Immortality: Raising an Ant Queen to Cultivate by increasing stat points - C.93 - 88: One-Star Appraiser Certification!


Chapter 93: Chapter 88: One-Star Appraiser Certification!

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“Ant Queen, roll over!”

Qin Niu issued the command directly. It clumsily crawled and turned over, ending up spread-eagled on its back.

This time, Master Hu did not rush to observe the Ant Queen, but instead, he looked at Qin Niu with some surprise.

“Your insect communication skill seems to be of a very high level!”

“I am ashamed to say, it’s only smooth when I am communicating with it!” Qin Niu said modestly.

The proficiency of the insect language skill improved slowly, and he was currently only at the proficient level. There was still a distant way to go to advance to the level of reaching a minor achievement.

However, because he could level up as soon as he reached the required proficiency, his progression seemed slow but was actually advantageous compared to other Insect Masters.

In his case, there simply wasn’t such a thing as a bottleneck.

“Its abdomen has black, trailing dot shapes. It should have the chance to produce offspring with poison sacs and poison stingers. Termites with poison sacs and stingers are just too incredible. I’m still too young; my little bit of appraising experience is nothing before these two termites.”

Termites with a poison stinger are probably unique.

Usually, only fierce ants possess poison stingers, able to sting enemies like honeybees.

Yet, Qin Niu secretly admired Master Hu’s appraisal abilities.

He had learned a trick from Master Hu. In the future, to see if a termite could produce offspring with a poison stinger, all he needed to do was check for trailing dot shapes on its abdomen.

This technique could also be referenced when appraising other insects.

“Its waist is thick, and its six legs are strong and powerful, which means its offspring should also be strong and powerful. No wonder it can produce such an exceptional Black Tiger-armored ant.”

The fact that the Ant Queen could produce offspring with strong attributes was not discerned by Master Hu.

It could also be because the probability of producing offspring with the strength attribute was too low currently, which made the features less obvious. This indirectly indicated that Master Hu’s appraisal level was not as strong as imagined.

Master Hu is brilliant! Nothing escapes your expert eye.”

Qin Niu offered him a compliment.

“Ho ho, just average!”

Master Hu chuckled stroking his beard.

“May I ask you a question?”

Qin Niu naturally would not flatter someone for no reason.

“Go ahead!”

Master Hu looked at Qin Niu with a very kind expression.

How easy is it to apply to become an insect appraiser?”

“It’s difficult if you say it’s difficult, easy if you say it’s easy. There are seven stars for insect appraisers. To become a one-star insect appraiser, you only need to have preliminary appraisal abilities for a single species; that’s not hard. It gets harder the further you go. I’ve barely reached the three-star level, and I’m considered one of the top in Black Tiger City.”

Master Hu explained with a smile.


Qin Niu looked at him admiringly.

“What, does Brother Qin Niu also want to apply to become an insect appraiser?”

“I want to give it a try! Right now I’m short on funds, and when I catch insects I want to sell, I need someone to appraise them. If I were an insect appraiser myself, I could save on that expense.”

Qin Niu was very candid.

“Haha, I understand completely. Back in my day, I was just like you, a poor young man. Due to my small stature, no one would hire me for work, but later, after learning about insect appraisal, I couldn’t stop. Finally, after much effort, I have achieved a little of what I have today.”

Master Hu laughed heartily.

He seemed to like Qin Niu’s honesty even more.

“You can go right now to window number 3 in the outside hall to get an application form, and at the appointed time, we will conduct an assessment of your insect appraisal ability. If you pass the assessment, you will be given an insect appraiser certification according to your appraisal level.”

After hearing Master Hu’s advice, Qin Niu thanked him, collected the termites, and immediately went to the outside hall.

He hadn’t expected that there would be so many people applying to become insect appraisers, forming a long queue.

This skill certification did not require one to be an Insect Master.

Those who liked playing with insects had some appraisal experience, thinking that once they were certified, they would have an additional skill to make a living.

They could purchase insects themselves, appraise them, then resell them to make a profit.

A regular farmer toiled all day long to earn just ten wen money.

An insect appraiser could earn twenty wen just by appraising a slightly valuable insect. It was much easier than being a farmer.

Qin Niu honestly stood in line at the back.

Master Hu stood right behind the female staff member at window number 3.

He was only slightly shorter than the seated female staff member.

“Qin Niu, come this way.”

Master Hu called Qin Niu over with a wave of his hand.

“Give him an insect appraiser’s certification form.”

With Master Hu personally greeting him, the female staff member didn’t say a word; she just smiled and handed over a form to Qin Niu.

“Hey, how can you cut in line like that?”

“He knows someone, duh!”

“Fellow, I’d advise you not to make a scene, otherwise if you annoy the people inside, be careful your appraiser’s certification might not pass.”

The man, with an angry face, ultimately chose to back down.

He pinched his nose and accepted this unwritten rule.

Social connections are everywhere in society.

If Qin Niu had waited in line like everyone else, he probably would have had to wait at least half an hour.

The female staff member patiently taught him how to fill out the form.

Because Master Hu personally greeted him, Qin Niu received VIP treatment.

This kind of priority treatment was great.

However, it also provoked many people in line to glare at him with anger.

They were merely furious but dared not speak out.

Qm Niu naturally didn’t care what they thought; he filled out the form and handed it to the female staff member.

“Just go directly to the two-star appraiser certification room, you don’t need to wait in line, you can go straight in.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“You’re welcome!”

The female staff member was very enthusiastic towards him, all because of Master Hu’s influence.

The reason Master Hu took such good care of Qin Niu was naturally because Qin Niu had a very special grade three termite.

For Master Hu to improve his skills, he needed to appraise some special insects.

It’s like playing chess; playing every day with a poor player, one would always remain at a poor level.

Only by playing against those who are stronger can one improve rapidly.

Master Hu hadn’t been able to appraise Qin Niu’s grade three termite and was itching for another chance. He definitely wanted to build a good relationship, so he could ask to see Qin Niu’s grade three termite again.

“Why can a novice go to the two-star appraiser certification room?”

Someone questioned the female staff member.

It was met with her direct indifference.

She smiled warmly at Qin Niu, but her expression was cold toward the others.

This is reality.

Qm Niu now had an Insect Master’s status, and Chairman Li was already personally handling it for him.

This wasn’t any special treatment.

It’s expected that every Insect Master could enjoy this treatment.

After all, upon being promoted to an Insect Master, one’s status and prestige were immediately elevated.

Moreover, the Insect Master Association also needed more Insect Masters to grow and develop.

Now overshadowed by the Beast Tamer Association, the chairman of the Insect Master Association naturally had to try every means to attract each talent.

Qin Niu’s grade three termite was so unique with huge growth potential; in Chairman Li’s eyes, he was a core talent.

He would receive different treatment accordingly.

Qin Niu entered the two-star appraiser certification room and was stunned when he saw the examiner inside.

“Hu… Master Hu, you’re the examiner?”

He stammered.

“What else did you think? In the entire Black Tiger City, only I am a three-star Insect Master Appraiser, so I suppose I’m the only one qualified to be an examiner for the two-star Insect Master Appraisers,” Master Hu said, grinning and showing a hint of pride.

From the sound of it, in Black Tiger City’s Insect Master Association, the highest level of appraiser they could certify was two stars.

If one wanted to attain a higher star level, they likely had to go to other larger cities..