Domination of the Aristocratic Dynasty After a Body Swap with the CEO - C.135: Gathering of Acquaintances


The first four guests announced by the program team had already greatly satisfied the audience's expectations. The remaining four unrevealed guests were even more intriguing.

The awkwardness of seeing each other for the first time in civilian dating shows did not exist here. The four guests chatted happily in front of the camera, no different from their appearances on other variety shows. The audience almost forgot this was a dating show.

Finally, the fifth guest leisurely arrived late.

Not only the audience, but the other guests also eagerly awaited his arrival.

Although she had learned from Yong Yun beforehand that Cheng Yaowen would come, when she actually saw him here, Zhong Ruanxing's eyelids still twitched hard. The left lid jumping symbolized wealth and the right trouble: both lids jumping together definitely didn't signify anything good.

Dressed casually, Cheng Yaowen lazily sauntered into view of the camera, a nonchalant smile on his face. When he drew near, he lazily greeted, “Morning.”

Out of camera view, Yong Yun lightly pulled Zhong Ruanxing.

Zhong Ruanxing knew she was reminding herself not to lose composure. She turned to Yong Yun with a look of reassurance.

The most gregarious guest, Xia Xi, was the first to respond. “Hi there! We haven't met before, how should I address you?”

He thought Cheng Yaowen was just another not-so-famous actor like Zhong Ruanxing. Only after a brief introduction did he realize Cheng was one of the two civilian guests this time.

The audience originally didn't have high expectations for the civilian guests this time. Inserting two ordinary people among a group of beautiful celebrities just didn't seem very interesting.

But as soon as Cheng Yaowen appeared on camera, the screen exploded with comments:

[Yo, who's this roguishly handsome hottie? How could showbiz have someone like him without me knowing?]

[One minute! I need this handsome guy's complete info!]

[Is he really a civilian? Damn, the quality of civilians this time is so high!]

[Everything from head to toe, even his luggage, are luxury brands! A rich second generation civilian?]

[Standing next to Yao Jingshan yet not overshadowed at all. Impressive, very impressive!]

[Family, does anyone understand, I've already imagined the plot of a nonchalant young master participating in a dating show to escape an arranged marriage by his family!]


Cheng Yaowen's public image had always been very positive. He greeted each guest one by one. When it was Zhong Ruanxing's turn, he merely narrowed his eyes, without any other reaction, “Hello, I'm Cheng Yaowen.”

Zhong Ruanxing extremely lightly touched his extended hand for a brief moment before swiftly retracting it, her expression unchanged, “Hello.”

Cheng Yaowen smiled slightly before moving to stand at the side.

Yong Yun took a couple more glances at him, seemingly puzzled by his normal behavior when Zhong Ruanxing acted like he was a viper.

Zhong Ruanxing was also thinking, if he could remain so normal on the show, then she need not come into conflict with him. This was just somewhere for him to unwind, yet it was a hard-earned work opportunity for her. If it wasn't absolutely necessary, she didn't want to sabotage things.

The high quality of Cheng Yaowen as a civilian guest made the audience look forward to the other civilian, too. But the next two guests to appear were celebrities.

Seeing the bashful smile of Duan Mangyun as she greeted everyone, Zhong Ruanxing felt a bit complicated.

What was up with this show? Why did it bring together all the people she disliked?

They hadn't seen each other since the body swap. The drugging incident completely severed their friendship, and Zhong Ruanxing lost her best friend in the industry.

The last time she saw Duan Mangyun was on TV. She was a regular cast member on a quite popular Mango TV variety show, maintaining popularity and hype. Zhong Ruanxing heard from Ran Ting some time ago that Duan Mangyun hadn't taken any acting roles for almost a year now.

Whereas they were both actresses passionate about acting in the past, Duan Mangyun had now gone down a completely different path from Zhong Ruanxing, becoming a thorough variety show celebrity.

Seeing her former intimate bestie again, Zhong Ruanxing didn't know Duan Mangyun's feelings, but she herself felt very calm.

She had told Song Jingxing that Duan Mangyun saved her once and harmed her once: in her books, they were even, and she wanted no further dealings in the future. Zhong Ruanxing had always been true to her word, and after that incident, had never let this person influence her mood again. In her eyes now, Duan Mangyun was a stranger.

Duan Mangyun finally arrived before her, looking very nervous and cautious, “Ruanxing, long time no see.”

Zhong Ruanxing thought inwardly: Screw you, you better not try to guilt trip me.

She treated Duan Mangyun the same as Cheng Yaowen, “Hello.”

Duan Mangyun's lashes quivered, seemingly somewhat disappointed by her aloof attitude. She silently went to stand at the side. If not for the cameras, Zhong Ruanxing really wanted to roll her eyes at her three times over.

After Duan Mangyun, the next guest to appear was a new actor named Yang Ze. He debuted last year in a low-budget web drama that even his company didn't look favorably upon. Unexpectedly, the drama exploded in popularity and Yang Ze, because of his appealing character, reaped the greatest rewards, rocketing to fame as a new celebrity actor.

He was around the same age as Zhong Ruanxing but looked very youthful, with a bright and refreshing temperament that made people naturally well-disposed toward him.

Although the audience really liked him too, at this point, four male guests had already appeared, yet the charismatic uncle that they anticipated would match Yong Yun had not:

[Program team, what are you doing? The oldest of the four male guests is still 15 years younger than Yong Yun! What is this?]

[So you invited Yong Yun but didn't invite a suitably matched male guest? Is that it?]

[While these four male guests are great, they really don't match the Best Actress! ]

[May-December romance isn't done this way! Yong Yun probably wouldn't like these little boys either. Is the Best Actress just going to watch everyone else date?]

[What's wrong with a 15 year age gap? I think Yong Yun matches anyone! Older husband-younger wife is fine but not the reverse?]

[If you didn't know Yong Yun's age, she looks perfectly fine standing among these male guests!]

[Big sister's gotta play hard with these little brothers! Go Yong sis!]


With eight guests total, seven had appeared, leaving only the last civilian female guest. The audience and cast anticipated her arrival.

Zhong Ruanxing was in low spirits owing to the appearances of Cheng Yaowen and Duan Mangyun when a familiar figure entered her line of sight.

She wore a white dress, a beautiful sun hat with two ribbons dangling from the brim swaying in the wind. Her feet were clad in slender silver high heels that glittered under the sun. The Hermès limited edition handbag she carried made her look extraordinarily refined compared to the rest of them who had dressed lightly and comfortably in anticipation of going to the island.

Stepping daintily in her silver stilettos, she arrived before them with the graceful and confident bearing of an heiress. Waving at the camera, she smiled, “Hello everyone, I'm Bai Yinyue.”

As she spoke, she surreptitiously winked at Zhong Ruanxing.