Fated love: the unwanted bride - C.204 - : Snatch the Knife From His Hand

Fated love: the unwanted bride

C.204 - : Snatch the Knife From His Hand

Chapter 204: Chapter 204: Snatch the Knife From His Hand

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“Okay, okay, I’ll go now.” Jasmine Yale’s face turned pale with fright.

The man snatched Jasmine’s wallet back. On counting it, he found only a smattering of small change!

She was poorer than he thought.

“B-brother… Can you please., put the knife down?” Jasmine stammered with fear in her voice.

Fear was etched in her eyes until it became the only thing visible. She was truly terrified.

She had never experienced a robbery in her entire life.

Her legs felt weakened.

“Don’t try to haggle with me! How much money do you have in your card?”

“A few thousand…”

“Damn! A few thousand? Fine, withdraw it!”

The man didn’t even think about lowering the knife.

The coldness of the blade against her neck made Jasmine shiver. The fear had completely awoken her from her tipsiness.

She was terrified, gripped by fear.

Knives don’t have eyes and with a slight movement, she could lose her life!

She didn’t want to die, she couldn’t die…

“I… I’ll go get the money, all the money is yours…” Jasmine moved towards the stairs.

The man hid his knife and cast a frigid glance at Jasmine that sent a chill through her.

Jasmine shivered all over.

As she trembled, she supported herself down the stairs.

Damn it, she regretted living in such a secluded place.

The security was terrible!

“Don’t try any tricks or you’ll see what happens!”

“I know, I know, brother. I won’t” Jasmine stuttered with fear.

Step by step, she and the man proceeded down the stairs, him following her closely from behind.

The man’s ferocious gaze fell on Jasmine’s face and the knife hidden in his sleeve pointed towards Jasmine’s waist.

Jasmine was extremely afraid, her heart was pounding severely.

All of a sudden, a tall figure ran out from the side and pushed the man behind Jasmine!

“Ah!” Jasmine screamed in fright.

When she looked closely, she realized – it was no one else but Hans Colin!

Hans pushed the robber to the ground, trying to snatch the knife from his hand!

“Hans, be careful!” Jasmine shouted.

The two men tangled together. The robber, in fury, threw a punch at Hans!

Blood instantly gushed from Hans’ nose.

Covering her mouth, Jasmine ran towards them, attempting to help Hans.

Such a robber, cruel to the bone!

“Jasmine, stay away!”


“Stay away!”

Hans tried to seize the fruit knife from the robber’s hand.

The robber, fearless, gripped the knife tightly. With blade pointed downwards, it was aimed straight at Hans’s heart.

Jasmine’s heart was pounding. She turned around and picked up a brick.

Hans and the robber were equally strong, sweat beads covered Hans’ forehead. Hans gripped the thief’s hand firmly, his eyes filled with a fierce red glow.

Jasmine rushed over and hit the robber on the head with the brick!

“Ah…” The robber cried out in pain.

Seizing the opportunity, Hans snatched the knife from the robber, then threw a punch.

After taking a few punches, the robber covered his face and quickly fled.

Jasmine’s hands were trembling.

The brick hit the ground with a clatter; she leaned against the wall as her legs gave out.

“Jasmine, are you all right?” Hans discarded the fruit knife and went to support her.

Jasmine’s face was as white as paper, she was panting and could only shake her head.

“The robber is gone, it’s okay; It’s okay. I’ll help get you upstairs.”

Hans knew where Jasmine lived; he supported her as they walked upstairs step by step.

“Jasmine, this place is too dangerous. It’s an old residential area with poor security.” He sighed as he advised her, “Move somewhere else..”

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