I'm Very Happy After Marrying the CEO Husband According to the Agreement - C.81: Can You Cook


Shen Tang was laughing so hard that her jaw dislocated. As the saying goes, excessive joy begets sorrow.

Shen Tang: "..."

Luckily, the family doctor lived downstairs and Gu Huaian quickly invited him over.

This was not difficult to treat. With a click, her jaw was back in place. However, the look in the doctor's eyes towards the two was rather meaningful.

Shen Tang really did not want to understand the implication. She blamed her extensive knowledge.

Gu Huaian was also somewhat uncomfortable. "Don't get the wrong idea, it's not what you think..."

The doctor nodded understandingly. "I see. Don't worry, I won't say anything."

Shen Tang and Gu Huaian: "..."

It had to be said, this was really easy to misunderstand, especially since it was the middle of the night.

After seeing the doctor out, the two seemed even more embarrassed.

Shen Tang lay back down, intending to sleep.

Despite being very awake, she was not tired at all.

Gu Huaian often stayed up late working. At that moment, he still had some unfinished work.

"You sleep, I'll finish up some work."

Shen Tang peeked out from under the covers, secretly looking at Gu Huaian. It's often said that a man diligently working is most charming. This scene was quite pleasing to the eyes.

Why didn't he have any dark circles? He was simply inhuman!

Ahhhhh, he put on his glasses. A gentleman villain, a beast in sheep's clothing!

Gu Huaian's actions paused as he looked towards Shen Tang. "If you're not sleepy, come help me."

Shen Tang pulled the covers over her head. "Who said I'm not sleepy."

Gu Huaian sighed. "Then sleep quickly and stop thinking random thoughts."

He couldn't concentrate on his work.

Shen Tang mumbled softly. How did he know what she was thinking?

The next day, Shen Tang was woken up by knocking on her door.

Still groggy from sleep, she realized it was already past 10 am.

She bolted up in panic. Oh no! It was so late after staying over at someone else's home. What would they think of her!

After hurriedly washing up and going downstairs, she unexpectedly saw a whole family sitting on the sofa.

Including Old Master Gu, Old Madam Gu, Gu Huaian, Gu Qingan, Gu Anran, and Gu Wuyang.

They were all core members of the Gu family.

Shen Tang's steps faltered. She squeezed out an embarrassed yet polite smile. "Morning."

Old Master Gu harrumphed. "It's almost lunch time. What morning!"

Old Madam Gu glared at him. "If you've got nothing nice to say, keep your mouth shut!"

Then she beckoned to Shen Tang affectionately, "Come down quick. You must be hungry. Have a little something first. Lunch will be ready soon."

"Thanks, Mom. I'm not very hungry." Shen Tang sat down awkwardly and looked at Gu Huaian in surprise. She really wanted to ask why he wasn't at work.

It was as if Gu Huaian could read her mind and explained, "I took the day off today."

Gu Huaian thought to himself: I'm not a tapeworm, I can hear your thoughts.

This ability was truly bizarre. He didn't know how it came about or when it would disappear.

Although it was somewhat impolite, it also eliminated his misunderstanding about Shen Tang. At least he knew she was not her past self.

If there were no thoughts, sooner or later he would have realized she had changed. But it might have wasted more time.

"Sis, you woke up so late!" Gu Anran wrinkled her nose. She had been waiting all morning.

Noticing the subtle expressions on Old Madam Gu and Gu Qingan's faces, Shen Tang smiled awkwardly.

"Sorry, I overslept."

"Have you decided if you'll participate in Cute Baby Charge?"

"Huh?" Shen Tang was confused.

Gu Anran looked at Gu Huaian angrily. "Uncle, you lied!"

Gu Huaian rubbed his nose. Could he say he forgot?

"Sorry, Uncle forgot. Ask your aunt yourself now."

Gu Anran went over and started shaking Shen Tang's clothes. "Sis, sis, sis, sis..."

The only thing on Shen Tang's mind were the words "sis sis".

"Stop shouting, you need to ask your mom if she agrees..."

Shen Tang passed the question back to Gu Qingan.

After all, it was her child.

She thought Gu Qingan would refuse. Unexpectedly, she nodded indifferently, "Sure, go play."

Shen Tang was stunned.

Gu Qingan explained with a smile, "What you're worried about, they've told me. I don't think it'll be an issue. Since they've made the decision, they have to bear the consequences. Even if it does reach that point, consider it a trial. Of course, the Gu family doesn't eat grass."

Gu Qingan was indeed a powerful woman, she had great breadth of mind.

"If none of you have any objections, then I'll agree."

"Agree, agree, agree..." The little recorder started up again.

Shen Tang was getting a headache from the noise.

Although Gu Wuyang didn't say anything, the delight in her eyes couldn't be concealed. She was obviously very happy too.

Shen Tang remembered watching children's shows when she was little in her past life. She seemed to have envied those kids too. She understood instantly.

She looked at Gu Wuyang affectionately. She would help fulfill this child's wish then.

"Alright, alright, go on."

Gu Anran jumped excitedly. "Woohoo!"

She would perform well on the show and let everyone understand her real sister!

Everyone would surely like her!

After that, it quieted down again. Other than the two little ones, none of the adults spoke.

Shen Tang didn't know how the others felt, but she certainly felt awkward.

Very, extremely awkward in fact.

She sat between Old Madam Gu and Gu Huaian, nervously clenching and releasing her fists repeatedly.

【I'm gonna die, gonna die, gonna die】

【Should I say something?】

【Is this aristocratic family life? As expected, it's dangerous like deep waters and scorching fires.】

【No wait, do the Gu family usually talk so little? Isn't this too quiet...】

Gu Huaian glanced at her. "Hungry?"


"I'll take you to eat."

"Um, I'm not very hungry..."

She was a little hungry since she drank a lot last night and had digested it all by now.

But lunch was currently being prepared in the kitchen. It didn't seem right for her to eat.

"Let's go."

Gu Huaian stood up. Seeing Shen Tang unmoving, he reached out to pull her along directly.

Shen Tang had an embarrassed expression but Old Madam Gu smiled kindly. "Go on."

Gu Anran ran over. "I wanna go too!"

Gu Qingan grabbed her. "You're not going."

"I'm hungry!"

"You're not."

Gu Anran wanted to say more but Gu Wuyang pulled her aside and whispered to her for a bit. Then she understood and nodded.

"Sis, you go. I'm not hungry anymore."

Shen Tang: "..."

She strangely felt like they were discussing her.

Gu Huaian brought her to the kitchen. Shen Tang discovered the kitchen in the old mansion was truly enormous, practically the size of an average person's entire home.

Of course, not that many people were cooking inside, only a few.

They didn't react at all to their entry and remained completely focused on preparing the ingredients.

The ingredients here were all extremely fresh and top-grade. They had to be carefully handled to not affect the taste.

Thinking of the casual meals she used to make, Shen Tang instantly felt her cooking didn't deserve to be called food.

"What do you want to eat?"

Gu Huaian's action of rolling up his sleeves made Shen Tang gape.

She asked in astonishment, "You can cook?"