Fated love: the unwanted bride - C.207 - : Mr. Cheney, Are You Allowing Me to Go up?

Fated love: the unwanted bride

C.207 - : Mr. Cheney, Are You Allowing Me to Go up?

Chapter 207: Chapter 207: Mr. Cheney, Are You Allowing Me to Go up?

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Nevertheless, she still craned her neck to look at the Cheney Residence.

The Cheney Residence still looked as familiar as it did, brightly lit, with servants bustling about.

The street lamps at the Cheney Residence were lovely, carved into the shape of cherry blossoms, dreamy and ethereal.

When she was young, she particularly liked to sit under the lamps and gaze up, doing nothing but watch the light.

Coming back now, everything is still as beautiful.

“Miss Yale, do you have anything else to convey to Mr. Cheney?” Tomer asked.

Another gentle hint to depart.

Jasmine Yale averted her gaze and shook her head subtly. “No more.”

Turning around, she left the Cheney Residence.

Walking step by step, carrying a sense of abandonment.

The evening wind fluttered her long hair, stray strands sticking to her face.

It was cold.

She wrapped her arms around herself.

The lonely night sky, the dim moonlight, the lengthy path.

Seemingly endless.

“Do you remember / The fiery summer of memory / already evaporated in the wind I All noise has been silenced…”

“I fear to confront myself / My will is always consumed by loneliness / Because you always remind / The past will never pass / There’s a type of real love that is not mine.”

Jasmine Yale hummed the song while hopping down the road.

She used to enjoy doing this, much like a child.

Anyhow, nobody could see her at night.

With every hop, her black hair fell like a waterfall, captivating.

On her white knitted blouse was a beautiful brooch. In the moonlight, it sparkled like a diamond, brilliant and striking.

She used to love walking down this road.

Of course, she liked it even more when she was with Sylvan Cheney.

However, most of the time, he didn’t pay much attention to her.

Only when she was desperate and pleaded him to accompany her, even crying, would he reluctantly console her and walk a few steps with her.

Back then, even those few steps seemed wonderful.

Girls are easily satisfied.

Jasmine Yale laughed, realizing she used to be a foolish little girl.

How did she have the courage to act cute in front of him? Even to make him do things he was unwilling to?

Totally like a newborn calf who isn’t afraid of a tiger.

For sure, his dislike for her must have developed long ago.

She really did force him to do many things he didn’t want to, the biggest mistake probably forcing him to sleep with her.

He loathed, she regretted.

Moonlight fell on her face, rendering her petite and delicate face even more alluring.

However, it was also filled with loneliness and disappointment.


A black Rolls-Royce passed by her.

Noble, understated, restrained.

“Reverse!” Just after passing by, Sylvan Cheney called out.

The driver stomped on the brake promptly.

The car slowly rolled back, and Sylvan Cheney rolled down the window.

“Jasmine Yale.”

His deep and chilly voice startled Jasmine Yale quite a bit, and she immediately leaped back startled.

When she looked up, she came face to face with his austere profile.

Was he just back from a social engagement?

“Mr. Cheney.” She replied, her voice cool and distant.

“Get in.” He turned his gaze to her.

“Mr. Cheney, I’ve delivered the item you wanted. I hope you’ll enjoy using it.”

Sylvan Cheney’s thin lips parted slightly, carrying a coldness in them. “Don’t make me repeat myself.”

“Mr. Cheney, isn’t this coercing someone? Hehehe, I won’t get in the car. If not, want me to drive it for you, Mr. Cheney?”

Under the night sky, his face was charm personified.

So icy, so elegantly graceful.

Anyone who saw it couldn’t hold back their admiration.

But if someone knew the venomous cruelty beneath that handsome exterior, no one would dare approach.

She was the one fooled by his outer appearance, deceived for twelve long years..

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