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Chapter 89: Chapter 79 Pursuing Wind City_i

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Pursuing Wind City

To avoid drawing attention, Xu Mu concealed his energy, wore a set of clothes borrowed from Old Lu, handed in a lower-grade spirit stone, and entered the city.

His clothes were significantly different from the local style, and wearing them was likely to inadvertently invite trouble.

“The spiritual energy is so dense, surpassing that of Liyang City by a good 50%!”

The moment he entered the city, Xu Mu immediately noticed the anomaly of the spiritual energy, greatly astonished within.

You must know that the entire Pursuing Wind City radius is almost ten miles. To elevate the spiritual energy of such a large area to this level shows that the power of the Pulse-Setting Skill has exceeded his imagination.

“Quite a difference between inside and outside the city!”

Xu Mu exclaimed in his heart.

No wonder Old Lu said, without staying in the city, cultivators are hard to achieve significant progress in their lifetime.

In addition to the concentration of spiritual energy, compared to Liyang City, this place is also far more prosperous, with Qi Cultivation Late Stage cultivators everywhere, with many even at the Foundation Establishment Stage who frequently come and go, haggling in the shops.

Xu Mu didn’t feel too surprised about this situation.

After all, the Cangming Ocean Territory alone has three Nascent Soul Stage forces, and the strength of each force far exceeds that of Tianhe Sect.

Pursuing Wind City is even a famous major city amongst them.

In such a situation, isn’t it normal for Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators to be a little more plentiful!?

If it were the same as Liyang City, that would be the real problem.

For his first visit to such a place, Xu Mu played it safe and didn’t wander around on his own, but decided to go to the cultivation institute where Old Lu’s grandson was.

The cultivation institutes of Pursuing Wind City are somewhat similar to schools where you can live and practice once you pay a fixed amount of spirit stones, and there are even masters specifically assigned for teaching.

It’s said that the excellent disciples in the institute have the opportunity to be selected for core training by the three major forces.

All the spirit stones earned by Old Lu are almost all used to pay his grandson’s tuition.

When Xu Mu reached the gate of the institute, he was stopped by the guard.

After explaining his purpose, the guard took his letter and let him wait at the entrance.

Xu Mu waited for about half an hour before a shy girl was guided to the entrance by the guard.

Apart from her obvious shyness, the most striking feature about the girl was her chest- it was quite large.

Rounded and full!

Xu Mu couldn’t help but take another look.


Did I hear wrong, or did Old Lu get it wrong?

She’s clearly a girl!

Could it be that Old Lu’s grandson underwent some Sunflower Divine Art practice?

“E-Excuse me!”

The girl blushed, lowering her head as she greeted him.

“Hello, you must be Old Lu’s…”

Xu Mu was at a loss as to how to address her.

“You misunderstand, elder! My name is Su Luan! Brother Lu An had chores, so he asked me to show you around the city!”

Su Luan hurriedly explained.

“Oh! I’m sorry!” Xu Mu felt slightly embarrassed.

“N-No problem!”

Su Luan once again blushed and lowered her head.

“Then I’ll rely on your guidance!”


Su Luan nodded gently.

The two of them left the institute, and Su Luan asked, “Elder, where would you like to go? I’ve lived here for more than ten years, and I know most of the places!”

“I want to find a big pharmacy to buy some alchemy ingredients!”

“Are you an alchemist, elder?”

Su Luan’s eyes flashed in surprise.

“I know a bit!”

“Can you refine a Fasting Pill, elder?”

Su Luan seemed quite eager.

“Yes, what’s up?”

His skills in producing a Fasting Pill, under the influence of other alchemy skills, were now almost at master level.

“I, I’ll take you to the pharmacy first! We can chat on the way!”

Su Luan appeared very excited and seemed less shy.

In fact, she didn’t willingly come here; Lu An himself didn’t want to, so he coerced her into it.

But now, she was very willing.

As she walked, she said, “Senior, could you help me solve a few little problems about making Fasting Pills? Just a few! I, I can give you Spirit Stones!”

Su Luan was a little nervous, clutching a lower-grade spirit stone, daring only to sneak glances at him as she spoke.

In this world, knowledge wasn’t for free!

Back when Xu Mu first learned alchemy, it cost him a whole lot.

But to him now, the skill to make Fasting Pills wasn’t worth cherishing as much.

Give-and-take, he could take the chance to find out some info about Pursuing Wind City.

“Don’t be so nervous, just ask! I didn’t expect you to be an alchemist too! We are colleagues then!” Xu Mu laughed.

“My cultivation talent is poor, so I can only study alchemy. Eh? Senior, don’t misunderstand, I didn’t mean that!” Realizing she had misspoken, Su Luan hastily apologized.

“Just say it like it is, you being like this…”

She was just too timid and indecisive.

“Oh! Sorry! Sorry! I just started learning and haven’t managed to make anything yet, so I don’t dare to call myself an alchemist like you!” Su Luan continued to be modest.

Xu Mu could only shake his head mutely in his heart.

“Drop it, just ask your questions!”

“Oh! Is the timing for adding Huanglian essence supposed to be three breaths earlier than adding ginseng?”

“That depends on the heat. If…, by the way, what level is your Fire-controlling skill at?”

“I have been learning for over a month now!”

Su Luan spoke with a hint of pride, while Xu Mu only wanted to facepalm.

A newbie at Fire-controlling couldn’t multitask at all. In the midst of stressful, hurried efforts, how the hell was she supposed to make a pill?!

“I think you should focus on practicing your Fire-controlling skill. It’s not hard to make a lower-grade Fasting Pill, what’s difficult is controlling the heat in the subtle stages of making a higher-grade one…”

As Xu Mu explained while walking, Su Luan listened with a completely bewildered look on her face.

When Xu Mu finished explaining and asked if she remembered, she just kept saying “Oh”, but when he asked her to answer, she didn’t know anything.

Xu Mu was completely speechless.

With your level of talent, why are you trying to make pills?!

You should find someone to marry sooner!

Don’t waste the two great talents on your chest.

Thinking about it, Xu Mu couldn’t resist taking a peek.

It was impressive!

Much more impressive than Lan Shijin by 70%.

What did this girl eat growing up, I should ask her later and buy some for the others back home. Shouldn’t let the kids have a tough time, right?

Perhaps sensing Xu Mu’s disdain, Su Luan blushed and dared not ask any more questions.

Seeing her fall silent, Xu Mu took the chance to ask her about the city.

“Do you know how many Golden Core Stagers there are in Pursuing Wind City?”

“I’m not sure! I only know that the city lord and the Chen family head are at the Golden Core Stage!”

Whenever Golden Core was mentioned, Su Luan looked full of admiration.

“Does the city have a Butian Pavilion branch?

“Yes!” Su Luan looked at him a bit strangely, then cautiously said, “Senior, you wouldn’t also enjoy going to those kinds of places, would you?”

“Cough cough! I’m not into those kinds of places! I was just asking randomly!” “Oh! Butian Pavilion’s branches are all in the southern part of the city, which is the most bustling area of Pursuing Wind City. They say even just wandering around will cost dozens of lower-grade spirit stones!” Su Luan exclaimed in amazement.

“Just dozens of spirit stones?!”

That’s too cheap, isn’t it?!

Maybe I should take advantage of the fact that Lan Shijin and the others are not here…

Su Luan stopped in front of a shop named the Star Pavilion, saying, “Senior, this is the best pharmacie I know of. I heard they even sell tier seven spirit pills!”

“Tier seven spirit pills?!”

Xu Mu was a bit stunned.

But even if they had that kind of pill, he couldn’t afford it.

The primary objective was still to buy the Dragon Heart Nine-Leaf Clove to make the Foundation Establishment Pill.

Su Luan was too shy to go in, insisting on waiting outside, so Xu Mu had to enter alone.

“Customer, what would you like to buy?”

There weren’t many people in the shop. Seeing Xu Mu enter, even though he was a bit shabbily dressed, a beautiful maid still greeted him with a smile.

“Do you have Dragon Heart Nine-Leaf Clove here?”

“Of course, we do, how much would you like to buy?”