Domination of the Aristocratic Dynasty After a Body Swap with the CEO - C.131: Reminder


After touring the exhibition hall, Bai Yinyue took her to get styled.

The focus of this poster was on the free spirit and resonant heart, so the makeup was also very simple. The clothes Bai Yinyue provided for her were from a domestic high-end casualwear brand, with a simple and elegant style.

Zhong Ruanxing's long braided hair was tied back with a deep green ribbon hanging behind her. After getting styled and going to stand in front of the gallery, her usual bright and striking beauty was toned down a bit, exuding a lazy and comfortable feeling.

Bai Yinyue probably didn't invite her here just to shoot posters, so Zhong Ruanxing casually walked around the gallery, looked around, and the photographer took a few shots before saying it was a wrap.

This was the most relaxing commercial Zhong Ruanxing had ever shot. Including styling time, it didn't even take over an hour total.

But she was quite satisfied with the final edits. Most were her side profile and back viewing the exhibits standing in front of a white wall. The long corridor seemed to extend endlessly, with her alone standing in the spacious exhibition hall, but not looking lonely at all. Her casual and free temperament blended with the art exhibition, giving the entire set of posters an artistic feel.

The focus of the art exhibition was on the paintings, so the photographer didn't shoot her face straight on, at most just a side profile, trying to complement without overshadowing. After all, her face was too much of a scene-stealer.

Zhong Ruanxing didn't care about any of that. She was also quite satisfied with this set of posters. After changing back into her own clothes, today's work was over.

As expected, Bai Yinyue invited her to dinner.

Zhong Ruanxing now understood clearly that shooting the posters was just an excuse. Wanting to have dinner with her was the real reason. She had to give it to this girl for coming up with the poster shoot excuse, she'd never seen an art exhibition needing a celebrity to advertise before.

Could she have noticed something? Zhong Ruanxing wondered to herself, becoming even more cautious. Her acting skills were utilized to the fullest extent, not revealing anything. When Bai Yinyue handed her the menu to order, Zhong Ruanxing deliberately ordered two dishes that differed from their tastes.

But Bai Yinyue seemed to just simply want to have a meal with her, not probing anything.

To prove her tastes differed from hers, Zhong Ruanxing painfully ate both dishes she'd never touched before. But her expression was natural, just like a regular meal. Bai Yinyue didn't notice anything strange from her either.

After adding some tea, Bai Yinyue asked with a smile, "What work plans does Ms. Zhong have next?"

The confirmed four celebrity guests and initial promotions for "Instinctive Love" had already been announced, nothing to hide there. Zhong Ruanxing said, "I'm preparing to record a dating show abroad after the new year."

Bai Yinyue realized, "‘Instinctive Love’?"

This girl was quite attentive to her indeed.

Zhong Ruanxing smiled and nodded, "Yes, I heard it's being recorded on an overseas island. If Ms. Bai is interested, you can check it out then. Variety shows are usually quite entertaining."

Bai Yinyue lowered her eyes and took a sip of tea, casually saying, "Isn't Ms. Zhong dating Mr. Song?"

Here it comes!

Zhong Ruanxing righteously spewed nonsense, "We broke up already. I feel like a woman should focus on her career."

Bai Yinyue's eyes flashed as she gave a smile, "Ms. Zhong is right." She paused, still a little worried as she asked, "Has Cheng Yaowen bothered you again?"

If she hadn't brought it up, Zhong Ruanxing had nearly forgotten about this person. She occasionally heard Song Jinxing mention it when hospitalized last time. He had caused a lot of trouble for Shiyong Real Estate, Cheng Yaowen was probably driven mad, so he lost the desire to come harass her.

Zhong Ruanxing shook her head, "No more, thanks for your concern."

But Bai Yinyue's face revealed worry, "Ms. Zhong, Cheng Yaowen is hard to deal with. He probably didn't bother you before because he was wary of Mr. Song. Now that you and Mr. Song broke up and news of you joining a dating show is out, I'm worried he'll make a move."

Zhong Ruanxing hadn't thought of this.

It couldn't be that bad right? She and Cheng Yaowen had barely met a few times! He seemed to be having a blast these past 5 years he was abroad too. How could he have developed such deep feelings for her? Was it just because he didn't get her, so he pined for her?

When Bai Yinyue mentioned him, her words were very repulsed, "I feel like something is wrong with Cheng Yaowen here." She pointed at her own head, "Not scolding him, I really feel like he's sick. His mom is also sick, extreme control desires lead to extreme arrogance. No one can predict what a mentally ill person might do. Their brain circuits are incomprehensible to normal people. Ms. Zhong, you must be careful."

This was the second time Bai Yinyue warned her to be careful of Cheng Yaowen. The first time was when she was still in Song Jinxing's body.

Zhong Ruanxing didn't know what had happened in the past to make Bai Yinyue so wary of Cheng Yaowen, but she accepted her good intentions, "Thank you, I'll be careful."

Bai Yinyue pressed her lips, took out her phone, opened WeChat and tapped a bit. She then handed her phone over, showing Zhong Ruanxing her WeChat QR code, "Ms. Zhong, let's exchange contacts. You've broken up with Mr. Song now, the Song family can no longer provide you protection. If Cheng Yaowen tries anything indecent again, you can look for me."

Zhong Ruanxing nearly laughed.

What, from her tone, was she wanting to replace Song Jinxing as her guardian knight?

Her protectiveness wasn't normal. Either she had detected the body swap truth, or it was because of feelings for Song Jinxing so she cared for her by association.

The second scenario seemed unlikely, or else that would be too saintly.

So only the first situation remained.

But where was she exposed? Zhong Ruanxing suddenly recalled the chance encounter with Bai Yinyue at the airport when she returned to the capital from Su City last time. Her first glance at her then had been off.

Later when they entered the lounge, although Zhong Ruanxing didn't deliberately look at her, she could sense her probing gaze on her the entire time. She thought then it was because of her girlfriend status with Song Jinxing that Bai Yinyue paid such attention to her, but thinking back now, she likely had suspicions from the first glance.

As a privileged young miss born with a silver spoon, Bai Yinyue was nurtured with the best resources since childhood. Her IQ and EQ exceeded normal people's. She was a true born elite. Such highly intelligent people were perceptive and clever, not easy to hide secrets from.

But she didn't call it out, possibly also still uncertain. Zhong Ruanxing naturally wouldn't take the initiative to expose anything. She just pretended to be oblivious.

After adding each other's WeChat, they bid farewell after the meal. 𝗳r𝐞ew𝚎bn𝚘ve𝚕.c𝗼𝗺

Bai Yinyue stood by the window watching her get in the car and leave, before returning to her seat. The dishes hadn't been cleared yet. Looking at the two dishes on the table she didn't like that had nearly been completely eaten, she thought about Zhong Ruanxing's natural eating manner earlier. She also picked up her chopsticks to take a bite of one dish.

She spat it out after just two chews, hurriedly drinking some tea to wash it down, muttering to herself, "She really went all out."