Longevity starts from having a daughter in old age - C.88 - 78: CangMing Ocean Territory_i

Longevity starts from having a daughter in old age

C.88 - 78: CangMing Ocean Territory_i

Chapter 88: Chapter 78: CangMing Ocean Territory_i

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Xu Mu took out a tier-three Earth Evasion talisman, and slapped it onto his body.

A layer of earth-toned light quickly enveloped him.

Xu Mu flew up towards the stone wall above him, and the moment he made contact, his body melted into it like water.

Xu Mu didn’t know it, but no sooner had he entered the wall than the magical entrance began to shrink slowly.

Soon after, Xu Mu passed through the stone wall and emerged from the other side.

The air was filled with the salty scent of sea breeze, and as far as the eye could see, the vast ocean stretched before him.

The blazing sun above, glaringly bright, shone down on the sea, casting a shimmering wave of light. Sea waves crashed against the rocks, splashing up a clump of spray while white seagulls soared high, echoing their clear cries.

This was the sea he had only seen in his previous life.

At that moment, he finally understood.

That was not any special realm or formation entrance, but a space rift as mentioned in the legends!

“No wonder sunlight from the outside world couldn’t penetrate it, and even the stone wall didn’t have any traces left. It’s like it sprang up out of thin air! Everything makes sense now!”

He might have travelled to a place perhaps tens of thousands of miles away from the Cloud Peak Mountain Range now.

According to his knowledge, the nearest large sea to the Cloud Peak Mountain Range was at least a hundred thousand miles away.

“Xiao Yi might be from here. The owners of those two skeletons could have been his victims!”

“That wasn’t a treasure map, but a map back home!”

“However, Xiao Yi probably wouldn’t want to come back!”

Xu Mu closed his eyes, sensing that the spiritual energy in the air was very thin —thinner than in the stone room, almost half of what it was in the forest.

In this place, it would be challenging to increase cultivation level, let alone survival.

Just by being here, spiritual power would be depleted continuously.

“Discovering a space rift is indeed joyous, but this place seems to have no value! Treasures couldn’t possibly be born here, nor could high-tier cultivators exist!”

There must be cultivators, otherwise, Xiao Yi’s martial method would not make sense.

If Xiao Yi had not cultivated, an ordinary person could not possibly have traveled through a forest filled with monster beasts, and reach White River City. Gazing left and right, there were no traces of humans nearby.

Under his feet was nothing more than a desolate island a hundred steps in scope.

“I should go back first, and investigate this place when I have spare time in the future!”

He was not prepared at all. Everything was unknown here, and no one knew what he would encounter.

His current priority was breaking through to the Foundation Establishment Stage, not venturing into an unknown area.

Taking back the red crow, Xu Mu slapped a Land Collapse Talisman onto his body, and returned to the stone room below.


Watching the space rift that had shrunk to the size of a human head, Xu Mu’s face darkened with helplessness.

He hesitated for a moment, pulled out a tier-three flying sword, and slashed at the continuously shrinking hole.


The moment the sword touched the edge of the rift, it broke in two, like clay.

One end fell onto the opposite side while the other remained in Xu Mu’s hand.

Looking at the smooth surface of the sword cuts, Xu Mu’s face hardened even more.

This was a tier-three magic artifact, valued at over a dozen medium-grade spirit stones, capable of cutting iron like mud and hair-thin objects, it could be a family heirloom for any Qi Cultivation Stage cultivator.

But in front of spatial power, it broke easily like tofu.

Xu Mu abandoned the idea of forcefully passing through, watching the space rift completely disappear.

“I’ve left enough spirit stones at home. Ying Ying and the others shouldn’t have any short-term shortage of cultivation resources!”

“With Chi Feiyan’s protection and Yu Heng’s connections, Jin Er should have reached the late stages of Qi Cultivation. As long as they don’t stir up trouble, they should be safe!”

Xu Mu could only console himself like this.

“I hope my guess is correct, and it will open again at the same time next month, otherwise–”

Xu Mu didn’t dare to think further.

After spending a day and night in the stone room, seeing no sign of the space rift reappearing, Xu Mu had no choice but to give up.

He couldn’t just stay here since he came to this side of the space.

Xu Mu decided to seize this opportunity and explore the surroundings.

Since Xiao Yi came from here, there should be people nearby. After all, Xiao Yi was only in the Qi Cultivation Stage; he couldn’t possibly cross thousands of miles of ocean.

Leaving the stone room, Xu Mu went to the surface of the sea, released his flying sword, and flew up to the sky.

Just as he approached the layer of forceful wind, he stopped. He shielded his eyes from the sun with his hand and gazed into the distance.

In the direction of the northwest, a tiny moving dot appeared in his sight.

“It must be a boat!”

Xu Mu hesitated for a moment, controlled his muscles to change his appearance, enhanced it with the Invisibility Technique, then controlled his flying sword towards the direction of the black point.

As the distance closed, the black spot gradually enlarged and became clearer.

Indeed, it was a boat!

A colossal sea ship, nearly a hundred meters long.

Xu Mu could sense that there were about one to two hundred people on the ship, among whom only one was a cultivator in the early stage of Qi Cultivation. This situation was within Xu Mu’s expectations.

After all, the spiritual energy here was too diluted to possibly become a cultivator unless one’s talent was exceptional.

Realizing there was no danger, Xu Mu withdrew the Invisibility Technique and directly flew towards the deck.

The sailor on watch, seeing Xu Mu flying in from the air, was almost scared off the mast.

The sailor shouted, and everyone from the cabin ran out, including the cultivator.

Xu Mu put away his flying sword and slowly descended from the sky.

All the ordinary people on the ship knelt down and knocked their heads, but the cultivator respectfully bowed.

“May I ask, friend, where is this place?”

Xu Mu returned the gesture and asked.

The cultivator looked baffled, as though he didn’t understand Xu Mu’s words.

Xu Mu repeated his question, but the man shook his head.


It seems the distance traveled must have been substantial, even the language was unrecognizable.

Xu Mu could only gesture with his hands to explain that he was from a distant place. The man finally understood and reciprocated by gesturing and speaking in the local language.

Thus, the two communicated back and forth for a while.

At this time, Xu Mu realized that even though the language difference was significant, it was not entirely different, about thirty to forty percent was similar.

Xu Mu’s spiritual power was now strong, nearly flawless in remembering, plus the similarities, in two days he could communicate smoothly with the others.

The cultivator on the ship was an old man, over seventy years old, named Lu Zhaohuan. Everyone on the ship called him Old Lu and had great respect for him.

From Old Lu’s words, Xu Mu roughly learned about the surrounding area’s situation.

The area he was in was called Cang Ming Ocean Territory. Old Lu didn’t know its exact size but knew that it contained numerous islands, as abundant as stars. Both cultivators and ordinary people lived on these islands.

Old Lu also revealed that the number of cultivators in Cang Ming Ocean Territory was substantial, possibly even exceeding the region where Tianhe Sect was located.

The reason for this was all due to a technique – the Pulse Setting Skill!

The so-called Pulse Setting Skill involved, first, finding a Dragon Vein, then connecting it using a formation technique, mobilizing the power of the Dragon Vein to gather the spiritual energy from hundreds to thousands of miles around, forming a place rich in spiritual energy for cultivation.

The scarcity of spiritual energy in the air was all due to the abuse of the Pulse Setting Skill.

In the Tianhe Sect region, anyone could become a cultivator, but in CangMing Ocean Territory, without entering the cultivation zones, becoming a cultivator was as difficult as reaching for the sky.

The cultivation places in Cang Ming Ocean Territory were controlled mostly by three powers.

The only three powers in Cang Ming Ocean Territory that had cultivators at the Nascent Soul stage.

The three powers were the Four Seas Immortal Palace, Butian Pavilion, and Cluster Stars Sect.

The Four Seas Immortal Palace had the most number of members, but the weakest. As long as you paid Spirit Stones, you could join, most of the members were Loose Cultivators.

Butian Pavilion practiced the dual-cultivation technique of charm. Generally, hook bars and gambling places in cultivation areas were opened by them.

Upon hearing “Butian Pavilion”, Xu Mu thought of the Sky-Replenishing Jue he obtained from Xiao Yi, the Sky-Replenishing Token, and the Yin and Yang Harmony one hundred and eight styles that helped him several times.

He just didn’t know the relationship between the two.

As for the Cluster Stars Sect, it was the most potent and mysterious, and Old Lu knew little about it.

One day later.

The ship docked on a nearby island, Xu Mu gave Old Lu a few Spirit Stones as thanks, then disembarked, bid everyone farewell, and headed for the cultivation city on the island alone.

Old Lu was the ship’s Immortal Master. He needed to stay with the ship until the mission was completed, so he couldn’t serve as Xu Mu’s guide.

The mission was accepted from the Four Seas Immortal Palace, with a reward of five Lower-grade Spirit Stones per month.

However, before disembarking, Old Lu gave him a letter to deliver to his grandson, who was practicing in the city. If Xu Mu needed, his grandson could serve as a guide.

Xu Mu continued forward, flew about five hundred miles, and saw a colossal city in the distance, situated in the center of the island, with cultivators coming and going incessantly.

That was the city Old Lu mentioned —

Pursuing Wind City!

It was larger and more majestic than Liyang City.

But what Xu Mu cared about was whether they had the main ingredient for the Foundation Establishment Pill.