Immortality: My cultivation Has No Bottleneck - C.334 - 146: Spy in the Immortal City, Sect Competition, 100 years of Closed-door Cultivation to become a True Monarch? (9k merged C.for monthly pass request)

Immortality: My cultivation Has No Bottleneck

C.334 - 146: Spy in the Immortal City, Sect Competition, 100 years of Closed-door Cultivation to become a True Monarch? (9k merged C.for monthly pass request)

Chapter 334: Chapter 146: Spy in the Immortal City, Sect Competition, 100 years of Closed-door Cultivation to become a True Monarch? (9k merged chapter for monthly pass request)

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Green Cloud Peak.

Green Cloud Peak returned to its rare state of quietness once Shen Wuque went into closed-door cultivation. However, after he secluded himself, Liang Sheng seemed to have a tough time.

Because he was caught by Jin Quanxiu to do laborious work, he was dragged back to the Back Mountain Hunting Ground to hunt and beat up the Swordtooth Beast.

The Hunting Grounds on the Back Mountain were in fear due to Jin Quanxiu’s actions. All the demonic beasts there shivered, afraid that they would also end up being implicated in the confusion.

Luckily, Jin Quanxiu only targeted the Swordtooth Beast. After almost wiping out the Swordtooth Beasts, he left the Back Mountain Hunting Ground to return to Danyang Peak to conduct his experiments.

A month later.

Jin Quanxiu shook his head, unable to contain his disappointment. While the Swordtooth Beast was indeed a great supplement for cultivators, it was far from enough to help Shen Wuque achieve a perfect Foundation Establishment. What on earth was going on?

After all his experiments turned out fruitless, the results were not as he had envisioned it, leaving Jin Quanxiu almost wrecking his brain trying to figure out why.

Xiang Chen, who was assisting Jin Quanxiu in his experiments, couldn’t help but sigh, “What kind of luck did second junior brother have to come back to life? I’ve never heard of anyone failing and being given another chance though?”

Wait a minute!

Xiang Chen’s complaining words made Jin Quanxiu’s eyes shine. It seemed like he had caught a glimmer of inspiration, and he clapped his hands together.

He stared intensively at Liang Sheng, his eyes twinkling. Liang Sheng couldn’t help but feel a jolt of horror. He had carefully covered his tracks, not leaving any trace behind, so why was Master looking at him so attentively? 𝑓𝑟𝑒𝓮𝓌𝑒𝒷𝘯ℴ𝑣𝓮𝓁.𝒸ℴ𝘮

Had he overlooked something and given himself away on some small detail? But that was impossible!

Just then, Jin Quanxiu said quietly, “Chen’er, actually you are wrong. Your second junior brother was not the only one. Before this, Yu Longzi from the Hua Tian sect was also on the brink of failure, but he miraculously resurrected and made it through to the Nascent Soul realm.”


Xiang Chen was taken aback upon hearing this. What did it have to do with anything?

At this point, Jin Quanxiu was looking at Liang Sheng, his face filled with kindness and a smile at his lips, “I finally understand why Daoist Friend Yu Longzi accidentally let slip, saying that Cheng’er you are the lucky charm of the Hua Tian Sect.

Before this, it was Yu Longzi’s breakthrough, and today it’s Wuque’s perfect end to an imperfection. The common factor for their fortunate streak was them being around you. It seems like Cheng’er, you are indeed a person with immense blessings.”

Upon hearing this, Xiang Chen’s mouth dropped open in surprise, while Liang Sheng feigned bewilderment. However, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

He had feared that his master had discovered something. Now that he realized that he had misinterpreted, there was no problem. He just needed to continue dealing with every move as it came.

“Chen’er, the matter that I talked about today, you must never reveal it to anyone. To outsiders, just say that Wuque only managed to rebuild his foundation perfectly because I intervened.”


After that, Jin Quanxiu gave Liang Sheng another intense look, “Cheng’er, you also have to be careful. It’s better to stay on Green Cloud Peak and not go anywhere else. Wait until I give you definitive information before you can leave.”

“Yes, Master!”

After Xiang Chen and Liang Sheng had left, Jin Quanxiu’s face revealed a pleased expression.

What is the most important thing in cultivation?


“Heavens have blessed my Dan Ding Sect!”

Green Cloud Peak.

Ever since that conversation, Liang Sheng’s life had suddenly become very peaceful, returning back to his usual lifestyle.

However, it was unclear who had leaked the information, but now all the sects outside were full of rumors about him.

This wasn’t really unexpected, as Shen Wuque was after all Jin’s apprentice and his miraculous recovery from death had certainly caught attention.

Initially, it wasn’t too much of a fuss, but once someone dug up the incident involving the Hua Tian Sect in the past, the situation started to change.

Especially a long time ago, because of certain operations by the Upper Green Sect, most of the other sects had disciples of the Zhou Family’s bloodline.

Based on their bloodline abilities, it didn’t take long for the other sects to derive a similar guess from their mouths.

Jin Quanxiu’s third disciple, Yang Cheng, was born with a luck attribute, which might be able to turn a bad situation around. The proof was in Shen Wuque’s resurgence from nothing and Yu Longzi’s miraculous recovery on the path of cultivation.

Such a situation made everyone turn their attention to the Dan Ding Sect, or, to be precise, they had their eyes on Liang Sheng.

Everyone began to wonder, could “Yang Cheng” of the Dan Ding Sect be a lucky charm, able to bring good fortune to anyone close to him, turning a desperate situation around?

As the rumor spread further among the anxious sects, he was seen by everyone as something like a last resort.

Jin Quanxiu was suddenly bombarded with requests from all the other sects wanting to borrow his disciple “Yang Cheng”.

He was very confused at first, but after some investigation, his face turned black with rage. Who on earth was spreading these rumors!?

Moreover, this situation was the Dan Ding Sect’s own secret. Now, it had been revealed, which meant that there was a problem within the Dan Ding Sect!

Unfortunately, such a thing is inevitable when people are grouped together. There are always people who, out of jealousy or other motives, behave irrationally.

But this was the Dan Ding Sect, now under the leadership of Jin Quanxiu. He could not bear disharmony within the sect, but after his outburst of anger, he had sat down dejectedly without getting anywhere.

In the end, who could claim to be without selfish motives?

He couldn’t help but give a wry smile. If “Yang Cheng” weren’t his disciple, wouldn’t he be tempted to try his luck after hearing such news?

After all, this involved the pursuit of cultivation. Who could resist such temptation?

When Liang Sheng was summoned by Jin Quanxiu to the Sect Master Hall, his face didn’t look very good. At this moment, he obviously had heard the news, too..