I Can Accumulate Proficiency, Starting from Alchemy - C.326 - 198: Chaotic Divine Poison

I Can Accumulate Proficiency, Starting from Alchemy

C.326 - 198: Chaotic Divine Poison

Chapter 326: Chapter 198: Chaotic Divine Poison

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“Yuan Beast, Que Chen!” f𝗿𝚎eweb𝗻o𝐯𝐞l.𝚌om

The writing on the paper was messy, and Han Yi could already imagine how panicked Zhuo Qun must have been when he wrote this note.

“Yuan Beast should refer to the Yuan Beast Sect. The direction of this note is quite clear. Que Chen is not unfamiliar either.”

Han Yi frowned, the name was not unfamiliar. Over the past year, he had heard of many Golden Core cultivators in Daqian, including the Yuan Beast Sect, who once allied with the Xuandan Sect.

The Yuan Beast Sect is located to the northeast of Shu Du, closer to Jinyun Immortal City than the Xuandan Sect, but still at a limited distance. This sect once had a close relationship with the Xuandan Sect and even held joint competitions.


After the Heavenly Soul Sect killed Su Changkong and launched an attack on the Xuandan Sect, the Yuan Beast Sect retreated from its alliance with the Xuandan Sect.

When Yuan Shun broke through to True Monarch realm in the face of danger, the Xuandan Sect was promoted to the Nascent Soul Great Sect. The Yuan Beast Sect, fearing retaliation from the Xuandan Sect, was even more cautious in defending against the Xuandan Sect. In reality, the Xuandan Sect was still dealing with the death robbers, so there was no time to deal with the relationship with the Yuan Beast Sect, maintaining a delicate relationship.

As far as Han Yi knew, the Yuan Beast Sect had no True Monarchs, but it did have eleven Gold Core cultivators, one of whom was named Que Chen.

“Only Zhuo Qun has the qualifications to know and open this hidden compartment. This note could only have been left by him. Judging from the messy and hasty handwriting, it’s very likely that it was left by him before he disappeared.”

“What could have happened when he disappeared that would cause a Foundation Establishment Cultivator to write so messily?”

“So, Yuan Beast Sect’s Que Chen should be the most obvious clue.”

“In that case, my next step is to investigate the inner disciples stationed here and see if there are any more clues, then wait for Master Zhuge to arrive. After he arrives, we can search for Que Chen of the Yuan Beast Sect together.”

Han Yi would not rashly take action on his own. It’s not only about not startling the snake, but even if he really encountered the culprit, he might not be able to handle it. If he encountered an Early-stage Golden Core, he could still run if he couldn’t win, but if he encountered a Middle Golden Core Stage, he would have to fight for his life. If he encountered a Late-stage Golden Core, he wouldn’t even be able to run away.

He was very strong, but his current realm was only at the Foundation Building late stage. Moreover, it had only been a year and a half since he broke through to the Foundation Building late stage. Having the confidence to not be defeated when encountering a Golden Core Early Stage was already a shocking feat to many people.

Han Yi flipped through the other documents and found that they were all critical account books, with no other abnormalities. Fie put the documents back into the hidden compartment, placed the note back on top of the files without taking it away, and went up to the fourth floor to carefully inspect it, finding no other gains.

His figure flickered, and he arrived at the back of the Profound Immortal Pavilion. The Demonic Dagger lightly cut through, and he swiftly retreated. The Spirit Light repaired itself without leaving any trace.

In less than three breaths, Han Yi landed in the stationed area behind the Profound Immortal Pavilion. Fie transformed into a shadowy figure in the night and searched the place, finally encountering a familiar inner disciple.

He woke the inner disciple, and as the disciple instinctively prepared to launch an attack upon being woken up, the pressure from the Foundation Building late stage rendered him immobile.

“Tian Chengxu, it’s me, Flan Yi.”

Han Yi’s figure changed, as he dispelled the Disguise Technique and returned to his original appearance. Tian Chengxu was shocked and calmed down, but his face was still cautious, and his heart was somewhat skeptical.

Tian Chengxu was, after all, an inner disciple of Azure Dragon Peak and had advanced to the Qi Condensation seventh stage around the same time as Han Yi.

However, Flan Yi had broken through to the Foundation Building late stage in just a few decades, while Tian Chengxu suffered severe injuries in an attack by a robbing cultivator during a mission. Although he recovered later, he remained stuck at the Qi Condensation eighth stage. This time, he accompanied Zhuo Qun with the hope of striving for more resources and possibly advancing to the Qi Condensation ninth stage.

To gain Tian Chengxu’s trust, Han Yi briefly described several scenes when they met at Azure Dragon Peak.

“Of course, if you think that I’m stealing your memory to gain your trust, you don’t have to. If I were to steal your memory, there would be no need to pretend to wake you up.”

With these words, Flan Yi gained 90% of Tian Chengxu’s trust. The remaining 10% was reserved out of caution.

“Tell me, what happened?” Han Yi released the pressure and asked in a solemn tone.

Tian Chengxu stood up and respectfully said, “Greetings, Elder Flan.”

“The situation is like this. Ten days ago, Elder Zhuo disappeared suddenly in the middle of the night. We didn’t find out about his disappearance until the next day. Brother Wei gathered us together and told us that the sect had been informed and we were to guard the Profound Immortal Pavilion until someone from the sect arrived.”

“For the next three days, Brother Wei’s face was very unpleasant. I thought it was because Elder Zhuo had disappeared and Brother Wei was worried about his master’s safety. However, on the third day after Elder Zhuo disappeared, Brother Wei went berserk, like an evil beast. Fie tore cultivators apart with his own hands and even rushed out of the pavilion, only to be killed on the spot.”

“That’s all we know.”

Tian Chengxu didn’t know much, but one detail made Han Yi frown.

“An unpleasant face, going berserk, like an evil beast?”

Tian Chengxu recalled the scene of Wei Tushen’s madness, and even he felt a little palpitation.

“Yes, I had a mission in the Evil Mountain Range for the sect, hunting evil beasts. Now that 1 think about it, before Brother Wei went mad, his eyes seemed a bit off, very much like an evil beast on the verge of losing control..”