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Chapter 86: Chapter 76: A Son and A Daughter_l

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The audacity of Soul Forging Sect, daring to conduct a blood sacrifice on the entire Clear River Sword Sect! Now they understand the consequences!”

The old Golden Core demon of the Soul Forging Sect, touted for his Nine Sons Heavenly Demon Formation that’s reputed to be invincible among peers. Look what happened! The Tianhe Ancestor turned him into dust with a single wave of Sword Qi! Ha-ha!”

In a timeworn pub, a group of scruffily dressed loose Qi cultivators conversed animatedly, exchanging talks and laughter.

What kind of character is the Tianhe Ancestor! He’s a Nascent Soul master who has been famous for five hundred years. Too many Nascent Souls have perished under his sword! The old demon of Soul Forging Sect is just at the Golden Core Stage; for the Tianhe Ancestor to slay him is like crushing an ant!

That’s right! However, the Soul Forcing Sect deserved it! Minor skirmishes have been tolerable until now, but this time they went too far! Where’s the honor of the Tianhe Sect if we allowed such insolence to go unpunished!”

Someone worriedly remarked, “That’s true, but what if the Nascent Soul demon of the Tongyou Sect also does the same?”

The Tianhe Ancestor would probably wish for them to do so! With his strength, he barely bothers to kill a few Golden Pill Sects!”

A few?

Someone expressed shock.

That’s right! Five Demonic Dao Golden Pill Sects! The Tongyou Sect must be going mad about this!”

Has the Tianhe Sect gone crazy? This seems like they’re determined to fight to the bitter end.”

Overhearing everyone’s discussions, Xu Mu drank his ale, pondering these revelations to himself.

An Nascent Soul attacking a Golden Core is like overturning a gaming table in frustration.

However, as far as Xu Mu knew, the strength of the Tianhe Sect should be superior to the Tongyou Sect.

To go to such lengths just for the Clear River Sword Sect doesn’t seem likely. There must be a secret behind it all that I never knew!”

But why–

Why did it have to happen right now?”

Xu Mu gulped down his ale, trying to suppress his gloom.

Due to the outbreak of the war, the Flying Boat to the Tianhe Sect had been indefinitely delayed.

Moreover, all the Flying Boats in the Liyang Sect were commandeered, needed to assist in the war against the Tongyou Sect.

When the Liyang Sect suddenly summoned all their Foundation Establishment cultivators, it was because they had received an order from the Tianhe Sect to dispatch a large number of cultivators for the war.

However, this fortunate turn of events saved Xu from being conscripted.

He couldn’t really blame them for it.

I wonder how many will die this time. Luckily, I’m a loose cultivator who won’t be forced to the battlefield!”

Xu Mu put his drink down, left a Spirit Stone, and left the scene.

The chatter about the war continued behind him.

The Liyang Sect has posted a notice. They are recruiting a thousand loose cultivators for the front line. Who wants to join me?”

It’s said that they need cultivators at the late stage of Qi Cultivation, I would rather pass!”

I qualified for the Qi Cultivation. However—

Xu Mu shook his head secretly.

He had no lack of resources and wouldn’t go to the battlefield unless he had lost his mind.

Since I can’t go, I may as well concentrate on cultivation, aiming to break through the ninth layer of Qi cultivation earlier!”

Xu Mu wasn’t interested in the front line, but the average loose cultivators were desperately eager to go.

According to the information released by the Liyang Sect, they were going to the front line not to enter the actual battle, but to clean up the areas already captured.

It was essentially collecting money!

Moreover, the Tianhe Sect completely suppressed the Tongyou Sect, which was too occupied with its own situation and didn’t have surplus forces to deal with them.

Once the Flying Boats of the Liyang Sect heading to the battlefield departed, the whole Liyang City suddenly turned a lot quieter.

Xu Mu had been leading a peaceful life.

Cultivating! Cultivating! still Cultivating!

With no shortage of resources and talent, he managed to breakthrough to the ninth level of Qi Cultivation in less than four months!

He was now just a step away from the Foundation Establishment.

Just at this point, Leng Yuening had a smooth childbirth, giving birth to a set of fraternal twins to everyone’s surprise, which delighted Xu Mu for a long time.

The boy was born first and Xu Mu named him Xu Sheng. The girl born after was named Xu Xia.

Right at the peak of summer.

With the blazing sun, singing cicadas, dancing butterflies, and the shade of the green willows.

After the two children’s birth, Xu Mu received two new achievements:

[Joy of a Newborn: Increase 10 Luck Value per day]!

[A Pair of Children: Increase 20 Luck Value per day]!

Now Xu Mu’s total achievements resulted in a hundred Luck Value for him every day, that amounted to three thousand per month.

To express his gratitude for Leng Yuening’s sacrifice, Xu Mu spent a month with her, which opened his eyes.

With two additional children in their house, they were obviously short-handed. As a result, Xu Mu had to spend Spirit Stones to hire two maidservants aged thirteen or fourteen.

It wasn’t his preference for younger maidservants, but pushed by Lan Shijin’s strong demand.

Women indeed!

He also hired several wet nurses to feed the four children.

As for Ye Yingying and Leng Yuening, no matter how unwilling they were, they had to breastfeed in order not to waste the milk.

Time flew by and two months had passed.

The battle between the two major sects continued, with the Tianhe Sect holding a clear advantage. It seemed only a matter of time until the Tongyou Sect would be annihilated.

Xu Mu only hoped that the Tianhe Sect wouldn’t end up like the Clear River Sword Sect, throwing him into another sudden disaster that would force him to flee thousands of miles.

Within these two months, Leng Yuening first broke through to the fifth level of Qi cultivation, followed by Ye Yingying, who broke through to the fourth level.

Compared to Xu Mu, this speed was insignificant.

But compared to typical loose cultivators, their progress was incredibly rapid.

Even Chi Feiyan felt a tinge of envy when she found out.

As for Lan Shijin, she was also close to a breakthrough and had been in seclusion recently.

Days passed peacefully and fruitfully. If things could remain this way, Xu Mu would be quite content.

However, things in the world were rarely ever smooth sailing.

One day. fre𝚎w𝐞bn𝗼v𝗲𝐥.𝚌𝗼𝚖

Chi Feiyan challenged Xu Mu to a duel once again.

Afterwards, looking at the splashes of yellow water stains all over the spacious room, Xu Mu shook his head helplessly.

Despite so many occasions, Chi Feiyan still hadn’t changed.

Luckily, after receiving a few lessons from him, she started to clean up on her own initiative.


Rinse your mouth first before you talk to me!” Xu Mu spat, somewhat disgusted.


Chi Feiyan shot him a resentful glare. She blamed her current state on this jerk.

After a cold snort, Chi Feiyan obediently followed his instructions.

After finishing these trivial matters, they started to discuss the Foundation Establishment Pill.

I’ve collected most of the herbs, but the Dragon Heart Nine-Leaf Mushroom is strictly controlled by the Tianhe Sect, I just can’t get it. What’s your next plan?”

I plan to go out and look for it. You take care of the house when I’m gone!”

His Luck Value had accumulated to a considerable amount, so naturally, the sooner he could concoct the Foundation Establishment Pill, the better.

Although the situation of the Tianhe Sect was optimistic, unexpected things could always happen. Whether or not he could establish his foundation would be a completely different issue if any mishap occurred.

If he could achieve a breakthrough to the Foundation Establishment Stage, there would be no need for a flying boat. He could take his family away on his own.

With the strength of the Foundation Establishment Stage, he could thrive anywhere.

Since the environment of Liyang City is currently safe and there’s no need to worry about the family’s safety all the time, it’s the best opportunity to achieve the Foundation Establishment.

Moreover, he’s getting older. The sooner, the easier.

Of course, all of these are based on whether he can find the Dragon Heart Nine- Leaf Mushroom.

If he can’t find it, then naturally there’s no point in discussing it.

He was not sure if the map he got from Xiao Yi was a real treasure map or not.

Given the vastness of the forest, it would be too difficult to find a particular herb. Xu Mu decided to check the map first, and if that didn’t work, he would go to nearby sects to look for it.

Are you really in such a hurry?

Chi Feiyan was somewhat puzzled.

Even if he found the Dragon Heart Nine-Leaf Mushroom, it was impossible to successfully refine the pill the first time.

As she saw it, even if Xu Mu was an alchemy genius, he would still need dozens of failures and years of research to succeed.

Mind your own business. Just behave!

A crisp sound came from Xu Mu’s hand, and Chi Feiyan cried out in pain.

There’s no way to explain about the system, and he didn’t want to explain it to her.

You! Hmph!

Chi Feiyan was angry. She wanted to teach this jerk a lesson.

As a result, she had to clean the floor again.

Next time you do this, I won’t come again!” Xu Mu said with a frown.

I know I was wrong!”

Chi Feiyan kneeled in front of him with a lamenting look on her delicate face.

She didn’t want to, but–

it was all because of those damned secret skills.

To apologize, she could only let him have his way, so much so that she couldn’t even sit on the chair the next day.

After everything was arranged, Xu Mu left Liyang City, released his flying sword, and headed towards Cui Ling Market.

Speaking of which, this was his first time traveling by sword.

The flowing clouds passed by, and the whole world was visible.