I Swear I Don't Have A Python In My Pool - C.875 - : I’ll Sell It to You for 5,000 Talent Stones!

I Swear I Don't Have A Python In My Pool

C.875 - : I’ll Sell It to You for 5,000 Talent Stones!

Chapter 875: I’ll Sell It to You for 5,000 Talent Stones!

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After saying that, Chu Yunfei ignored the dog-headed orc.

On the contrary, he looked at Wang Mang expressionlessly and said coldly,

“Young man, don’t be too greedy.”

“Be careful not to get yourself killed!”

Hearing this, the dog-headed orc immediately sneered.

“Why? Are you afraid that I’ll raise the price? Are you threatening the Shang family now?”

Hearing this, Wang Mang’s expression did not look too good.

If it weren’t for the fact that this guy’s combat strength was at the undefeatable fifth layer.

Wang Mang would definitely curse out loud.

Of course, since this guy wanted it so much.

I’ll just sell it to him!

Thinking of this, Wang Mang immediately smiled brightly and said, “Regardless of whether this fellow Daoist increases the price or not, I’ll sell it to you for 3,500 Talent Stones.”

After hearing Wang Mang’s words, Chu Yunfei secretly glanced at Wang Mang in satisfaction, thinking that his threat had worked.

Then, he said expressionlessly, “3,200 Talent Stones. I won’t find trouble with you.”

After hearing this, without waiting for Wang Mang to speak, the dog-headed orc grinned at Chu Yunfei.

“Who do you think you are? Boss, give me 3,500 yuan.”

Clearly, Wang Mang was afraid of Chu Yunfei, but he wasn’t afraid of Chu Yunfei.

Moreover, the conflict between him and Chu Yunfei had been going on for a long time. It could be said that there was a deep hatred between them.

Therefore, as long as he could make Chu Yunfei unhappy.

He did not care even if he had to spend a little more Talent Stones.

Hearing this, Wang Mang immediately fell into a dilemma. He looked at Chu Yunfei and said calmly,

“If Fellow Daoist wants it, I’ll sell it to you for 3,500 Talent Stones based on first come, first served.”

“Fellow Daoist, you don’t have to threaten me unless you can keep guarding me.”

Hearing Wang Mang’s words, Hua Yunfei’s expression turned ugly. He threw out a storage ring and coldly said, “You can count it.”

Hearing this, Wang Mang did not care at all. After checking, there were indeed 3,500 Talent Stones inside. Then, he nodded and said,

“Alright! Fellow Daoist, you can take the White Demon Sword away.”

Hearing this, Chu Yunfei waved his hand and took the White Demon Sword away.

Then, he left without looking back, completely ignoring Wang Mang and the dog-headed orc.

After Chu Yunfei left, the half-beast kobold looked at Wang Mang and revealed a cruel smile.

“Kid, you’d rather sell it to him than to me?”

“You’re afraid of offending him, but aren’t you afraid of offending me?”

Hearing this, Wang Mang was speechless. “Fellow Daoist, why are you making things difficult for me?”

“I have no enmity with you.”

“Furthermore, Fellow Daoist is not suitable to use a sword!”

“I think this Flame Divine Staff is more suitable for Fellow Daoist.”

Upon hearing this, the dog-headed orc looked over. On Wang Mang’s stall, on the thick red fire divine staff, he immediately said in surprise,

“This is a divine weapon exclusive to the Flame Laws?”

Hearing this, Wang Mang immediately smiled and nodded.

“Although this is a Divine Weapon exclusive to the Law of Fire, it doesn’t affect those who specialize in other Laws.”

“Regardless of whether you have the Flame Maxim or not, I suggest you buy it. If you encounter one, it’s not impossible to sell it at a high price for a genius who specializes in the Flame Maxim.”

After hearing Wang Mang’s words, the dog-headed man smiled and ignored him. He turned around and left.

After seeing this scene, Wang Mang did not stop him and continued to wait for the fated person.

Fortunately, Wang Mang did not have to wait for long. Another two hours passed.

A red-robed genius appeared in front of Wang Mang.

When they saw this red-robed prodigy,

Wang Mang was stunned.

That was because this person was not anyone else!

It was the red-robed prodigy who had tried to hunt him and Qu Shuai!

They were both in the undefeatable realm of the fifth layer.

At this moment, the red-robed genius finally shifted his gaze from the Flame God Staff to Wang Mang.

However, when he saw Wang Mang, the red-robed genius was even more shocked and furious. “It’s you!”

It was obvious that the red-robed genius had recognized him!

Hearing this, Wang Mang also looked at this red-robed prodigy in surprise.

Did this guy not have a pseudo sixth-grade divine weapon?

At this point, Wang Mang remained suspicious.

But what Wang Mang didn’t know was…

Last time, after he used the Class 6 Bad Luck Card on this red-robed prodigy,

The red-robed prodigy could be said to have suffered heavy losses.

He had just shattered the barrier and was about to kill Qu Shuai.

In the end, five Heaven’s Favorites of the same level came.

If it weren’t for the fact that he was fast enough to break the barrier,

He even used a pseudo sixth-grade divine weapon to blow up the barrier he had set up.

He was probably long dead!

It could be said that

He hunted Wang Mang and Qu Shuai.

It almost cost him his life.

Two pseudo sixth-grade divine weapons had been destroyed.

Hence, Xiang Tianxing hated Wang Mang and Qu Shuai to the core.

For a moment, the two of them could be said to be extremely enraged when they met.

Xiang Tianxing looked at Wang Mang with a face full of killing intent. The resentment in his eyes was not concealed at all.

Upon seeing this, Wang Mang’s face was filled with disdain.

“What? Do you want to kill me here?”

After hearing Wang Mang’s arrogant words, Xiang Tianxing looked at Wang Mang with a dark expression and said coldly,

“Very good! Don’t give me a chance to kill you!”

Hearing this, Wang Mang immediately smiled disdainfully at Xiang Tianxing.

This immediately angered the other party to the point of flying into a rage.

“Just you wait, little bastard! I’ll kill you sooner or later!”

Hearing this, Wang Mang cursed without showing any signs of weakness.

“Get lost! Don’t affect my business.”

Xiang Tianxing was so angry that he was speechless.

However, after glancing at the Flame Divine Staff, he held back his anger and asked,

“If you sell this Flame Divine Staff to me at a cheap price…”

“How about we call it quits?”

“I can guarantee that I won’t find trouble with you again.”

Hearing this, Wang Mang immediately laughed in extreme anger.

“Are you a stupid dog? Do you think I’m afraid of you?”

“The next time you chase after me, I’ll just run away.”

After hearing Wang Mang’s words, Xiang Tianxing was even more furious and speechless.

It was only then that he remembered that Wang Mang had a title.

This was because not long ago, he had learned about the method to leave the myriad worlds and fight.

If he didn’t want to lose the qualifications to fight in the myriad worlds, he had to have the Sovereign Token.

This also meant that there was no need to mention threatening Wang Mang.

His threat was nothing in Wang Mang’s eyes!

That’s right, after obtaining the title, Wang Mang’s degree of freedom was too high.

Similarly, in the conquest of the myriad worlds, the chances of survival had greatly increased.

Thinking of this, Xiang Wentian, who had an ugly expression on his face, said coldly, “Aren’t you a businessman? Name your price!”

Upon hearing this, Wang Mang’s heart skipped a beat.

He immediately guessed something.

This guy was very likely to be the legendary person who majored in the Fire Laws.

Otherwise, this guy wouldn’t have wasted so much time talking to him.

With this thought in mind, *

Wang Mang immediately sneered in his heart. Then, he demanded an exorbitant price.

“Alright! If you really want it, I’ll sell it to you for 5,000 Talent Stones!”

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