I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night! - C.1114 - : So Much Information


Chapter 1114: So Much Information

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Shi Qian’s words were thrown out like a time bomb again.

Everyone looked at Su Youwei differently.

A mistress interfering in someone else’s marriage and giving birth to a child that was not her husband’s. This was a lot of information!

Shi Qian did not want to give Su Youwei any face, nor did she want to give Su Youwei any chance to gain the upper hand in the argument.

Su Youwei gritted her teeth in hatred. Shi Qian was even more stubborn now!

“President Shi,” a voice suddenly said.

Tang Wenhai walked out with his walking stick. Everyone automatically made way.

Su Youwei quickly held Tang Wenhai’s arm. “Wenhai, I don’t want to have a conflict with Shi Qian. I just wanted to say hello because we had a past relationship and we met on such an occasion.”

Tang Wenhai patted the back of Su Youwei’s hand and comforted her silently.

Su Youwei immediately felt more confident.

“President Shi, let people off when possible. You’re so aggressive and don’t leave any leeway for others. With this style of doing things, who would dare to work with you in the future?”

Indeed, the older the wiser!

Tang Wenhai could tell that Shi Qian’s goal tonight was to officially enter the upper-class circle in Beijing so that she could have a chance to work with these people.

These words undoubtedly planted a bomb in Shi Qian’s heart, and there was no way to estimate its power.

After all, overinterpreting words was worse than injuring people with weapons.

Shi Qian’s personality of not giving others a way out and insisting on pressing them to death was indeed a big taboo in the business world.

Of course, this was excluding people at Fu Sinian’s level.

Shi Qian had yet to reach this level and had no foundation in the capital. She had just been in the limelight at a small jewelry banquet, but she dared to be so arrogant. Others would more or less avoid her.

Su Youwei was secretly smug. Tang Wenhai was indeed a sly old fox. He subdued Shi Qian as soon as he spoke.

Would Shi Qian still dare to be arrogant now?

Su Youwei poured another glass of wine and raised it at Shi Qian.

“Shi Qian, let’s let bygones be bygones. It’s easier to resolve enmity than to keep it alive. Besides, your father has passed away. There’s no conflict of interest between us anymore. I sincerely hope that we can coexist peacefully in the future.” Su Youwei continued to act as a weakling.

The weaker she was, the more domineering and aggressive Shi Qian seemed.

Gu Xi’s heart ached!

Why were there so many demons at a jewelry banquet!

If Shi Qian did not handle it well, all the effort she spent today would be in vain!

Shi Qian raised her glass and curled her lips. She suddenly splashed the wine on Su Youwei’s face!

“Shi Qian, you!” Su Youwei exclaimed.

Even Tang Wenhai, who was standing beside Su Youwei, did not have a chance to dodge. He was also splashed by the wine!

Everyone was shocked!

Was Shi Qian crazy?

No matter how much she looked down on Su Youwei, she could not be disrespectful to Tang Wenhai! Although Tang Wenhai no longer cared about the Tang family’s company and businesses, he still had some prestige in the capital.

If Tang Wenhai went against her, Shi Qian would have a hard time in the capital!

Young people were too impulsive.

It was obvious that they could not work with Shi Qian.

Tang Wenhai’s hand that was holding the walking stick was trembling. “President Shi, are your parents usually too busy to discipline you? Besides, I heard that your parents have passed away. Then I’ll educate you on behalf of your parents today!”

“There’s no need for you to worry, President Tang!” A loud voice sounded.

Everyone looked in that direction. When they saw who it was, their mouths fell open in surprise..

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