.

As for whether it would cause trouble?

With the three Qi Cultivation Early Stage little brats, it was unlikely.


Su Luan quickly caught up.

Um, um, can I be of any help?” Said Su Luan shyly.

She felt grateful for Xu Mu’s help and hoped to repay him.

No need! You should go back soon!

Xu Mu waved his hand and left without looking back.


Su Luan stood in place, her head bowed and fingers twiddling, disappointment painted on her face. As Xu Mu moved further away, she remained motionless.

Xu Mu sighed with resignation and turned back all of sudden.

Would you like to show me the way?

Yes, senior!”

Her depression quickly turned into excitement. She wiped away the tears that had gathered at the corners of her eyes and quickly ran towards Xu Mu, with her chest heaving up and down, Xu Mu could not help but take a second look.

On the way, Su Luan asked about his cultivation level. After confirming that he was at the Foundation Establishment Stage, she could not hide her admiration.

Senior, you are truly extraordinary!

Xu Mu touched his nose.

What’s so extraordinary about the Foundation Establishment Stage? Aren’t they all over the place?

Upon arriving at the local sphere of the Four Seas Immortal Palace, Su Luan decided to wait outside while Xu Mu handled the procedure by himself.

The receptionist was a woman in green, dressed in thin gauze, giving away more than hiding. On learning that Xu Mu was here to join the Four Seas Immortal Palace, an excited glow spilled from her dark green eyes.

However, the glow quickly dimmed upon hearing that it was Long Ye who recommended Xu Mu.

Damn it! This bastard beat me to it yet again!

The woman in green cursed, leading Xu Mu with a visibly upset face into the main hall.

Old Ghost Xie! It’s your man’s recommendation!

Kicking open one of the doors, the woman in green shouted out, and promptly turned to walk away.

The room was occupied by an old man with white hair and brows, carrying a bit of a celestial aura about him.

This crazy woman, my door would inevitably be destroyed by her someday! Wonder what man would even take her in! What bad luck!” After a resounding curse, he looked towards Xu Mu and his rage instantly mellowed into a joyful expression.

May I ask who recommended you?

It was Brother Long Ye!

Xu Mu handed the jade talisman that Long Ye had given him.

So it’s that kid! He’s got a really good nose for prospects! Already recommended three at the Foundation Establishment Stage within not half a year!”

The old man took the jade talisman, an envious tone leaked into his voice.

Fellow Daoist, follow me please!

He led Xu Mu to a room deeper in the hall, filled with numerous runes and formations.

Please step in! I need to collect your aura to make an identity waist tag. Also, I need to make sure that you’re not a spy from the Sea Race! Although we’re very far from them and there’s virtually no chance of spies existing, we still have to follow the procedure!” The old man said while he fiddled with the formation.

The Sea Race is a wise species living in the sea and is very similar to the Human Clan. They’re the greatest threat in the Cang Ming Ocean Territory besides monster beasts.

However, the Sea Race resides deep in the sea and is incredibly distant from here, you would hardly ever encounter them.

Xu Mu hesitated for a moment, not detecting any malice from the formation, only then did he step into the center of it.


After Xu Mu settled, the old man activated the formation.

A layer upon layer of light wrapped around Xu Mu’s body, held there for a while before dissipating completely.

Fellow Daoist, you may now come out!

As the light from the formation faded, the old man fetched out a green jade waist tag from somewhere and handed it to Xu Mu.

This is your waist tag! Next, you will register with me – your name, background, and other basic information – then you can officially be a part of the Four Seas Immortal Palace!”

Xu Mu was speechless.

This is a Nascent Soul level power, isn’t the procedure too easy!

The old man, oblivious to Xu Mu’s confusion, explained the various rules of the Four Seas Immortal Palace on their way back to the original room.

Once the registration was finished, he handed Xu Mu a detailed pamphlet and the procedure was concluded.

Fellow Daoist Mu, since you were recommended by Long Ye, you are exempted from this year’s Spirit Stone deposit, and your task requirements will not commence until next year! Of course, this doesn’t prevent you from taking up tasks this year and your two-star privileges can be used as usual!”

Just as Xu Mu was about to leave, the old man reminded him.

Unlike the sects Xu Mu had in mind, after joining the Four Seas Immortal Palace, one receives no benefits each year. In fact, one must deposit Spirit Stones and complete a certain task annually, or else they would face demotion or even expulsion.

Once expelled, one could not rejoin for a decade.

The Four Seas Immortal Palace keeps records, making it impossible to cheat unless one could completely change their aura.

In Xu Mu’s eyes, the Four Seas Immortal Palace was more of a platform than a sect.

Its role is not to cultivate disciples, or grab territory like traditional sects, but to accept tasks, distribute tasks, exchange martial techniques, and a wide range of other functionalities.

Of course, the Four Seas Immortal Palace does cultivate disciples and improve strength, but it belongs to the core layer, and doesn’t have much to do with newly joining peripheral members like Xu Mu.

At this moment, Xu Mu understood why the procedure was so simple.

Because he was merely an optional existence.

The only reason Long Ye recommended him with such enthusiasm was because he could earn contribution points.

Besides being able to exchange for items, the more important use of contribution points is to increase privilege.

The higher the privilege, the more benefits one would obtain.

Such as having priority in picking tasks, purchasing more advanced information, using cultivation grounds for free, and more.

The Four Seas Immortal Palace’s privileges were divided into nine stars. The majority of cultivators at the Qi Cultivation stage fluctuate between one-star and two-star, with a small number reaching three-star.

Thanks to his Foundation Establishment stage, Xu Mu could skip the one-star privilege and secure two-star privilege directly.

Two-star privilege not only allows one to exchange for martial techniques and treasures, but also has a practical function called ‘consignment’. One could price and sell their items in the Four Seas Immortal Palace’s exchange warehouse, which saves them the trouble of setting up their own stall.

After finishing the procedure, instead of leaving the branch immediately, Xu Mu headed to the grand hall for exchanging martial techniques.

Now that he had reached the Foundation Establishment stage, he should also find a body refining technique suitable for this stage.