Farmer’s Wife Has Magic Skills - C.644 - : Putting Righteousness Before Family

Farmer’s Wife Has Magic Skills

C.644 - : Putting Righteousness Before Family

Chapter 644: Putting Righteousness Before Family

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At the Ning Residence.

Grandfather Ning was practicing the Five Animal Frolics in the courtyard, a set of exercises he had recently learned that greatly improved his health.

Ning Yuting entered, pouring a cup of tea for his grandfather, “Grandfather.”

Grandfather Ning, upon seeing Ning Yuting, was delighted, “Wait a moment, I’ll join you after I finish my exercises.”

“There’s no rush, Grandfather, take your time.”

Grandfather Ning, smiling, responded, “Alright.”

After completing his exercises, Grandfather Ning came over to sit across from Ning Yuting, showing concern, “I notice you seem troubled. Have you encountered any displeasing matters recently?”

Ning Yuting shook his head, denying any troubles, “No, Grandfather, I’m just a bit tired.”

Thinking Ning Yuting was simply fatigued from his recent marriage and perhaps had been unrestrained in a certain aspect, Grandfather Ning chuckled, “Then you should rest more. You don’t need to visit me so often.”

Ning Yuting, belatedly realizing the misunderstanding, responded helplessly, “Grandfather, you’ve misunderstood.”

Grandfather Ning changed the subject with a smile, “How have you been getting along with Qingyue?”

Ning Yuting honestly replied, “Qingyue has a good nature, making our time together very comfortable.”

Grandfather Ning took a sip of his tea, advising, “Such a good girl, you must treat her well.”

“I will, Grandfather.”

After a short chat, Grandfather Ning began to urge Ning Yuting to leave, “Do you have any other matters to attend to? I’d like to rest for a bit.”

“Grandfather, I want to ask you something.” Ning Yuting’s hand, resting on his lap, tightened around his clothes as he slowly broached the subject,

“Grandfather, if my fall from the cliff wasn’t an accident but someone’s doing…”

Grandfather Ning was visibly shaken, “Is this speculation, or are you certain? Have you learned something?”

Ning Yuting quickly reassured, “Grandfather, please calm down. It’s just a guess, without basis. That’s why I came to discuss it with you.”

Grandfather Ning anxiously asked, “If your guess is true, who do you think would do such a thing?”

Ning Yuting shook his head, “I don’t know, Grandfather.”

But Grandfather Ning had already considered many possibilities. Knowing Ning Yuting’s character, he wouldn’t make baseless claims. Ning Yuting must know something and came to gauge his reaction.

If it were an outsider, Ning Yuting would have dealt with it himself. Coming to him meant it was likely related to their family.

After a moment of silence, Grandfather Ning spoke with a mix of apology and anger, “Yuting, if the evidence is conclusive, Grandfather will not hesitate to prioritize justice over family ties.”

Ning Yuting looked at his grandfather, feeling somewhat guilty, “Grandfather…”

Grandfather Ning raised his hand to stop him, his gaze deep and serious, “Grandfather can bear it. Don’t hold back, do what you must.”

Ning Yuting stood up, bowing to his grandfather, “Thankyou, Grandfather.”

“Go on with your tasks. I’ll rest for a while,” Grandfather Ning said, closing his eyes, deeply saddened by the realization that his family was not exempt from such schemes.

“Yes,” Ning Yuting left.

In the courtyard outside the kitchen.

Chu Qingzhi surveyed the three men standing before her, each with distinct features – one tall, one short, and one plump, “Do you know about cottonseed?”

The three of them nodded and said, “Yes.”

The tall one spoke, “Miss, we study medicinal cuisine. We might not claim to be experts in medicine, but we all know that cottonseed isn’t suitable for women to consume. We wouldn’t use it.

The others nodded in agreement.

“Are you sure you didn’t use it?”

The three replied in unison, “We are sure.”

Chu Qingzhi thought to herself that these three weren’t the ones who tampered with the medicinal food. The culprit must be that mysterious maid, “Do you remember the strange maid from yesterday?”

The short one scratched his head, “She was pretty and a new face, so I remember her clearly. She was about as tall as me, slim, wore a scarf, and had a delicate appearance. Her voice was pleasant to hear…”

A scarf in this weather? Chu Qingzhi’s brow furrowed slightly, indicating the issue indeed revolved around this maid, “After delivering the medicine, did you see her again?”

The plump man replied, “I did. She was heading towards the back door, but I don’t know what for.”

Chu Qingzhi nodded, “Thank you. That’s all from me; you can go back to your duties.”

The group dispersed.

After a moment of thought, Chu Qingzhi said, “Chunli, could you show us around the estate?”

“Of course, Miss.”

As Chu Qingyue and Chu Qingzhi walked side by side to the backyard, Qingyue remarked, “This is also my first time visiting these places.”

Chu Qingning asked, “Sister, haven’t you explored the mansion since you got married?”

Chu Qingyue smiled and shook her head, “I haven’t had the chance.”

Suddenly, an anxious voice of a maid echoed, “Catch her, quick! Don’t let her get away!”

Following her shouts, hurried footsteps approached.

Chu Qingzhi and the others halted, turning towards the source of the noise.

Chunli frowned and moved forward, just about to pass through an archway when a woman in grey clothes rushed out, pushing her aside and running towards Chu Qingzhi’s group.

The servants rushed over, two blocking their path and two chasing the woman.

Despite their efforts, the nimble woman dodged the pursuers and continued running towards Chu Qingzhi, shouting, “Miss Fifth, Miss Fifth…”

Chu Qingzhi realized the woman was calling her.

Soon, the woman knelt before Chu Qingzhi, pleading, “Miss Fifth, I need to speak with you. I have something to say.”

Chu Qingzhi responded, “Go ahead.”

Seeing someone approach from the corner, the woman hastily added, “I need to speak with you alone.”

Usually, such individuals harbored significant secrets. Chu Qingzhi nodded, “Let’s go.”

“Wait.” Fang Yuying approached, scolding the maid and servants, “A madwoman, and you still haven’t dragged her back?”

Chu Qingzhi turned to Fang Yuying, recognizing her attire and the maids following her, along with the direction from which she came. This must be Second Madam Ning, Fang Yuying.

The woman in grey looked fearfully at Fang Yuying, then hid behind Chu Qingzhi, “No, I won’t go back. Miss, save me.”

Fang Yuying scrutinized Chu Qingzhi with disdain, “So the poor woman marries into the family, and now her poor sisters come to sponge off us. Don’t you have any shame?”

Chu Qingzhi smiled slightly, “When my sister married into the Ning family, she brought a dowry worth over two million taels. As far as I know, when you married into the Ning family, it was only about three hundred thousand taels. How do you have the nerve to call my sister poor?”

Fang Yuying’s face blanched, “Your family can produce a dowry worth over two million taels?”

“If you don’t believe it, you can check the dowry list. The truth is clear.”

“I didn’t come here to discuss dowries with you,” Fang Yuying quickly changed the subject, “I came to visit Father. Make way.”

Then, turning to the woman in grey, she ordered the maids, “Take her away.”