Longevity, starting from being a chicken raising servant - C.84 - Turtle (Request for First Order!)_i

Longevity, starting from being a chicken raising servant

C.84 - Turtle (Request for First Order!)_i

Chapter 84: Chapter 84 Turtle (Request for First Order!)_i

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In a manor filled with the heavy scent of medicine.

All of the people from the Lu family were trembling on the ground, daring not to make a single move.

Starting from last night, when they had just heard strange noises coming from the boundary of the Sect, they discovered that their entire manor had been encircled by a group of cultivators.

What followed was a night that shocked all of the Lu family members.

The East Saint Sect, once lofty and divine, was gone!

A power called the Tianmen Cult took over this area.

Faced with such a drastic change, all the members of Lu family, who are ordinary mortals, were at a complete loss as to what to do.

Meanwhile, the cultivators around them constantly stared at them, but strangely didn’t lay a hand on them.

This cannot help but bring about fear and confusion among the Lu family members.

“If second uncle was still here… we might have been able to leave with the Sect Master…”

Some of the Lu family members murmured quietly.

This remark immediately garnered many agreements, but was shouted down by their seventh uncle, Lu Yuanfeng, who had been forcing himself to stay awake since last night, keeping the situation in check.

“All of you, shut up!”

Sitting in the main hall of the manor, Lu Yuanfeng, gaunt and skinny like a dried piece of wood, clamped onto his vine chair, maintaining a straight posture, and had not slept the entire night.

His eyes bulged out, full of bloodshot veins, staring fixedly at the main door.

It had been like this since last night.

Until daylight broke, the yang energy began to rise, and sunlight filtered through the window, illuminating the unsettled dust.


The manor door opened.

The figure of a black-robed cultivator entered Lu Yuanfeng1 s field of vision.

He immediately began to shiver, his eyes fixed on the figure.

The other members of the Lu family, however, had already been terrified and laid their heads on the ground.

The face of this black-robed cultivator couldn’t be seen clearly, he bowed his head slightly as if looking at these Lu family members lying on the ground.

He then focused his gaze on Lu Yuanfeng, seated in the middle of the main hall. Without any movement, he appeared standing in front of Lu Yuanfeng in an instant.

“Second Brother… Fourth Brother and Fifth Brother are dead.”

Lu Yuanfeng pressed his palm against the table next to him and forced himself to sit straight up. He looked at the figure before him and finally calmed down. “You… knew all along that I was not dead?” the black-robed Cultivator suddenly asked after a long silence, his voice trembling slightly.

“No, I didn’t.”

Lu Yuanfeng smiled, then suddenly burst into a fit of coughing that seemed to force his lungs out.

Finally, he managed to calm himself down and breathe out a long sigh of relief: “But… ahem… I know you well.”

“Among all of our brothers, you are the most tenacious and adaptable, and the most promising. You wouldn’t die so easily.”

The black-robed cultivator fell silent once again, then slowly asked:

“When Zhao Feng pleaded with the Sect to let you go, why didn’t you leave?” “Alt, Zhao Feng… He’s a good man, one of the few genuine people in the Sect.” “And there’s a young man named Wang Ba, although he was a servant… he actually gave us two spirit chickens when we were down and out. He raised chickens in Ding 87 Villa… You should not forget his kindness, Second Brother.”

Lu Yuanfeng muttered.

The black-robed cultivator didn’t speak, only nodded slightly.

Lu Yuanfeng sighed, then turned to him:

“If… cough… we had left, would the Sect have so easily believed that you were dead?”

“Isn’t that exactly your intention for not telling us?”

The black robed cultivator was about to refute, but stopped when he saw the eyes of the man in front of him.

Yet Lu Yuanfeng simply laughed:

“You don’t need to explain to me, second brother.”

“Without you, the Lu family would be nothing.”

“If the sacrifice of the entire Lu family can push you further, it would be more than worth it.”

“But promise me that you will ensure the continuity of our family line. Maybe someday, our Lu family too could become a generation-spanning clan of immortals!”

The black-robed cultivator fell silent for a moment and then shook his head slightly:

“That’s no longer possible.”

Under the puzzled gaze of Lu Yuanfeng, he slowly began to remove the black robe that enveloped his body.

Beneath the robe, there was no flesh, only chunks of bloody bones.

“How could the rapid cultivation method of Demon Dao not have a price…” The blurry face finally came into focus, revealing a skull without any flesh. Looking at this face, Lu Yuanfeng fell into a long silence…


The decrepit bamboo door closed gently behind him, leaving the room silent. Lu Yuansheng looked into the distance, feeling the vastness of the world. From now on, he has no more weaknesses.

Just half a day later,

South Lake Market had been rebuilt.

Compared to the South Lake Market before, it was now home to a Class I spiritual lineage that had been deliberately directed here by the cultivators of the Tianmen Cult.

They have also built several cultivation rooms for Qi refining cultivators based on this lineage.

Only with a high expenditure of spirit stones can one cultivate here.

Besides, there are various shops run by the cultivators of the Tianmen Sect, selling magic tools, talismans, elixirs, and even special products of the Tianmen Sect such as bone sources and human puppets.

Of course, these special products also require a large number of spirit stones to purchase the corresponding cultivation methods to make use of them.

Wang Ba strolled around with Yu Changchun for a while and found that the prices of all kinds of items in these Tianmen Sect-run shops were much higher than what he had seen in the Fengyang Market.

Some have even doubled their prices.

“They’re handing over stuff that they can simply take by force… Damn their conscience!” Wang Ba muttered under his breath.

He understood faintly why the Tianmen Sect implemented rules for heresy cultivators.

Compared with the profit from extracting bones from captives directly, these heresy cultivators provided the high-ranking members of the Tianmen Sect with a large amount of spirit stones, proving their worthiness. Therefore, as long as the higher-ups were not fools, they would certainly support this regulation.

Coming to a shop that sold spirit beasts, Wang Ba instantly noticed the spirit chickens for sale. Some of them were the ones he had raised himself with identifiable markings on them. They, however, were near the end of their lifespan.

Yu Changchun cast a covetous glance, but didn’t make a purchase.

He was smart enough not to waste money on the eight hundred precious chickens which would cost him a hefty amount of spirit stones. He could receive a sizable number of free spirit chickens each month in the future.

Upon seeing Yu Changchun in his Tianmen Cultivator’s outfit, the shopkeeper didn’t dare to neglect him and promptly served tea.

Yu Changchun wasted no time and asked:

“Brother, I need roughly six hundred precious chickens, one male to nine females. Can you help me with that?”

“Six hundred precious chickens?”

The shopkeeper immediately looked troubled:

“You should know that earlier on, to disrupt the East Saint Sect, the people of the Poison Dao had poisoned almost all of the precious chickens of the East Saint Sect.”

“And if they didn’t hesitate to poison the spirit chickens, none of them would have survived.”

“So, if you want me to find six hundred spirit chickens, that I can do. But these precious chickens… I can only try my best.”

Yu Changchun frowned at the words.

He had previously managed to sneakily secure about two hundred himself. He thought the remaining six hundred would be easy, but he didn’t expect this turn of events.

“Then do your best to collect them for me, I assure you won’t be left shortchanged!”

“Alright! Then brother, the deposit…” the shopkeeper hurriedly said.

“Fine, how many spirit stones?” Yu Changchun seemed very generous.

“Four hundred lower-grade spirit stones.”

“How… how much?”

Yu Changchun couldn’t help but widen his eyes, almost thinking he had misheard. His face immediately turned solemn: “Are you trying to scam me because you think I’m an easy target? Six hundred precious chicken worth four hundred spirit stones? These are precious chickens, not spirit chickens!”

“Four hundred is the deposit, not the full amount.”

The shopkeeper also seemed helpless:

“This brother, I’m giving you a discounted price. Although these precious chickens aren’t really that precious, they are extremely rare and difficult to breed. They can’t be found in the mortal world, only some are scattered in the East Saint Sect, the Jiuling Sect, and the markets of rogue cultivators. Now that there are almost none left here at the East Saint Sect, I might have to go to the Jiuling Sect to get the chickens.”

“Including round-trip costs, I’m afraid it would cost around a thousand spirit stones.”

“Brother, do you still need them?”

“This… this…”

Yu Changchun didn’t expect this situation and hesitated.

Knowing he had promised Wang Ba he would provide him with eight hundred spirit chickens, he couldn’t help but blush.

But after thinking about it, he felt that these spirit stones were much cheaper than buying spirit chickens directly.

With a heavy heart, he counted out one spirit stone at a time from his storage bag.

“Yes!” he finally resolved.

The shopkeeper immediately drew up a Heart Demon Oath with Yu Changchun and agreed on a delivery date.

Before leaving, Wang Ba suddenly pointed at the pool not far away and asked, “Shopkeeper, may I ask if this is for sale?”

A few yellow-colored turtles were lying on the rocks in the pool. They were not afraid of humans at all and were curiously looking at Wang Ba and his party with a ‘smiling face’.

Wang Ba immediately thought of a type of turtle recorded in “Everything about Poultry” by Master Jiaohu: Yellow Throat Stone Turtle.

This turtle is named for its pure yellow throat. The older it gets, the more yellow and round and smooth its body becomes, full of spiritual energy. Although it is a mortal turtle species, like the precious chicken, it contains spiritual energy. Even cultivators can benefit from eating it.

The shopkeeper glanced at Yu Changchun: “It’s not for sale, but since it’s someone brought by a brother, I can give it to you.”

Wang Ba immediately looked at Yu Changchun.

Although Yu Changchun was puzzled, he didn’t ask any further and just nodded.

After getting the permission, Wang Ba immediately swept clean the more than twenty yellow throat stone turtles in the pool.

The shopkeeper’s twitched at the corner of his eyes.

I just said I’d give you two, not all of them!

But since he had already spoken, he could only watch in torment as Wang Ba took away all the yellow throat stone turtles.

Having picked up more than twenty stone turtles for free, Wang Ba’s mood inexplicably improved a great deal.

But Yu Changchun was a little disappointed because he didn’t manage to buy enough precious chickens on the spot.

He handed a spirit beast bag to Wang Ba, instructed him, “Find a place near the South Lake market first, enclose it and keep these chickens there for now. I’ll handle the chicken feed.”

Having said that, he left. However, he didn’t get far before he hurriedly rushed back and reminded him,

“Oh, right… be sure to keep the spirit beast bag safe and don’t lose it.”

Wang Ba quickly nodded.

Only when he saw Yu Changchun finally walk far away did he let out a long sigh.

He then subconsciously pressed his hand against his own rib cage.