Farmer’s Wife Has Magic Skills - C.643 - : Rowing Competition

Farmer’s Wife Has Magic Skills

C.643 - : Rowing Competition

Chapter 643: Rowing Competition

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Chu Qingshuang and Yang Zhenzhen were boating on the South Lake, enjoying the gentle breeze and chatting happily, with their laughter ringing out like silver bells, adding a delightful sound to the lake’s ambiance.

There were many other boats around, filled with people out enjoying themselves, creating a lively atmosphere.

Yang Zhenzhen fed a piece of candied fruit to Chu Qingshuang, saying somewhat reluctantly, “After you go back this time, when will you come to the capital again?”

“I don’t know, but if I do come to the capital, I’ll definitely look you up.” Chu Qingshuang placed a porcelain rabbit bracelet on Yang Zhenzhen’s wrist, “This is for you. Whenever you miss me, you can look at it.”

Yang Zhenzhen was dazzled by the bracelet, “Deal!”


Li Shaoliang rowed his boat over, cheerfully calling out, “Qingshuang.” After attending Chu Qingyue’s wedding banquet, the Li family had returned home, leaving him behind. He said he would accompany Chu Qingshuang back. Li Zhenzong, unable to dissuade him, reluctantly let him stay.

“Senior Brother, be careful, or you might fall into the water.” Chu Qingshuang watched as Li Shaoliang unsteadily rowed his way towards them, worried he might capsize.

Li Shaoliang confidently said, “Don’t worry, I’ve participated in rowing competitions before. Rowing a boat like this is no challenge for me.” Chu Qingshuang was skeptical, “Then why are you rowing in such a risky manner?”

That’s on purpose, to show off my superior rowing skills.”

“I don’t believe you.”

While they were talking, two boats approached. One boat carried Cai Jun’an and his friend, while the other was occupied by Zhang Zishan, Zhang Zijun, and their friends.

Cai Jun’an’s words drifted over with the wind, “One should know their limits and not overreach.”

Zhang Zijun added, “Indeed, there’s no shame in not knowing how to row. It’s better to admit it openly than to face a more embarrassing situation later.” These words were a little ear-piercing. The three of them looked over.

Li Shaoliang sized up the occupants of the two boats, noting their affluent appearance, “Who are you guys?”

Cai Jun’an stood and bowed to Chu Qingshuang and Yang Zhenzhen, “I am Cai Jun’an, pleased to meet the ladies.”

Zhang Zishan and Zhang Zijun also bowed, “I am Zhang Zishan (Zhang Zijun), pleased to meet the ladies.”

This reminded Chu Qingshuang of the Cai and Zhang families’ simultaneous marriage proposals, a detail Li Qingyu hadn’t shared with her, but intuition told her these were the men in question, making her somewhat reluctant to face them.

Chu Qingshuang returned the greeting with a detached air, “Pleased to meet you, young masters.”

Li Shaoliang, feeling a natural sense of rivalry, suggested, “Qingshuang, it’s getting late. Shall we head back?”

“Yes, I was thinking of returning as well.”

“Hold on,” Cai Jun’an interjected, stopping Li Shaoliang, “May I ask who you are?”

Li Shaoliang stood his ground, “I am Qingshuang’s senior brother. If you have something to say, you can tell me. Being a young lady and all, it’s not convenient for her to talk to you.” freew𝚎bn𝐨𝘃𝐞𝗹.𝗰𝚘𝗺

Zhang Zishan commented with a smile, “You’re just her senior brother, not her real brother. I’m afraid there are some decisions you can’t make.”

Li Shaohang’s mood shifted from playful to serious, “What do you mean by that?”????????????????????????? y

Zhang Zijun’s gaze swept over Li Shaoliang before settling on Chu Qingshuang, “We’d like to invite Miss Chu to join us for a boat ride. That’s not something you can decide, right?”

Li Shaoliang turned to Chu Qingshuang, “Do you want to go?”

Chu Qingshuang shook her head in refusal, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to go boating anymore.”

Li Shaoliang stepped in to protect her, “Did you hear that? Qingshuang doesn’t want to go boating. You all come from respectable backgrounds; surely, you wouldn’t force a young lady, right?”

Cai Jun’an shot Li Shaoliang a dark look but smiled again when his gaze fell on Chu Qingshuang, “Miss Qingshuang, it’s just a boat ride. We mean no harm. There’s no need to push us away so firmly.”

Chu Qingshuang still refused, “Sorry, I want to go home.”

Zhang Zijun, smiling amiably, said, “Miss Qingshuang, we sincerely invite you for a boat ride. Isn’t it a bit rude to turn us down like this?”

Chu Qingshuang, not adept at social interactions, looked to Li Shaoliang for help.

With the other party having the advantage in numbers, forcing the issue would surely end poorly for them. Thus, Li Shaoliang suggested a roundabout approach, “How about this? Let’s have a rowing competition. The winner gets to invite Qingshuang for a boat ride. Since there’s only one Qingshuang and you all wish to invite her, someone will inevitably be disappointed.”

After exchanging glances, they agreed, “Fine, let’s have a contest.”

Chu Qingshuang looked worriedly at Li Shaoliang, doubting his ability to win given his previously shaky rowing.

Yang Zhenzhen patted Chu Qingshuang’s shoulder, somewhat enviously saying, “You’re so popular, with several men vying for you at the same time.”

Chu Qingshuang knew the truth, “They’re only after their own interests, not me.”

Yang Zhenzhen pointed at Li Shaoliang, “What about him?”

Chu Qingshuang smiled at her senior brother, who had been protective of her from the start, “Senior Brother is genuinely looking out for me.”

“Has your senior brother always been so good to you?”

“Yes, he’s been kind to me since the day we met.”

“I envy you for having such a good senior brother.”

“There’s nothing to envy. You also have people who are good to you.”

“That’s true.”

A race track was set up on the lake, with each of the four men in identical small boats, ready at the starting line.

The spectators moved to the sides of the race track, eager to witness this dramatic contest over a single woman.

Li Shaoliang told Chu Qingshuang, “You give the start signal.”

Chu Qingshuangnodded. “Ok.”

“Are you ready?”

“Go ahead.”

Chu Qingshuangshouted, “One, two, three, start!”

The four boats darted off, creating ripples across the lake in a fierce competition.

The race was about a hundred meters long, a distance that wouldn’t take long to cover.

Li Shaoliang led by half a boat length, steadily ahead of the other three. If he could maintain this performance, first place was assured.

Chu Qingshuang watched anxiously…

Yang Zhenzhen unconsciously clenched her fists, “Qingshuang, your senior brother wasn’t lying; he’s quite skilled.”

Chu Qingshuang replied, “This is the first time I’ve seen him row. I didn’t know

he was this good; I thought he couldn’t row at all.”

“He’s kept it well hidden.”

“A little.”

Unsurprisingly, Li Shaoliang won the race by a boat’s length, earning applause from the crowd, “Well done! Great rowing!”

Li Shaoliang turned back to wave at Chu Qingshuang, shouting, “Qingshuang, I won.”

Chu Qingshuang waved back, “I saw it…”

Cai Junan, Zhang Zijun, and Zhang Zishan looked at each other before glaring at Li Shaoliang. They felt too ashamed to stay any longer and left dejectedly.

Li Shaoliang rowed back, proudly saying, “What do you think? Now do you believe I can row?”

Chu Qingshuang looked at him admiringly, “I believe you.”

Li Shaoliang got out of the boat and approached Chu Qingshuang, “Shall we go home?”

ChuQingshuangnodded. “Ok.”