Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World - C.633 - : The Strongest in the Universe, Power of Reincarnation!

Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

C.633 - : The Strongest in the Universe, Power of Reincarnation!

Chapter 633: The Strongest in the Universe, Power of Reincarnation!

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This was the first time Lin Chen had seen the power of reincarnation with his own eyes.

From a certain standpoint…

This seemed to be a power that could change time and space!

However, it was obvious that this was not the power of time.


Because time and the universe should be two different concepts.

In a sense, the universe was the universe.

And time did not seem to stop because of the universe.

In other words, these two seemed to be of the same level.

However, how could the universe not control everything in a universe?

And so…

The power of reincarnation appeared.

After mastering this power, time could be controlled in any space in this universe.

This was the power of reincarnation!

Lin Chen instantly figured out many things.

It was as if this was the first time he had come into contact with the devouring power…

Soon, Lin Chen understood.

This time seemed to be the same.

“The power of reincarnation?”

“Let me try.”

Lin Chen planned to experience it for himself.

Thus, in the next moment, he stood up.

He took a step forward.

He was actually walking toward the white-haired old man.

The old man was at the place where Liu Mengyao had just struck out the power of reincarnation.

“Human Sovereign, no!”

The Buddha hurriedly spoke.

However, Lin Chen merely smiled.

However, Lin Chen merely smiled.

The power of reincarnation immediately enveloped Lin Chen.

A beauty grows old with a flick of her finger!

In the blink of an eye, the splendor of youth was gone.

Time passed like a white horse passing through a crack.

During this process, Lin Chen kept his eyes tightly shut.

His body was also constantly changing…

However, because Lin Chen was powerful enough,

Even if Lin Chen did not resist at all, his aging speed was very slow.

Thirty seconds.

However, Lin Chen’s hair was still black and shiny.

His skin did not show any signs of loosening.

On the other hand, some hair began to grow on Lin Chen’s lips…

To be precise, these should be called beards!

However, the next moment, Lin Chen opened his eyes.

He opened his eyes and muttered, “The power of reincarnation, the end of life and death, the loss of life… the power of life can be completely restrained.”

As Lin Chen spoke, Lin Chen’s beard began to disappear, and his entire person began to return to his youthful state. He could even return to his former appearance… However, in the next moment, Lin Chen’s temples immediately turned gray, and he looked like he was in his seventies or eighties.

“Lin Chen, you…”

Liu Mengyao was about to make a move.

However, Lin Chen said, “Mengyao, there’s no need. I feel that I’m about to completely comprehend this mysterious power… No one can imagine the nine types of divine power in the universe that I currently have!”

In the next moment, Lin Chen aged again.

“Right now, I can feel death…”

Lin Chen looked at everyone.

However, these were not auspicious words!

In fact, many human gods were watching this scene with extreme worry.

None of them understood.

However, they were very worried.

“Husband, you can stop now!” Li Yao couldn’t help but say.

“Yes, Human Sovereign…”

When Chi You heard his daughter’s voice, he immediately stopped Lin Chen.


Lin Chen smiled.

The next moment, his entire body fell to the ground.

In that instant…

He was already dead!

“Has the Human Sovereign… passed away?”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

What was going on?

Lin Chen… was dead?

In a daze, a very resentful and unwilling voice sounded. “Roar!”

This roar was like the reappearance of an ancient ferocious beast!

“Oh no, did the Human Sovereign really die? But his inner demon…”

Chi You was shocked.

He was not the only one.

Almost everyone looked as if they were facing a great enemy.

However, Liu Mengyao said, “Don’t worry, my reincarnation power shouldn’t be able to kill your Human Emperor…”

What kind of joke was this?

He was the Human Emperor.

It was Lin Chen!

How could he die!

Liu Mengyao didn’t believe him.

The Goddess of Wisdom didn’t believe it either. She also said loudly, “Human Sovereign, perhaps it’s a test… If he wants to obtain the power of reincarnation, he must experience this. Everyone shouldn’t worry!”

“If he dies, I’ll die too!”

As usual, Ji Wei was the woman who only loved Lin Chen.

She went straight to Lin Chen’s side.


Willow Heart hurriedly said.

But it was too late.

Ji Wei was not as good as Lin Chen.

She was even weaker than Liu Mengyao.

Therefore, she quickly began to change…

After a while, her hair turned white.

Her hair was as white as snow.

However, at this moment, Lin Chen opened his eyes.

Everyone was overjoyed.

“Haha, I knew it. The Human Sovereign will definitely be fine!”

“But, Wei Er…”

At this moment, everyone’s gazes landed on Lin Chen and Ji Wei.

However, no one noticed that there was something different about Lin Chen… The power of rebirth!

“As expected… my rebirth was definitely not a coincidence!”

Lin Chen began to think. As for Ji Wei… Lin Chen waved his hand and the reincarnation power planted by Liu Mengyao was actually touched by Lin Chen. With Lin Chen as the center, Ji Wei and the three-legged messenger began to recover their youthful appearances.

“It’s all right now.”

Lin Chen told Ji Wei and everyone else…

He had already mastered the power of reincarnation!

In fact, his attack was even stronger than Liu Mengyao’s comprehension of the power of reincarnation!

The nine types of cosmic powers were:

Rule Force.

The power of rebirth.

Elemental power.

The power of stars.

Devouring power.

Destructive power.

Life Force!

The power of fusion.

“The power of reincarnation?”

Now, Lin Chen had already grasped the power of reincarnation.

There was also the power of laws, devouring power, life force, and fusion power.

These were the five types.

Previously, Lin Chen had said it.

The power of life could restrain the power of reincarnation.

This was because he had the power of life. When he didn’t resist, he could greatly delay the effect of the power of reincarnation with the power of life and his regeneration ability alone.

What if Lin Chen took the initiative to use his life force?

In that case, Lin Chen could completely invalidate the power of reincarnation!

In the universe, the nine powers all had a mutually restraining relationship.

However, there was always a kind of power that should be the strongest.

Just now, Lin Chen had used himself to conduct an experiment and seemed to have obtained a result…

The strongest power of the universe was the power of rebirth!

The power of rebirth was the strongest in the universe!

And this strongest power in the universe had not just been born into Lin Chen’s body.

This was because Lin Chen had died once.

Then, he was reborn once!

Then, how did the most powerful force in the universe descend on Lin Chen?

Lin Chen didn’t even know!

For a moment, he could not figure it out.

What Lin Chen knew now was…

He had already grasped six types of cosmic powers!