Immortality: My cultivation Has No Bottleneck - C.328 - 144: The Sect’s Mascot, Mid-Stage Golden Core Breakthrough, A One-for-One Exchange Above the Nascent Soul! (8k combined C.seeking monthly votes )_5

Immortality: My cultivation Has No Bottleneck

C.328 - 144: The Sect’s Mascot, Mid-Stage Golden Core Breakthrough, A One-for-One Exchange Above the Nascent Soul! (8k combined C.seeking monthly votes )_5

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Chapter 328: Chapter 144: The Sect’s Mascot, Mid-Stage Golden Core Breakthrough, A One-for-One Exchange Above the Nascent Soul! (8k combined chapter seeking monthly votes )_5

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However, where this aura that Yu Longzi spoke of comes from, there are no answers, even Yu Longzi himself doesn’t know why, let alone the other Golden Core Daoists within the palace.

“Since it can’t be guessed, let it be. Regardless, today is a joyful day for my Hua Tian Sect.

Heaven has favored the Hua Tian Sect, allowing Junior Brother Yu Longzi to break through to the Nascent Soul realm, so from today onward, he will be the Sect Master of the Hua Tian Sect.

However, this matter needs notifying other sects as well, so that they may celebrate with us. A month later, we will also hold a Sect Master Ceremony like the Dan Ding Sect.

And the exemplary manner of the Dan Ding Sect, we cannot render ourselves downcast in comparison. Hence, we must co-host a lively event, boosting the confidence of fellow sects. I believe they will also soon have Nascent Soul Masters emerge.

Ha ha…”

At this moment, the original sect master of the Hua Tian Sect is in high spirits. With Yu Longzi’s breakthrough to the Nascent Soul realm, they harbor no more inhibitions, ensuring a worry-free inheritance for their sect.

“Right, also, keep an eye on ‘Yang Cheng’ by the disciples of the Internal Affairs Office and alert me promptly once he emerges from seclusion.

Advise him to stay put in the sect for the moment until the Sect Master Ceremony is over. He can then return with the friends from Dan Ding Sect. Anyway, the bloodline ability of disciples from our Zhou family is truly extraordinary. Yang Cheng since his arrival in our sect one hundred years ago, has trained numerous alchemists and even witnessed the emergence of the first Master of the Nascent Soul after the Beast Calamity in our sect.

This Yang Cheng indeed is…”

“A talisman of luck!”

His words naturally gained the consensus of others, After all, connecting Golden Core Daoist Jin Quanxiu and Yu Longzi, it seemed that “Yang Cheng” indeed tended to bring about luck.

“Right, once Yang Cheng emerges from seclusion, I’d like to gift him a grand present, what thinks my fellow Daoists?”

Upon hearing what the previous sect leader of the Hua Tian Sect planned to give as a grand gift, others gave it some thought and ultimately nodded in agreement, no one opposed it.

Even if this Yang Cheng did everything merely by coincidence, it didn’t matter. After all, it’s a momentous celebration for the sect, rewarding him for bringing good luck isn’t wrong, why debate about trifles?

While the Hua Tian Sect was enveloped in a jubilant atmosphere, at this moment Liang Sheng also heaved a sigh of relief. With someone else stealing the limelight, he reckoned no one would notice him.

However, with the emergence of a Nascent Soul Master in the Hua Tian Sect, the pressure on the upper echelons should completely dissipate. Conversely, the pressure on the remaining sects would be immense, he wondered how they were planning to deal with this situation now.

Of course, these major sect matters had nothing to do with Liang Sheng. At the moment, he was in no urgency to emerge from seclusion, feeling at ease.

At this moment, he continued to operate Primordial Mysterious Technique, still following old rules, transforming his formidable mana from Refining Essence into Qi, operating the Upper Pure Immortal Scripture and Pure Yang Pill Scripture methods.

Once the Zhou Tian operation was complete, he managed to advance the two techniques another step, he finally looked at his Attribute Panel.

Name: Liang Sheng

Age: 942

Talent: Innocent Foolishness (Top grade)

Techniques: Primordial Mystical Technique (3rd layer) Upper Pure Immortal Scripture (14th layer), Pure Yang Pill Scripture (14th layer), Twenty Life-Nurturing Techniques (22nd layer), Nail-Head Seven Arrows Technique (Curse)

Realm: Refining Essence into Qi (mid-stage Golden Core)

Lifespan: 32384

Exhilarating results from cultivation!

However, he was still in the Hua Tian Sect at this moment, so he dared not test how strong his strength was. Nevertheless, he extended his hand and lightly snapped his fingers at this moment.

A minor burst of force incited an audible crack, fortunate that he had set up a Defensive Array within his cave mansion, it didn’t cause much commotion.

His strength had increased greatly compared to before, it’s just a pity that he couldn’t reveal his full power now, hence he couldn’t make an accurate judgement either.

However, under the auspice of the Seeking Fortune and Avoiding Evil ability, he was able to judge roughly how powerful he was. Naturally, the enemy he imagined was Jade Dragon, who had just broken through to the Nascent Soul Realm.

And the result made Liang Sheng ecstatic. At this moment, he wasn’t just invincible in the Golden Core Realm, even above Nascent Soul, he could go toe-to-toe!

Of course, this refers to Nascent Soul Masters in the Early Nascent Soul Stage, as he feared he might still be somewhat underpowered against Middle Nascent Soul Masters.

However, this was a gap of a major realm, and being able to compete at this level was already something that modern cultivation methods couldn’t achieve. Indeed, ancient techniques were the best choice for his cultivation, if he could progress even further to the refining Qi stage, equivalent to the Late Gold Core Stage, could he possibly stand his ground against Middle Nascent Soul Masters?

Liang Sheng hadn’t figured out the result at this point, and shook his head quickly, forcibly calming his emotions, and giving himself a self-check.

Liang Sheng, Liang Sheng, you must not be arrogant or complacent. Being careful and cautious is the main reason you’ve survived in the Jianghu this long.

He still had a long way to go and mustn’t stumble before the goal. Liang Sheng quickly calmed down but didn’t immediately leave his seclusion.

He should delay a few more days to avoid letting people associate the special aura from Jade Dragon’s breakthrough with him.

Three days later.

Liang Sheng came out of seclusion and flaunted himself. After he left seclusion, he bellowed towards the sky. 𝒻𝑟𝑒𝓮𝔀ℯ𝓫𝓃𝑜𝓋𝑒𝘭.𝑐𝓸𝓶

The moment he came out of seclusion, disciples of the Hua Tian Sect’s Internal Affairs Office noticed him and immediately reported it to the upper echelons of the sect.

The former Sect Master of the Hua Tian Sect, who was now the Grand Elder, appeared before Liang Sheng immediately. As for Jade Dragon, who was solidifying his realm, he didn’t appear.

“Fellow Daoist Yang Cheng, congratulations on your significant cultivation progress. Your Golden Core is imminent. Today, I have a great gift for you.” As he spoke, a long jade box appeared in his hand. Liang Sheng saw this and was taken aback. He didn’t accept the jade box but said, “What is the meaning of this, Sect Master? I understand the principle of not accepting rewards without merit and dare not rashly accept your kindness.”

“Fellow Daoist Yang Cheng, you don’t need to think too much about it. This is a gift from our Sect to show our gratitude for your diligent guidance in training our alchemists over the past century.

So this is just a gift from our Sect to you, you needn’t have any qualms. Moreover, I am no longer the Sect Master and am temporarily acting as the Grand Elder.

A few days ago, Jade Dragon of our Sect successfully entered the Nascent Soul Path and has now been confirmed as the Sect Master.”

“Ah? I didn’t expect to miss such a happy event, congratulation to your respected sect on Jade Dragon’s breakthrough into the Nascent Soul Masters. If the elder is so polite, I should return the courtesy. Thank you for the high regard from your sect.

However, since I have already fulfilled the hundred-year agreement with the Sect, I might as well say goodbye today. After I return to my Sect, I will certainly tell the truth about my life in your respected Sect. The friendship between our two sects is witnessed by heaven and earth.”

“Go back? I’m afraid you might not be able to leave yet?”

“Ah? Why is your Sect treating me this way? If I don’t want this gift, would the elder allow me to return to my Sect?”

Liang Sheng’s face changed greatly at this time. He pushed the jade box he had accepted back. He looked nervous on the surface, but his heart was extremely calm.

At this moment, facing the Hua Tian Sect, he had no sense of crisis at all. A tit-for-tat against the Nascent Soul Masters, what should he be afraid of?

“Don’t worry, my friend, you’ve misunderstood me. Our Sect, naturally, has no ill will towards you. It’s just that the ceremony of our Sect Master is imminent, and we want you to stay a few more days.

After the delegation from your Sect arrives and the Sect Master’s ceremony is over, you can naturally leave with your Sect’s delegation. Please, don’t feel pressured.”


Upon hearing this, Liang Sheng’s face turned red with embarrassment!

However, in his heart, he was repeating a few words—

Acting, I am a professional!