I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night! - C.1124 - : Not Interested in You


Chapter 1124: Not Interested in You 𝐟reew𝗲b𝐧𝚘𝐯𝐞l.c𝚘m

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Instead of returning to his room, he went to the nursery.

Wen Lan was feeding Fu Xiaobao. When she turned around and saw Fu Sinian, she was a little surprised.

“Why haven’t you left yet?”

Fu Sinian was speechless.

He finally understood that there was no place for him in this family.

Fu Sinian walked forward and glanced at the baby, immediately surprised!

It had only been a short while since they had last seen each other. Why had he grown so big?

“He drinks milk powder?” Fu Sinian asked.

“It’s basically breastfeeding. Qian Qian works so hard and is busy with work, but she still insists on breastfeeding.”

“No wonder he became so fat.”

Wen Lan looked up at her son. Why did she feel that these words were so sour? “Have you investigated the matter of the jewelry banquet clearly? Before this matter is resolved, I don’t plan to let Qian Qian go out to work.”

“Okay, tell her. She’ll definitely listen.” Fu Sinian nodded.

Wen Lan had also fed the baby enough. She picked him up and burped him.

Fu Sinian saw that Fu Xiaobao was leaning against Grandma’s shoulder without moving. He picked up the wave drum at the side and shook it in front of Fu Xiaobao.

Fu Xiaobao did not even look up and even sighed.

Fu Sinian frowned. What did this kid mean? Even the wave drum couldn’t attract his attention?

He changed to a bell and shook it in front of Fu Xiaobao.

Fu Xiaobao was still not too interested.

Fu Sinian simply handed the bell to Fu Xiaobao.

Fu Xiaobao’s fair and tender hand grabbed the handle of the bell tightly. In the next second, he let go and the bell fell to the ground.

“What does this mean?” Fu Sinian bent down and picked up the bell.

“It means he’s not interested.”

“Aren’t children all interested in toys that can make a sound?” Fu Sinian shook the bell twice more.

“You’re mistaken. I mean, the baby isn’t interested in you.”

Fu Sinian was speechless.

Wen Lan patted him for a while. Seeing that Fu Sinian had no intention of leaving, she hugged Fu Xiaobao in her arms. “Do you want to carry him?”

“No need. I don’t know how to carry a child,” Fu Sinian proudly rejected.

“Hold him for a while. I’ll put the milk bottle in the washer.”

“j ”

Wen Lan handed Fu Xiaobao over directly, and Fu Sinian also raised his hands very honestly.

“One high and one low. Don’t use too much strength.”

Fu Sinian took the baby from her. He couldn’t describe this feeling. It was as if he was carrying a moving meatball in his arms!

As soon as Xiaobao was in his arms, his expression darkened and he waved his small hands and feet.

“Don’t move recklessly. I’ll throw you out if you do,” Fu Sinian threatened in a low voice.

He was already at a loss. If Fu Xiaobao really cried in his arms, there was nothing he could do!

In order to coax Fu Xiaobao, he swayed on his own and walked around to tease him.

When Wen Lan saw this scene, her eyes were filled with smiles. She picked up her phone and secretly took a few photos.

Although she often took some photos of Fu Xiaobao for Fu Sinian, she had yet to have the chance to take a few photos of the father and son.

Suddenly, Fu Sinian stopped in his tracks.

He felt a warm current instantly soaking his abdomen.

Then, he saw Fu Xiaobao staring at him solemnly, as if he was secretly exerting strength.

“Pfft! Pfft, puff, puff—”

Fu Sinian was speechless.

When Wen Lan heard this voice, she immediately walked over. “Oh my, the baby peed.. I forgot to put diapers on him!