Hyperdimensional Universe: I have Three Thousand Ultimate Talents - C.314 - 171: Green Kru, Tracing back to the Origin, Blue Star’s Downfall 3

Hyperdimensional Universe: I have Three Thousand Ultimate Talents

C.314 - 171: Green Kru, Tracing back to the Origin, Blue Star’s Downfall 3

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Chapter 314: Chapter 171: Green Kru, Tracing back to the Origin, Blue Star’s Downfall 3

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She was born on Blue Star, lived in human society, absorbed human knowledge, but could only hide and had a somewhat distorted personality.

She secretly manipulated many men.

“Not right…”

About to leave, Jiang Ming frowned.

If there was a soul prohibition, there should be corresponding memories, but the other party didn’t have any. Both Luze and Luhai were under soul prohibition set by the eighth-tier Soul Clan, and they had corresponding memories. However, this situation was clearly abnormal.

“Her memory has been erased!” f𝐫e𝚎we𝚋n𝐨𝘃el.𝗰𝗼𝐦

Jiang Ming was greatly shocked.

Upon close inspection, he indeed discovered traces.

“But how can it be restored?”

Jiang Ming frowned deeply.

He hadn’t learned any corresponding methods yet. His thoughts were turned to the many cultivation skills he had absorbed within a month in the valley at Saint Academy.

Various Soul Path Skills emerged in his Sea of Heart.

“Memory recall!”

“Soul reversal!”

“Spiritual Repairing Skill!”

“Root Tracing Technique!”

“Soul Wave Skill.”

Jiang Ming closed his eyes. Many similar Soul Path Skills emerged in his mind, sorting out the content, and understanding the essentials.

This is accumulation.

Although not fully digested, when needed, the knowledge can be found in the memory.

This also represented his foundation.

And the advantages of having a background.

With his Soul Path cultivation, Talent of Soul Dominator, and a hundred-fold mind, it was not difficult to comprehend.

Analyzing, understanding, integrating, merging, deducing, and eventually, unifying.

“This technique is called Tracing Back to the Origin!”

Jiang Ming deduced a method to retrieve the erased soul memory, tracing back to the past, returning to the origin, which could also repair the soul.

“When I have time, I need to deduce a secret skill to track souls, or comprehend the way of Cause and Effect. Otherwise, it will be too troublesome to find people.”

Suppressing his thoughts, Jiang Ming activated the Tracing back to the Origin technique, restoring the erased memory of the other party.

It was a night when three people came looking for her.

A handsome young man, accompanied by two middle-aged men, went straight to Cailin after hearing she was an enchanting beauty — the best among females.

The young man wanted to taste her.

In the room.

The young man played all night long, using seventy-two skills and one hundred and eight positions, making the tough Cailin limp like mud.

“So comfortable, I haven’t felt this good in a long time!” The young man wearing big shorts patted Cailin’s face, “One person equaling countless women, what a pity that you can’t change size. I heard that some of the Green Kru Clan members have arrived; they excel in the art of transformation. After I finish my business, I want to meet them, haha, maybe even acquire a few servants!”

“Duofu, come in!” The young man shouted, and a middle-aged man walked in. He then pointed to Cailin and said, “Erase her memory, set up a soul prohibition, and let’s hurry to East Mountain to get things done.”

“Young Master, be cautious!” The middle-aged man said seriously, “It is better to lull her!”

Cailin shuddered and struggled to kneel: “Young Master, my relationships in the human world are very, very good. If I don’t show up for a day, it will arouse suspicion; if I don’t show up for two days, someone will definitely report it to the police. Don’t worry, Young Master, I didn’t see anything or hear anything. Whenever Young Master is tired, I will provide you with the most comfortable service.”

“Very, very good interpersonal relationships? Heh, it’s because I have many fellow practitioners. She can’t be killed, just as you’ve said, it would be more troublesome. Moreover, this young master doesn’t care, and you’ll soon forget everything.” The young man touched her a few more times before standing up. “Mimicry Clan, what a taste. In the future, you should have more children, cultivate them well, haha, and we should also raise some members of the Green Kru Clan!”

With that, he came to the window, looking at the bustling outside.

“Young Master, you shouldn’t be so willful. Although you can erase memories and set up soul restrictions, traces are left behind.” Duofu reluctantly said, “It’s better to just kill her, destroy her body and erase the evidence. After all, she is just a social butterfly, nobody will care!”

“Didn’t you just say that you can’t kill her? It’s for her many daughters. Hurry up and take action, so we can leave. Hmph, this time, I will restore my ancestor’s glory and make Blue Star fall completely.”

The scene abruptly ended.