Destined with You - C.188 - 1931 Want to Sleep (2)

Destined with You

C.188 - 1931 Want to Sleep (2)

Chapter 188: Chapter 1931 Want to Sleep (2)

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Gu Qingxin walked into her new room. The space was about the same size as her bedroom at home, equipped with a small double bed of one and a half meters wide, a wardrobe, and a desk.

To compare this small room to Beiming Han’s bedroom was like comparing the sky to the earth. Yet, Gu Qingxin was utterly satisfied.

After all, Gu Qingxin thought to herself, Beiming Han, with his lofty stature, would certainly not come into this small room. This way, she wouldn’t have to endure the feeling of being oppressed by him anymore.

“Miss, don’t be upset… I believe the young master will have you move back up to the third floor in no time,” Aunt Zhou tried to comfort her.

“It’s really nice here. I mean it, I actually prefer it,” Gu Qingxin sat on the bed, responding to Aunt Zhou with a brilliant smile.

Aunt Zhou,”…”

She couldn’t quite understand the young girl in front of her. This was clearly a servant’s room. Yet here the young lady was, seemingly thrilled to have been relegated to it by the young master.

Thinking about the young master’s dejected demeanor, Aunt Zhou’s heart ached. The young master really did care for Miss. Why couldn’t Miss feel the same about him?

After Gu Qingxin took a bath and prepared for bed, Aunt Zhou knocked on the door and walked in, bringing her a bowl of chicken soup.

“Aunt Zhou, you are truly a lifesaver. I was just feeling hungry, having missed dinner.”

“Have some and go to bed early.” Aunt Zhou left after watching Gu Qingxin finish her soup, taking the bowl with her.

Gu Qingxin originally planned to do some reading, but for some reason, her eyelids felt unbearably heavy. Eventually, she fell asleep without even turning off the bedside lamp, the book slipping out of her hands and dropping to the floor…

Shortly after she slipped into sleep, the bedroom door was slowly opened, and a tall figure stepped in…

Beiming Han moved to the bedside, staring at the little girl who lay asleep with her head tilted to one side. Over time, his gaze deepened, and his breath grew heavier…

The next day.

When Gu Qingxin woke up, she was overwhelmed by an intense ache throughout her body.

Gu Qingxin quickly sat up and looked over at the bedroom door, which remained closed just as it had been the night before.

She quickly pulled back the covers, checking her body — her nightgown was still on, her underwear too…

But why did her body hurt so much…

Gu Qingxin hugged her blanket tightly in disbelief, was everything that happened the night before all just a dream?

Gu Qingxin, feeling frustrated, ran her fingers through her tangled hair. As she got out of bed, her weak legs almost caused her to stumble to the ground…

She immediately rushed to the bedroom door and checked it carefully — it was indeed locked securely.

Gu Qingxin banged her head against the door in frustration. So, everything that happened last night was just a dream of her own, and the man in her dream was none other than… Beiming Han!

Oh my God, had she been traumatized by him? She had actually dreamed about him… She wished the heavens would strike her dead!

The knocking on the door startled Gu Qingxin. She quickly stepped back, opened the door, and was met with Aunt Zhou’s kindly smile. “Miss, did you sleep well last night?”

“Great! Very well!” Gu Qingxin said guiltily, as if afraid Aunt Zhou might discover her secret.

“Get washed up. Breakfast is ready.” Aunt Zhou brought a clean set of clothes for her and placed them on the bed before leaving.

In the dining room.

When Gu Qingxin walked in, Beiming Han was already sitting at the head of the table. Due to her guilty conscience, she walked in with her head down as if she had done something wrong, not daring to glance at the man at the head of the table….

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