I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night! - C.1122 - : Qian Qian Would Still Worry About Him

I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

C.1122 - : Qian Qian Would Still Worry About Him

Chapter 1122: Qian Qian Would Still Worry About Him

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“Grandfather, it’s my fault for being unfilial. I’ve been worrying since I was young.”

“Did you take the wrong medicine tonight? Why are you so clingy!” The Old Master really couldn’t take it anymore and reached out to push Fu Sinian. “You’ve been busy all night. Hurry, wash up and sleep.”

“Okay, it’s still early. You should sleep a little longer too.”

“I’ll sleep as soon as you leave. Don’t disturb me here. Go.”

Fu Sinian got up, turned off the lights, and walked out slowly.

It was five-thirty in the morning. He didn’t feel sleepy at all.

Looking in the direction of the second floor, he hesitated.

In the end, he couldn’t help but step onto the stairs.

That night, Shi Qian had nightmares.

She kept dreaming of the chandelier falling!

She had woken up a few times.

When she finally fell asleep, she started dreaming again.

This time, not only was there the image of the chandelier falling, but there was also the explosion when her mother had an accident. Fire soared above the dark sea!

“Mom!” Shi Qian murmured.

Fu Sinian happened to push open the door when he heard this sad voice.

The bedroom light was on.

It wasn’t one of those night lights. It was a small table lamp that illuminated the headboard.

Shi Qian did not sleep with an eye mask on too.

It was obvious that what had happened today had also frightened her.

“Mom, don’t leave me…” Shi Qian was still murmuring, her body trembling.

Fu Sinian’s heart ached.

She was actually having such a painful dream! He often had such dreams. He would dream about the day of the accident, like a lingering nightmare.

He was about to wake Shi Qian up so that her dream would stop.

Shi Qian suddenly fell silent.

By now, the image in the dream had become a different scene.

In Shi Qian’s dream, she saw Fu Sinian suddenly appear in Sea City and leave in the night.

At that time, she watched Fu Sinian get into the car and leave through the window.

The image changed. She was in an unfamiliar place again when she suddenly saw a figure ahead.

Fu Sinian stood a dozen steps away with his back to her. He was wearing a camouflage suit and a Bluetooth earpiece.

She immediately ran in Fu Sinian’s direction.

Fu Sinian turned around and discovered her. He looked at her with a dark expression.

Shi Qian stopped in fear.

Fu Sinian suddenly pushed her. Her body was like a light feather. With his push, she quickly retreated, getting further and further away from him.

She saw a raging fire suddenly burning beside Fu Sinian. The ferocious tongue of fire instantly swept him into it.

“No! Fu Sinian!… No…”

When Fu Sinian heard his name, he looked at Shi Qian with a complicated expression.

Her voice was filled with deep worry!

Was this for real?

“Fu Sinian! Sinian… Sinian…”

In her dream, Shi Qian stopped retreating and ran desperately towards the fire.

The fire was no longer burning. She thought she could see a living hell. All she saw were people, but they were all dead people, piled up in a pile.

Strangely, she wasn’t afraid at all.

“Fu Sinian!” she shouted again.

“Sinian, Mother has already left me. Can you not abandon me…”

When Fu Sinian heard Shi Qian’s sleep talk, he choked. It was as if a thorn was stuck in his throat, and tears fell from his eyes.

He immediately looked up, wanting to control his emotions, but tears instantly blurred his eyes..