Farmer’s Wife Has Magic Skills - C.642 - : Deliberately Making Things Difficult

Farmer’s Wife Has Magic Skills

C.642 - : Deliberately Making Things Difficult

Chapter 642: Deliberately Making Things Difficult

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Chu Qingzhi slightly bowed her head, displaying an air of helplessness, “Lord

Zhang overestimates me. My abilities are limited; I really can’t be of much help.”

Lord Zhang clenched his fists in frustration, his voice taking on a threatening tone, “It’s not that you can’t help; you simply refuse to, right?”

“This matter between Lord Zhang and the princess consort… I truly cannot intervene. Please do not make this difficult for me.”

Lord Zhang fixed his gaze on Chu Qingzhi, his eyes full of displeasure, “Chu Qingzhi, I sought your assistance because I hold you in high regard. Do not be ungrateful!”

Chu Qingzhi’s expression hardened, “My abilities are indeed limited, yet Lord Zhang insists on my involvement in finding someone. Isn’t this deliberately making things difficult for me?”

Lord Zhang’s expression darkened.

At that moment, the butler knocked and entered, “Your Highness, General

Tang has arrived.”

“Tang Jinghong!” Lu Lizhang smiled, but his smile made people uncomfortable. “You came at the right time. Invite him in.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Tang Jinghong strode into the study, “Greetings, Lord Zhang.

As he bowed, he stole a glance at Chu Qingzhi, who also looked his way, allowing them a brief moment of silent communication.

A flash of murderous intent passed through Lord Zhang’s eyes. Had it not been for Tang Jinghong’s intervention, his iron smuggling operation would not have been exposed, “General Tang, you’ve arrived rather promptly.”

Tang Jinghong kept his composure, “I feared that Chu Qingzhi might displease

Lord Zhang, hence my swift arrival.”

Lord Zhang barely concealed his rage, though he managed a warm smile, “You worry needlessly. Miss Chu is quite smart; I am very fond of her.” “Thankyou, Lord Zhang.” Tang Jinghong saw an opportunity to leave, “If there’s nothing else, we will take our leave.”

“Wait.” Lord Zhang was not ready to let Chu Qingzhi go so easily, “I sought Miss Chu’s help in finding the princess consort, but she claims her abilities are insufficient. Fortunately, General Tang is here. With your unparalleled wisdom, surely you can find her.”

Tang Jinghong dismissed the flattery, “Lord Zhang puts me in a difficult position. While I may have some ideas about military strategies, finding people is not my forte.”

Lord Zhang, “…”

They must have planned this together.

Undeterred, Lord Zhang’s eyes turned icy, “I’ve heard that Miss Chu’s third brother assists at the Ministry of Justice. Perhaps he has the capability to find people?”

Chu Qingzhi’s gaze sharpened, “What are you implying, Lord Zhang?”

Feeling he had gained the upper hand, Lord Zhang’s tone softened, “Since neither of you can help, I’ll have to seek assistance elsewhere. Surely, someone will be capable, don’t you agree?”

Tang Jinghong met Lord Zhang’s gaze, his own eyes deep and unwavering,.

“Why trouble a low- ranking official who knows nothing of these matters?”

“General Tang, you miss the point. Completing the task is what matters, not

the status of those involved.”

Chu Qingzhi silently resolved, so he’s determined to make a move against us.

Very well, let’s see, “Lord Zhang, since you place such value on our efforts, we’re willing to give it a try.”

As she spoke, she exchanged a knowing look with Tang Jinghong.

Understanding her cue, Tang Jinghong remained silent.

Lord Zhang, noticing their silent communication, sneered internally. “Then I entrust the search for the princess consort to Miss Chu.”

“We’ll take our leave now.”

Lord Zhang called out to Chu Qingzhi, “You have one day. If you haven’t found the princess consort by then, I’ll invite your parents to visit the mansion.” Chu Qingzhi responded, “There are plenty of places more beautiful than Lord Zhang’s mansion, no need for a visit.”

Lord Zhang smiled lightly, “Then please don’t give me that opportunity.”

As Chu Qingzhi left Lord Zhang’s mansion, her mind was already brewing over a hundred and eight ways to torment this despicable Lord Zhang.

Walking through the bustling streets, Tang Jinghong trailed half a step behind

Chu Qingzhi, “Qingzhi, what’s your plan?

Chu Qingzhi, with a contemplative look, replied, “Let’s first seek the princess consort’s opinion.”

Tang Jinghong nodded in agreement, “Sounds good.

In a secluded courtyard, a middle-aged beautiful woman dressed in nun’s attire sat tranquilly in the garden, staring blankly at a cluster of ink chrysanthemums beside her.

Lu Yichen approached her softly, “Mother, what would you like for lunch? I’ll prepare it for you.”

The woman, Lord Zhang’s princess consort, had taken to the monastic life in her younger years after her son was sent away and subsequently went missing. Although Lord Zhang forbade her from entering a nunnery, she remained in the mansion to practice her faith.

She was both shocked and happy to see her son this time. She did not sleep last night.

The princess consort looked at Lu Yichen tenderly, “Just prepare some simple vegetarian dishes.”

Lu Yichen’s usually cold demeanor softened, “Alright, I’ll go prepare it immediately.”

At this moment, Chu Qingzhi and Tang Jinghong walked over. “Princess


After Lu Yichen introduced them, the princess consort smiled warmly, “Thank you for looking after Yichen all these years. He must have suffered much.” Tang Jinghong modestly replied, “You give us too much credit, Princess Consort.”

The princess consort, approachable and kind, invited, “It seems you have something to discuss. Don’t stand on ceremony, please, sit.”

Chu Qingzhi took a seat next to the princess consort, glanced at Lu Yichen, and addressed the princess consort, “We’ve just come from Lord Zhang’s mansion. He has asked us to find you and bring you back. We wanted to know how you feel about this?”

” Don’t feel pressured. If you wish to return, you may; if not, we’ll find a way. Your wishes are paramount.”

The princess consort was taken aback, not expecting this to be their purpose. Lu Yichen, who was at the side, was also quite surprised, but he quickly understood. Lu Lizhang was unscrupulous in doing things. Chu Qingzhi and Tang Jinghong had so many weaknesses, so they could not reject him at all.

“For Lu Lizhang to find you, it means that he’s not stupid.

Tang Jinghong assured Lu Yichen, “We won’t betray you, rest assured.” Lu Yichen trusted Tang Jinghong, knowing that otherwise, they wouldn’t be the ones visiting but rather a contingent of soldiers surrounding the place, “Mother, do you wish to return?”

The princess consort was not just a title; she was a mother. How could she bear to see her son and his friends caught in a dilemma?

“I’m willing to go back. Lu Lizhang won’t make things difficult for me,” she reassured, taking Lu Yichen’s hand. “Having the chance to see you is more than enough for me.”

Lu Yichen pondered for a moment, “Mother, may I ask you something?’

“Go ahead.”

“If I were to kill Lu Lizhang, would you forgive me?”

The princess consort wasn’t surprised by his question and answered gently, “He’s your father. No matter the worst he’s done, that fact remains unchanged. Yichen, he may deserve to die, but not by your hand.

Lu Yichen understood, “Mother, I understand.”

The princess consort smiled, “Join me for a meal. I’ll return to the mansion in the afternoon.”

“Alright, I’ll start preparing.’