I'm Very Happy After Marrying the CEO Husband According to the Agreement - C.82: Shall we Go to the Movies


Gu Huaian tilted his head, "What, don't I look like it?"

Shen Tang shook her head, "You really don't look like it. I thought you were someone who would never touch the opposite sex inappropriately."

【After all, he is supposed to be an overbearing president. He should not work diligently at all times and be unable to distinguish between the five grains. Instead, he should occasionally have red eyes, pinch waists, howl, and do other cool things.】

Gu Huaian sighed. He really didn't know where Shen Tang got all these strange ideas from.

"The Gu family rules dictate that girls should be raised in luxury while boys should be raised in poverty. Since high school, I have been studying abroad, and my family has given me the same amount of money as an average student, which is barely enough to get by. To be honest, I even had a part-time job at a Chinese restaurant back then, and that's where I learnt how to cook."

"Ha?" Shen Tang was very shocked. She had thought that an rich second generation like Gu Huaian must have lived an extravagant life since he was young.

"Don't get your hopes up, I'm not necessarily a good cook."

Shen Tang quickly shook her head, "No no, it must be more delicious than my cooking."

Since lunch would be in two hours, Gu Huaian was just letting Shen Tang fill her stomach. He didn't plan on making anything too complicated.

Using chicken broth as the base, he cooked a bowl of fresh shrimp and vegetable noodles. Considering that Shen Tang had to maintain her figure, there were only a few strands of noodles, and the rest of the bowl was filled with greens and shrimp.

Garnished with green onions and cilantro, Shen Tang was practically drooling when the piping hot bowl was placed in front of her.

"It smells so good..."

【I didn't expect Gu Huaian to be such a good cook. Is there anything he can't do? How are ordinary people supposed to live? 】

【Oh right, I heard that the technology for males to give birth is almost fully researched in foreign countries?】

Gu Huaian couldn't bear to listen any further, and pushed the bowl and chopsticks towards her. "Eat up."

After taking a mouthful of noodles, Shen Tang was instantly amazed.

"It's sho good!"

To be honest, it was more delicious than her own cooking.

As expected, an exceptional person excels in every aspect.

Having finished all the food and soup, her empty stomach from the morning was finally satisfied. Shen Tang let out a comfortable sigh.

"That hit the spot."

"What are your plans next?"

Shen Tang blinked. "Waiting for lunch?"

Gu Huaian chuckled softly. "Other than eating."

Shen Tang thought for a while. "Nothing much. I'll be starting filming in a couple days, so I plan to focus on acting. Oh right, there's also that parenting variety show I have to go discuss the contract for."

Gu Huaian nodded. "What about this afternoon? Any plans?"

"Nothing in the afternoon."

"How about going to watch a movie then?" Gu Huaian coughed lightly into his fist. "My friend gave them to me. It'd be a waste not to use them."

"What movie is it?" Shen Tang didn't think too deeply about it.

She was more inclined to believe that Gu Huaian was reluctant to waste the tickets rather than him deliberately asking her out to the movies. He probably had deeper motives, like wanting to check out how the movie turned out.

Gu Huaian, who could hear her inner thoughts: "..."

Why couldn't he simply want to watch a movie with her?

"You'll know when we get there this afternoon. Oh right, what kind of movies do you usually like to watch?"

"I'm pretty easygoing. I like watching all genres except for arthouse films."

It wasn't that she didn't like arthouse films. She just couldn't understand them. She didn't have the insight or deeper thoughts to comprehend what the directors were trying to convey. She preferred exciting blockbusters that sent adrenaline levels surging.

Gu Huaian tensed his palms slightly after hearing her inner thoughts.

"Ahem. I need to go to the restroom for a bit."

Once inside the restroom, Gu Huaian quickly texted his assistant Qian to rebook two movie tickets.

Luckily he had asked. Showing her the wrong movie would have the opposite effect.

A while later, Gu Huaian walked out with the corners of his lips slightly upturned.

Shen Tang was puzzled. "That happy just from using the restroom?"


Shen Tang: "Hmmmmm..."

She didn't expect Gu Huaian to be so happy just from using the toilet. But to each their own, she should respect and understand his preferences.

Gu Huaian: "..."

He wasn't, he didn't have any weird preferences.

But in this situation, it seemed he couldn't voluntarily explain himself just yet...

He fabricated: "I just received some good news earlier and got happy over it."

Shen Tang realized she had misunderstood. Thankfully she didn't voice her assumptions out loud.

"I see... you didn't need to explain yourself to me..."

Gu Huaian didn't say anything more.

After lunch at the old residence, Gu Qingan called Shen Tang over.

Shen Tang grew nervous.

While she was used to interacting with Anran, she rarely talked to this elder sister.

From her brief interaction last time, she seemed like a nice person.

But Shen Tang still couldn't figure out why she was looking for her.

Countless thoughts flashed through her mind just walking those few steps over.

Only after confirming no one else could overhear them did Gu Qingan speak. "Sorry, did I scare you?"

"Ah no, not at all~!" While Shen Tang was very nervous, she wasn't scared.

"I asked you here because I have a favor to request your help with."

"What is it?" Shen Tang couldn't think of anything she could do to help her. After all, it seemed she didn't have much ability to offer.

"It's like this. You know just how hard Huaian works. If this keeps up, his body won't be able to take it. I want you to advise him not to work so hard."

"I probably can't do that..."

"You can! Huaian will listen to you."

Shen Tang didn't understand why Gu Qingan sounded so certain. She scratched her head. "I'll try my best then."

"Oh right, this is for you."

What Gu Qingan handed to her was an invitation card to an auction house.

There was a QR code printed on it that showed the items up for auction after scanning.

Shen Tang asked in bewilderment, "Why are you giving this to me?"

She didn't have money! Her savings were for her retirement fund, she couldn't touch that!

Also, with what little savings she had, she probably couldn't afford anything there since even the cheapest items were in the seven digits.

"I think you can just go take a look. The invitation allows you to bring a friend along too. You can invite someone to go have fun with you."

"Thank you, sister." Since it came from the kindness of her heart, there was no harm in going to take a look.

Shen Tang felt she was too uncultured. It would be good to broaden her horizons. She just wasn't sure who to invite along.

Wait. Come to think of it, all her good friends came from wealthy families...

Shen Tang's face fell as she realized that out of everyone, she was the only poor one.

Seeing Shen Tang's ever-changing expression, Gu Qingan found her very amusing. Young people were so lively and vibrant!

Unable to resist, she pinched Shen Tang's cheeks. "Alright, I'm leaving Huaian in your hands. I've got other things to do."

Just don't let me down after all the effort I've put into this!

Shen Tang nodded with flushed cheeks. "Okay, bye sister~"

When hanging out with friends, she was always the one doing the face-pinching rather than the other way around. Getting her face pinched for once felt pretty nice actually!